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India is my state. my fatherland. I love it and I am proud of it. India is a large state. In population it is 2nd merely to China.

India has a rich and glorious yesteryear. Once it was the place of larning. Students from all over the universe used to come here to analyze. Indian civilization spread abroad.

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Indian goods had a ready market in foreign states. It was a clip when India was a land of plentifulness. Timess changed.

India fell on evil yearss. Wave after moving ridge of encroachers came and plundered India. India became a slave state. ‘The foreign swayers exploited her every bit much as they could. India became independent in 1947.

The foreign swayers went off. Under the able leading of Pt. Nehru the state marched towards advancement.

New industries were set up. Trade increased. There were troubles in the beginning.Kashmir was overrun by the tribals.

There were communal public violences Millions of people were uprooted from their places. India is the largest democracy of the universe. We Indians enjoy freedom of address. worship and imperativeness. All citizens have equal rights. India is rich in natural resources.

yet her dwellers are hapless. The mineral wealth of the state is undiscovered. Under the Union Government. new industries are being set up.

Already Indian goods are being exported to other states. New methods of agribusiness are being used to increase nutrient production. She has already become self-sufficing in nutrient. In the field of scientific discipline and literature. India has produced high people like Rabindra Nath Tagore.

Sir C. V. Raman. Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose and Shri H. N. Bhabha. India is a peace loving state but she has to pass a immense sum on defense mechanism because there is danger from her neighbors.

viz. Pakistan and China.The present Government under the new Prime Minister is seeking to befriend them. India is a land of small towns with many linguistic communications but there is integrity in diverseness.

Ours is a secular province and all faiths flourish side by side. My state abounds in glorious historical edifices and scenes. There is non a tourer who does non see the Taj Mahal — the symbol of ageless love or Kashmir. the Eden on Earth. My state is a land of temples.

mosques and churches. great rivers and huge fertile fields of the Ganges and the highest mountain of the universe. It is the land where civilisation foremost blossomed in the universe.

Our Fieldss are fed with perennial Waterss of the rivers. India is my first love and I would readily put down my life for it if need be.