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Throughout the years juvenile delinquency has been amongst us since the turn of man. Whether good or bad many kids have issues with doing the right thing, many are addicted to committing crimes or the thrill of not getting caught when they commit crimes. Then we have the few kids that had to deal with the same life situations as the children who commit crimes and they do not see or feel the need to act out about how or what cards were dealt to them, these few kids work hard at school and obey what they are told by their parents.

Before the problem with juvenile delinquency was not recognized by the public until recently because of the amount of issues and youth crime brought before the courts. Researchers are trying to do research on how juvenile delinquency has become a major concern in today’s society and how we can try to point out the problem and try to find ways of fixing and or slowing down the youth crime rate. Sigmund Freud first developed this theory of Psychodynamic Theory is a study and theory of the psychological force to find the basis of human behavior.

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It shows the reciprocal actions between unconscious and conscious motivation. Freud believed that the human mind has three main elements the id, the ego, and the superego. The id is know as the pleasure component that looks for finding the edge, then we have the ego is the opposite of id it tries to withhold the id from taking shape. Then we have superego has to deal with the conscience of the individual and shows the moral that come to play to help one’s decision making process for all good decisions that they decide to do.

My second is the Genetic influences the textbook describes it as a genetic trait that is inherited much like the eye color or the hair that he have. It says that aggression or antisocial behavior is inherited by our family members. It also says that if being a criminal is inherited then the criminals that have children, will grow-up to become criminals also. The book also talks about disorders that the children will inherit the disorder of becoming an aggressive criminals. By definition many of our public try to figure out today’s youth, but fail because the seem to focus too hard on hat they want them to do instead of the trouble that they are causing in their own lives. With-in time we look at the many different types of juvenile delinquent children across the world and see that it is a part of the world and probably will not be figured out by us now or even in the future. If we find a way to punish today’s youth maybe we could find a way to slow down the crime rate amongst our youth or find another way to detour their attention so that they do not have the time to cause trouble or end up in jail.