Indian arts and craft can be traced back to the third millennium B.C anda great part thereof still exists today. In the course of those many centuries,unequaled times of bloom alternated with low marks that had to be overcomeagain and again. Been Conceptions of art and design have varied during thislong time and very often foreign influences have strongly made themselves felt.In all these situations, however, fundamental attitudes and basic values of theIndian culture have been strong enough to preserve its continuity. Thereforethe Indian character of arts and crafts has on the whole survived up to thepresent.

 Whereas in India, works of the classic arts kept as national treasuresand are accordingly held in great esteem, folk arts and crafts have up to nowbeen played little attention to.This realization of all the cultural andnational significance of the traditional crafts, unfortunately, has still verylittle asserted itself in India.   A modernization in economic fields and connected therewith inthose of crafts and trade is necessary; for India, it is a vital question.However, an accurate documentation, a collection of texts, illustrations andtypical examples, of all still existing traditional crafts is to be desired.

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 This paper is a step towards saving the national treasures and keep themalive in the memory of modern people. Furthermore, good products ofcraftsmanship  from the various areas could, within the scope of technicaldevelopment, serve as patterns for forms, styles and motives, for creationswhich, despite all their modern, preserve the Indian character, and do not justrepresent mostly dreary everyday-forms as can be found everywhere according tothe respective fashion. This presents an ethnographical study of the traditional pottery inpottery town, Bengaluru. This involves the description of Pottery, itsemergence in Bengaluru, an inquiry into the role of potter’s and painters,their working condition, procedures, and their socio-economic status in thepresent scenario. We have restricted this research to a limited area and peopleof pottery town, Bengaluru, so that the information may be precise andcondensed as possible.