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India and China are the two elephantine economic systems and they are the major participants in the universe economic system. Both the economic systems are turning enormously at a skyrocketing gait and these economic systems have their ain forte. We can non merely justice which economic system is better by merely comparing one or two factors because they have their ain manner of working and uniqueness. Here we will discourse about some of the factors that shows the existent image of an economic system such as economic growing. currencies. military. rising prices. quality of life and GDP. In an inevitable comparing between two elephantine economic systems India is missing behind in some of the development processes. For illustration. the poorness rate of both the economic systems were at the same figure 20 old ages back but if we look at the rate of poorness now. China has improved a batch as India hasn’t eradicated poorness every bit rapidly as China. Likewise. India has struggled to vie with China in big graduated table. export oriented fabrication and foreign direct investing. China has a really good record in export oriented fabrication because they have used their resources optimally. If we see both the economic systems have tremendous sum of labour resources and China took this as their advantage as the labour cost is inexpensive and foreign companies are attracted towards China.

India in other manus is besides turning but if we look at the growing compared to China. India is still missing behind. Now. if we compare these two economic systems in the context of balance growing. India has already reached the phase where China wants to be. Consumer disbursement plays an indispensable function in Indian economic system compared to China. The domestic buying power in India is really high therefore. they don’t need to implement policies that distort the planetary economic system like China does with its currency government. Actually. China fears that if there is any currency fluctuation their FDI and export is affected because the chief ground why FDI and export is booming in China is due to cheap and skilled labour. India do hold inexpensive labour but they are non trained that’s the ground why it is missing behind. India is good in service sector such as IT and China is good at fabricating sector. since fabrication companies require a batch of labour there is no employment job in China as in compared to India.

The other major difference between these two economic systems is balance of payment. As the current history is surplus in China and whereas. in India the current history is shortage. Due to the excess in China it has contributed to the edifice of foreign exchange militias and while in India they have to wait for foreign capital influx to finance its shortage. Quality of life in China is better than India. In China the literacy rate is 90. 02 % whereas. in India its 74. 04 % . Specially in the distant portion of India people still do non prefer directing a miss to school as they are really conservative sing all these things and these civilization and traditions are impeding development procedure in India. If we look at the military strength. India and China falls under top 10 powerful states. They both have atomic power. China spends 80 billion on their defence as India spends 50 billion. But if we compare these two states on military strength China has a border over India. The giants have their ain job. In China. prosperity has been widely shared but the political freedom is still non at that place.

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Similarly. in India the citizens can bask enormous civic freedoms but they are still fighting with economic inequality. India is confronting the job of commanding the rising prices and keeping economic growing because if they try to command rising prices we can see lag in economic growing and if we increase economic growing. there will be increase in the monetary value degree of goods and services. Therefore. they must travel in a balance manner. Likewise. In China the rising prices is measured at 1. 75 % which is really good plus the economic growing is besides really rapid. In China the rising prices is low because everything is produced domestically. Slowly. India will besides see the same thing because FDI is increasing quickly. If we look at both the economic systems. India is more favourable because there is high domestic ingestion and they are non dependent upon others. Whereas. China is a to the full dependent upon its export and FDI. Therefore. if there is any planetary fiscal crisis India is at a safer side.

Both the states have more than 1 billion population but if we look at the age group. India has a active population with people below 25 are more than 50 % . Whereas. in China the dependent population is really high as the life anticipation rate is really high. Therefore. if we compare in close future India might turn quickly than China as the working population will be high in India. Similarly. if we analyze the wellness of companies in these states. Indian companies are much more healthier than Chinese. As Indian companies are more focussed on profitableness and on top of the Indian private companies have low degree of debt. With one-year growing at 15. 1 per centum. China provided about 9 per centum of the addition in universe exports of goods and services ( 2nd merely to the United States ) . and 8 per centum of the addition in imports ( besides second to the US ) . Both exports and imports are dominated by industries.

India. accounted for about 2 per centum in the growing of universe exports and imports over the period 1995-2004. and its most dynamic export sector is information engineering ( IT ) -enabled services. However. India’s fabrication exports are get downing to turn strongly. peculiarly in the fabrics and vesture every bit good as the pharmaceuticals sectors. Therefore. both the states play an important function to the universe development as many of the merchandises are manufactured here. From a little inexpensive merchandise to a extremely technological innovations are made in these two giants. The Giants will lend to the addition in universe trade good. Likewise. the Giants generated about half the oil usage addition this century. The Giants will go larger participants in the universe fiscal system as they grow and liberalize.