Last updated: May 20, 2019
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Children can be influenced by many factors in life. They can be neighborhoods, grandparents, teachers,… The most important influence comes from their parents. Beside those influences, nowadays thanks to the development of media, children also receive influence from celebrities. There are some similarities and differences between influence from parents and celebrities. Both of them can influence youngsters’ action, lifestyle, behavior and thinking. They usually follow what celebrities and parents did in life after watching them.

Similarly, these influences have good points and bad points also. People made mistake, even though they are parents or celebrities, children copy not only the right things they did but also the wrong ones. Another similarity is that children can be influenced at any ages, by any ways. That is why if you want children grow up well; you should care about their role model when they are just a baby. There are also some differences between those influences. The first thing is the attitude of children. They watch T. V, read newspapers and magazines then copy the celebrities they like. They do not hesitate or think twice because they adore them, they do not question about what their idols did. However, when parents try to teach them something, they usually resist it and think about it very carefully. If they like what they are taught, they will follow, otherwise, they will not. The second thing is that the influence from the celebrities are easy come easy go when the influence from parents stay almost forever.

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Celebrities always change his/her style, they sometimes create scandals to get attention, sometimes stay quiet to get peace. Children also are easy to change. This time they follow this idol but maybe next month they will follow another. But parents are one thing that never changes. That is the reason why the influence from parents stays longer than ones from celebrities. The last thing to compare is the influenced aspects. Youngsters copy celebrities’ fashions because they like it.

One morning they watch MTV and realize that Paris Hilton got new make-up tips, they will search everywhere to find how to do it and follow. However, parents teach them the way they act and behave. They will possibly listen to their parents about how to live in this world instead of copy some idols they never met in real life. In conclusion, two influence can have both good points and bad points, however; the important thing is that parents should chose what is good for their children to follow.