Life is a ceaseless acquisition experience. One of the most of import lessons we can of all time larn from comes from within. As we go through life.

it is indispensable that we learn who we are. and have the ability to acknowledge and turn from our ain personal strengths and failings. Knowing what we are good at and what we are weak in is the lone manner we can genuinely turn as persons. This cognition helps us to carry through the ends we set for ourselves in life. Through taking these personal stock list trials of my strengths and failings. I have determined what I need to make non merely to better understand who I am.

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but how to better my life.All my life. I’ve been known to be serious.

dutiful. and reserved. My parents instilled a great trade of order and construction upon us so that if they happen to non be around we would cognize what to make.

Coming from a household of four misss. me being the 2nd to the oldest. I had to be a good function theoretical account for my other sisters. While my parents worked. my older sister and I were responsible to watch the younger sisters.

make choirs and so prep. Coming place from school. I ever made certain that all these things expected of me is accomplished before I go out to play.We used to populate in a large flat composite with possibly 150 units so there were many childs around the vicinity to play with.

Our most favourite activity is to sit our motorcycles around the composite. racing at times. but most of the clip merely siting. speaking and jesting about. I was ever a small older than most of the childs. but they loved hanging about with me because I ever took attention of them and made certain that know one dared them into making something they couldn’t do.As a adolescent.

I was reasonably down to Earth. Bing the responsible and thoughtful individual that I am. I ever seek to make the appropriate thing at the appropriate clip. I felt that each individual should gain one’s support and got a portion clip occupation to assist the household out. More like so that I wouldn’t have to inquire for money from my parents. They should merely be responsible for the support of the household.

I frequently spent the money I made on practical things that I needed alternatively of manner like most of my friends. A individual should be responsible for their ain fate alternatively of being wholly dependent on person for endurance.At the age of 16. I started my first semester in college. This was the right way for me and the 1 that I’ve been be aftering for. My motive to travel and finish my college instruction. stemmed from the fact I will be the first individual in my household tree to be educated and being able to carry through a end.

Failure was non an option and was ne’er able to understand why so many people decide to drop out.Bing a fresher. I truly didn’t cognize what I wanted to analyze. I knew that big leagues such as broad humanistic disciplines would non be something I would take because I felt they are non practical. What will I learn from it and what occupation will I do utilizing those accomplishments? So I chose biological science. Within two old ages. I discovered this was non for me either because scientific discipline ne’er posed concrete replies to inquiries. There are specific stairss you need to take to get an reply but the replies can be different when controls are moved around or changed.

Business direction was my following pick because the constructs were practical and utile.After taking all the self-assessment trials on personality manners. I’ve determined that the term ‘personality style’ by and large means the ways in which one is most comfy when responding to different state of affairss. I besides discovered that while contention surrounds the theories of personality manner appraisals. the pattern of self-assessment with the purpose of greater self-awareness can be helpful in maximising my ability to understand what is truly of import to me and the traits which will impact my likelihood to win or neglect at assorted callings.

If we have a good apprehension of our ego we can do the most of natural strengths and construct on accomplishments in countries in which we are less confident.In order to to the full measure my strengths. I foremost determined the countries that I am most competent in.

I by and large consider myself to be a good organized person. Everyday. I prioritize my day-to-day activities by reexamining my ne’er stoping “to do” list.

I am peculiarly strong and careful in maintaining path of facts and inside informations. At work. my occupation is to be after all the activities of the operations section and study on the activities of the technology development to upper direction. Therefore being systematic. thorough and sincere is of import to carry throughing any undertaking that I do.Hardworking and reliable is how most people describe me. Given any assignment.

I will acquire the occupation done or completed on agenda. When a cargo day of the month has been committed to the client. I will do certain that the order gets shipped to the right topographic point at the right clip. I will frequently take on excess duties in order to keep what I think is of import.Like the Lemuel Green instance presented in category. my motive is the feeling of being within an organisation. I need to experience that what I do is of import to both the company and the people I work with.

I consider myself a squad participant. I frequently provide aid to fellow employees when they are in a bind. I am appreciated by my equals for ever imparting a assisting manus when needed. I take pleasance in offering my accomplishments. suggestions or position to my colleagues when I think it would be utile to them.Harmonizing to the five factor theory. I rank highest at being painstaking and lowest at being extraverted. In between are emotional stableness.

amenity and openness to see. I think this is besides right about my personality because I tend to be really cognizant of my milieus which allows for flexibleness when accommodating to any type of environmental or situational alteration. I’m besides emotionally stable. can easy be approached. and ever open for different experiences. This is of import becauseAnother method I used for measuring personality manner is the widely known and recognized. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

a trial “derived from psychologist Carl Jung’s theory on psychological types” ( Robbins. 2001 ) . Harmonizing to this trial. I am an introvert.

feeling. thought. judgement or ISTJ.

For each of the words or letters that I identify most strongly with. is an opposite trait that I have less association with. For illustration. I am decidedly much more of an introvert than an extravert. as evidenced in quiet and reserved personality.

I am besides more of a detector that an intuitor. because intuitors love thoughts. wide constructs and significances. whereas detectors focus on facts and inside informations.

I consider myself more of a mind than a antenna. because I value critical and logical thought over making what I feel is right. And in conclusion. I see myself as being more a judger than perceiver because like judgers.

I believe truth wins out over tact.Within each of my strengths lies a failing. One of my most noticeable and perchance destructive failings is overlooking the long-range deductions of the actions I choose to take. I tend to acquire truly excited about a undertaking at manus and happen myself half manner through that I should hold taken a measure back. idea about it.

and so take action. This can impact my public presentation and the ability to finish undertakings expeditiously and on agenda in this results-driven universe.As described earlier. I am able to work good within organisational constructions. nevertheless there are a few things I need to work on in footings of squad kineticss.

I am non really personable. When run intoing with squads or people. I frequently focus on the intent at manus. I rarely take the clip to cognize people and frequently run the danger of unsuitably go throughing judgement on them. Besides in relation to working in squad is my inclination to anticipate everyone to be as logical and analytical as I am. This is an unreasonable outlook because people are different and I should look at it as an chance to larn new penetrations and thoughts.Another important failing for me is the inability to show myself creatively whether it is written or verbal.

I have a realistic regard for facts and am highly dependent on it when executing daily undertakings. I don’t feel like I rebuff creativeness. I tend non to pay much attending to it. When believing or talking I try to concentrate merely on making my point.

I normally a have a solid perceptual experience of the constructs or aim but frequently run into jobs when seeking to construct a model that links all the parts together creatively.Whether it is Myers-Briggs or the five factor theoretical account. these methodological analysiss all showed me that I have several strengths.

which I have used throughout my life. The fact that I’m realistic. systematic and organize enables me to work good within any organisational construction. I am really thorough. difficult working.

and careful with specifics and processs. My practical judgement and valuing of process makes me consistent and conservative. I need to piece all the necessary facts in order to back up my ratings and determinations.