In the short
fictional story entitled “Lederhosen” written by Haruki Murakami, comes about
the repressed feelings of hatred towards a woman and her husband and the
subsequent effect that would follow suit as narrated and written by her
daughter. Following the narrative of a middle-aged woman traveling to Germany, she
finds herself to come an agreement of divorcing her husband back home in Japan all
because of his request to purchase a pair of lederhosen, hiking pants similarly
related to overalls. What started off routinely as a generous gesture in buying
her partner something he requested, while the mother was abroad, turned into
something rather unfortunate because of her epiphany-like realization of hate
and envy towards her husband.  The story
ultimately proves the harsh realities and patriarchal authority of love.

The scene where
the narrator is home alone with his wife’s friend, listening attentively to the
story of her parent’s divorce, is the specific situation that will be analyzed
from the story. In this particular scene, the narrator’s wife’s friend arrives
two hours earlier than what was expected and ends up chatting with the narrator
for quite some time. The narrator comes to the realization that after an hour
of talking it is quite obvious that the two have nothing in common and
establishes that the reason why that is certain is because she is his wife’s
friend and not his. With the narrator’s wife nowhere in sight it wouldn’t be
long after until her friend would mention the highlighting factor of this scene
which is the story of how and why her parents divorced. Not understanding how
the conversation from sharks and swimming could lead her from bringing up the
topic of her parents the narrator is left with no choice, but to hear out the
story and what needed to be shared.

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During this
particular scene the narrator couldn’t help, but continue to wonder where his
wife was and why she wasn’t home although he knew she was out shopping. The way
his wife’s friend randomly brought up the subject of her parent’s divorce, in a
way, made him reevaluate the terms and conditions of his own relationship. The
whole story of how a middle-aged Japanese woman who traveled abroad to visit
her sister and was tasked to purchase some lederhosen for the husband only to
come back home and divorce him was an eye opener. The narrator can be
interpreted as feeling almost terrified of the fact that one day his wife could
or would do the same thing as well. It might even happen during that same day
seeing as the stories were a bit similar in a sense that his wife went out shopping
alone just like how his wife’s friend’s mother traveled abroad alone and ended
up terminating the relationship all because of some lederhosen that sparked the
feeling animosity towards her then husband. It’s the haunting thought and simple
idea that after the wife comes home she might do the same thing to him and it
might be because of anything as trivial as asking her to go buy him something
from the store.

Throughout the
scene the reader can interpret a sense of emptiness and truth about the whole
premise of love. The idea that someone’s significant other can one moment be so
happy and in love and in the next turn a blind eye and feel animosity towards
them is very relatable. Line by line can one imagine and hear the tone of the
wife’s friend, as she is narrating the story of her mother, go from being casual
to the sound of someone who abhorred the very thought of someone she was
telling the story about. It was just the simple act of buying lederhosen that
led to a series of unfortunate events for not only the husband, but the daughter
as well as told in her story. Reading in between the lines can the reader find
an underlying sense of dislocation and hurtfulness in the way that the story
was being shared. Through this scene can the wife’s friend clearly see the
reason as to why she has the mentality of wanting to do things on her own and
to steer away from any committed relationship because of not wanting to go
through the same thing her mother went through and repeat it. The story that
was shared to the narrator bore the very concept of how vacant and unstable a
relationship can be and the adverse side effects it can have on people.

Although the
narrator was unsuccessfully able to piece how the topic of swimming and sharks transferred
over to the topic of divorce, he was able to successfully figure out the
similarities that everyone has in a relationship. The scene was able to
beautifully capture the essence of how an unsuspecting person can bring about
one’s fears of losing their significant others. In conclusion, this specific
situation within the story was able to accomplish and portray the sudden shifts
of one’s perspectives and mind in their relationship and the adverse effects it
could have on people involved.