Last updated: September 26, 2019
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Inbox vision is a company based on email data to provide client in-depth visual and analytical email marketing intelligence. It has two ways to help client optimize their business.

One is tracker and the other one is analyser. Tracker likes a commercial espionage. It can collect competitors’ sending out email campaigns and partners’ activities. It also can alerte client’s brand is noticed by others company mentioned and protect client brand by monitoring how it is being used in email campaigns by authorised and unauthorised third parties.Analyser is help client plan new email campaign. It can be use to analyse and compare hundreds of thousands of email messages from our ever-growing database across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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There are three key benefits it offers to the advertising. Firstly, it collects the whole email marketing intelligence. Client can set up the key words and then view and collect the email campaign. In that way, it gives client an in depth insight into the email marketing strategies of the world’s leading brands.Secondy, it monitors industry to enhance uremail marketing strategy by learning how oftern your competitors are sending out emails.

Thirdly, it can protect your brand What is inprise me is email marketing has great benefits and easy to get. Company should not just use it to imprive return, but also it should realize your competitor is easy to get your intelligence by email. Email resourse can be used by public.

So when companies make their own email marketing campaign it should be think of it can be used by others. If the marketing intelligence is to important, it should not be used in email.It is easy to say email marketing is not as popular as past. But company still can get benenfits from it. It can get information and intelligence and it calso can monitor the industry. In next five years, email marketing will be more professional and publicitization. Email resourse can be used by the others and protect information and intelligence become more and more inportant.

Email marketing is not only the competition of how creative your ideas is, but also including how to pretect your brand and how to monitoring industry.