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The reason for acts of indiscipline, cannot be attributed solely to the individual the act is coming from, but also to the environment/society the individual is coming from. Though from a tender stage one is influenced by society and the environment, parental responsibility is the major influence in one’s life, given the fact that parents have the major responsibility of nurturing the child. This is so because, to the child, the guardian or parents are the only people to be trusted. “Train a child in a way he should grow and when he is old, he will never depart from it,” goes a Bible verse. Acts of discipline begin from our various habitats.

If a child is not taught how to show discipline and be disciplined; the possibility of the child living out of the life of discipline, is very high. It is very easy for a child, to copy blindly, attitudes from parents or guardians, especially when those attitudes are exceptionally against the norms and values of society. It must be noted though, that human beings behave rationally, when it comes to copying blindly, which is a bad habit and is easier than copying good habits. When one grows without learning to behave or be disciplined, one tends to adopt any bad acts in any environment he or she finds himself or herself.

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For instance, learning not to adopt the act of keeping the environment clean will surely not be problem for one to litter the environment where one finds him or herself. Peer pressure Though charity begins at home, the reality of a child derailing from the rail of a disciplined life, is very ordinary in terms of peer pressure influence. Peer pressure so far has been a good educator of bad habits and indiscipline. A well-behaved person will love to make it a point, to adhere to all rules and regulations, pertaining to the good of the community and the people, but for peer influence he or she decides to go against them.

Apart from the peer pressure and the way a person is brought up, sometimes the environment or situations people find themselves, compel them to acquire undisciplined behaviours. Additionally, mere laziness also is another cause of indiscipline behaviour. For instance, one might know that a bridge across a street, is for crossing without facing any risks, but due to laziness one will decide to just cross the street itself. Society and indiscipline Society can be partially blamed for the decline in standards of discipline, and its citizens are to be blamed and have to carry the fight against it.

Moral and spiritual values have being shunned by society all in the name of modernity and technology. Society seems to have lost track of the essence of a disciplined life. Gone were the days when every elderly person could put a child or adolescent right, when he or she is going against the values of society. This has made the youth of nowadays, very undisciplined. How about this generation? Woe betides any adult who tries to put a child right. Society can also be blamed for the removal of corporal punishment in schools. The elimination of physical punishment, has made the students more undisciplined than ever.

Of late parents and guardian find it offensive when their ward/child is punished in school, especially by whipping with a cane. In Ghana, and many parts of Africa, many well to do people take their wards to expensive private schools, where corporal punishment is not accepted, so as to prevent any sort of punishment for their wards when they go wrong. Owing to this, teachers feel more vulnerable, and are increasingly attacked by parents, and due to this the students feel that they now have the right to behave as they like, with no effective consequences for their actions.