Individualsmake ethical decisions only after they distinguish a specific issue orsituation that has an ethical component.

 Therefore, the first thing is understanding business ethics is to createan ethical issue awareness.  Ethicalissues typically occur when a disagreement has occurred among individuals’morals, values and the culture of the organization that they are involved in. Ethicalissues can develop from several decisions that are made in an organization.   Integrity, honestyand fairness are values that are extremely important when it comes to having anappropriate conduct.  Integrity is themost important and it refers to being whole, sound, and in an unimpairedcondition (Ferrell, Fraedrich , 2015).  Companies rely on integrity to endure theirvalues and strive to achieve objectives. Honesty refers to being trustworthywithin the company and with other stakeholders. For a company to becomesuccessful they need to be honest to all stakeholders as well.

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 People who are honest are more respected andtrusted because they stand their own truth. With honesty, there comesdishonesty which can impact a company as well.  If there wasn’t honesty, the world would becruel and a place where people wouldn’t want to be. That way when you are faceda situation it’s better to be honest and tell the truth.  Lastly is fairness, fairness is the quality ofbeing just, equitable, and impartial (Ferrell et al.

,2015).  Fairness is important to a company. Allemployees need to follow directions/rules and be respectful to one another andwork together to have an effective positive company.  The less ethicalproblems a company has the more objectives a company can achieve.   Caterpillar faces numerous challenging tasksa day that can affect a complex network of stakeholders. Following the threevalues I discussed early, Caterpillar identifies four core values that areincluded in their code of conduct that are used to make their goals a reality.  CAT Code of Ethics& CSRCaterpillar Inc.

is a global manufacture of construction andmining equipment, machinery, and engines (Sawayda, Fairy & Yepez,n.d.).  Caterpillar has more than 500locations worldwide; with one being so close to home, located in Peoria,Illinois.

  CAT is known for their yellowpyramid that is located on tractors, trucks, machinery, wheel-dozers, andloaders. CAT provides a product line that essentially serves the different needsfor their customers. In order to thrive in the competitive farm andconstruction machinery industry against other companies such as John Deere.  Every company has a code of conduct that they follow.

Asstated earlier, Caterpillar follows their four core values; integrity,excellence, teamwork, and commitment. Through our Code of Conduct, we envisiona work environment all can take pride in, a company others respect and admireand a world made better by our actions (Caterpillar, 2017). Every employee hastheir own responsibility to read the Code of Conduct and understand what itmeans and how they can apply it to the workforce. Starting off the Code of Conduct is Integrity. Caterpillaris honest and act with integrity. All employees hold themselves to the higheststandard and perform the correct ethical behavior.  Caterpillar sets and achieves ambitious goalsthrough their four core values.

Secondly is excellence, excellence is to acceptnothing but the best quality for products and the service. Excellence is notonly a value; it is a discipline and a means for making the world a betterplace (Caterpillar, 2017), In 2014, Caterpillar achieved global revenues ofmore than 55.2 billion dollars by selling their products and gaining morecustomers. This can all be achieved by focusing on providing customers with thehighest possible value of products and services. Every decision an employeemakes needs to contribute to make a positive outlook on the company. Caterpillarseeks to share different viewpoints to achieve excellence.

Thirdly is teamwork.Caterpillar is a team, sharing our unique talents to help those with whom wework, live and serve. Having a different variety of employees can boost notonly the company but also the individual. If all employees work together as ateam, the company can produce better products, and faster services.