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Though the Great Gatsby is a male dominated book. there are a few adult females who have great influences. Daisy Buchannan is the chief female character. holding romantic dealingss with both Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. Myrtle Wilson is a adult female who is married to a hardworking adult male. but she remained unfaithful throughout the length of the novel.

Last. Jordan Baker is likely the least mentioned adult female but had an every bit of import function as the others. Fitzgerald used the development of the three adult females to foster the secret plan and subject of the book and demo the intervention and function of adult females in that society at that clip.Daisy Buchannan is introduced in the first chapter at a assemblage in her place. Nick describes her as a rich and confident married woman. She even calls herself “sophisticated” ( Gatsby 17 ) . But she is treated as the lesser of her hubby ; her face is “sad and lovely” ( Gatsby 9 ) due to being invariably interrupted and her remarks pushed aside. As the eventide goes on.

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Daisy begins to look more unconfident than she thinks she is. calling topographic points she had been to affect Nick. Even when asked about her girl she describes that she hopes that she would turn up to be “a beautiful small fool” ( Gatsby 17 ) .Though she acts like this fact was the normal topographic point for a female. her temperament is shown to desire this to be different. screening that even in the lives of the rich and affluent.

adult females are still treated as lesser persons. She. unlike the other characters. has monumental descriptions. sometimes crossing paragraphs. But alternatively of concentrating on her physical visual aspect.

Fitzgerald draws attending to things such as her voice. naming it “a wild quinine water in the rain…following the sound up and down earlier any words came through” ( Gatsby 85 ) .When she goes to rinse her face.

Nick says “with humiliation of [ his ] towels” ( Gatsby 89 ) Even in mundane conversations. Daisy is ignored. non because she is adult female but because of her beauty. Fitzgerald puts these things in to demo merely how deep the trap that adult females are in ; their beauty is magnetizing but non plenty for all of the men’s attending.Myrtle Wilson is the other spouse in Tom Buchannan’s matter. She is of a simpler life style life on the “edge of the wasteland…contiguous to perfectly nil. ” ( Gatsby 24 ) . Nick describes her “a thick woman” “in [ her ] in-between thirties” ( Gatsby 25 ) .

the mean adult female in that clip. Once she and Tom acquire off the train. she instantly buys a Canis familiaris. and so makes a point to purchase a instead expensive Canis familiaris every bit good. When she arrives to her sister’s house. where a party is taking topographic point. Nick says that she “changed her costume” ( Gatsby 30 ) . Because a costume is besides the garb performing artists wear.

Nick is giving us the feeling that all of this is a drama. a frontage to move affluent when in fact she is non.Nick besides says “with the influence of the frock her personality had besides undergone a alteration. The intense verve that had been so singular in the garage was converted into impressive hauteur” ( Gatsby 30 ) . once more another index of her “performance” of a affluent adult female. Soon.

she and Tom “discuss in ardent voices” whether she had any “right to advert Daisy’s name” ( Gatsby 37 ) . Tom punches her after this. but still left the party with her. Myrtle is now a adult female with no self-respect.

due to her leting a adult male. though he may be rich. to physically assail her. alternatively of holding a adult male who truly attentions for her non being good off.

Jordan Baker is non talked approximately much in the book until the 3rd chapter. Nick negotiations about her “incurable dishonesty” ( Gatsby 58 ) . but so says “Dishonesty in a adult female is thing you ne’er blame deeply” ( Gatsby 58 ) . proposing something has happened in her past causation her to be dishonest. She so shows her roots as one of the surpassing “West Eggers” . kicking that the party “is much excessively polite” for her gustatory sensation. Fitzgerald uses Jordan to demo that non all of the West Egg is elect.

Some are merely normal people wo go on to be on the wealthier side of things.By conveying these adult females together. Fitzgerald shows all facets of life. from the wealthy but mistreat. to the adult females who think money is everything. and the ladies who merely are themselves. Daisy. Myrtle.

and Jordan all display drastically different personalities but portion the same