There exists an open inequality about the statue of women in the Turkish society. It is observable in any area. At the structure of Turkish family or at the business (? ) environment, the discrimination of gender against women is a common case which not be objected to. The statue of women in the society is thought as a mum or a person who must devote herself to her family.

However, this idea damages the women’s individual process in any area. Thus, it is obvious that in Turkey, men and women are not treated equally.Firstly, the inequality of opportunity could be observed in business (? ) area because the same chance for doing the same jobs is not being given to women as men even though they both have the same features related to the job.

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To illustrate this claim, while employing, the employer usually chooses a man than a woman although they have similar academic carriers, parallel qualifications and know same number of foreign language. Since, it is thought that women are not suitable employees for business trips abroad or long overtime periods.For example, in some companies, it is a policy that a married woman is not allowed to be employed or to be promoted to a higher position due to the fact that she could be a pregnant and could not deal with her job properly during the period of pregnancy. In addition, the necessity of looking after her family could be shown as a reason of not giving important statues to a woman. The report broadcasted from World Economical Forum also verifies this sharp discrimination. It shows that women in Turkey are not taking adequate part in the world of high-leveled bureaucrats, managers or makers of law(? with the rate of 0,06.

(2006) Hence, this confirms the tabu that some jobs more suitable for men than women. Secondly, it is clearly seen the inequality treat to girls in family. At the general structure of the turkish family, it is a stereotype that female and male children are not treated equally. Everyone knows that getting permission to do something is easier for boys than girls. For instance, going out late is not appropriate for girls. In the issue of being away from family for taking education abroad or out of city is seem to be more appropriate for boys than girls.Specifically, in the Eastern part of Turkey, the tragic side of this inequality could be observed. It is a common matter that many girls do not have identity cards; however, boys do.

Hence, girls have not got any civil rights (? ) to be accepted as individual in the society. Owing to these similar cases in the Eastern part of Turkey being born as a female is enough to be treated unequally. Finally, violence on women and careless attitude them are indicators of discrimination between (? ) men and women in the Eastern part of Turkey. To illustrate, it is an extensive situation that a man is thought to have the right to make a (? violent on his wife or daughter, although there are laws protecting women. Despite of the fact that another right protected by laws is the right of education, it is still a real problem that girls in the Eastern part of Turkey are not allowed to go to schools. Moreover, in this region for pregnant women the right to live is a real problem.

Since, male doctors are not allowed to cure female patients; the number of baby-mum death (? ) is too high. Besides, the examination done by a male doctor is thought to be as a sin for female patients, that is a clear careless attitude to women related to their right to live.According to a research made by the ministry of health, in rural area the rate of baby-mum death is at the level of 53,7 out of 100. 000 living birth(2006,december 13). In conclusion, there is a real problem related to education, life and individual of women in the Eastern part of Turkey. On the other hand, the opponents of this proposal could claim that in Turkey equality of man and woman (? ) is at the level of European countries by the laws arranged recently. Though, it may be true to a certain extent, this claim is not strong enough because the real problem appears while putting these regulations into practice.

Clearly, there are still women who are killing for honor and being married at early ages. Many of them are exposed to violence, at the same time they are not aware of women’s shelter (? ). Hence, the number of women’s shelter must be increased and women must become conscious by the activities which are organized by non-governmental organizations. By the regulations of the Turkish Criminal Code, Labor Law and Civil Code, the statue of women is aimed to be stronger. Yet, the affects of these regulations must be seen. If not, this does not execute anything about the equality.For building up the conscious of equality, society’s educational level (especially women’s level) must be raised.

Only by this means (? ) the regulations remove the inequality of women in the society. To sum up, in Turkish society, there is definitely discrimination between women and men in negative ways. It occurs due to the structure of patriarchal families. Generally, the females in the society are neglected but this carelessness causes lots of problems like baby deaths.

Therefore, the common approach must be improved and also the truth must not be forgotten that the ones who raise our children is our mum and it affects the whole society.