Options1. Management Improvement – Mr. Walsh should take up direction grade. He needs to larn employee authorization and deputation. He needs to larn employee authorization and deputation.

The works director needs to be trained on leading since he has no experience in direction. He should besides get down engaging a public dealingss specializer and a selling specializer to better on these two facets of the concern.2.

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Facility Improvement – Equipment at Inner-City Paint is three big sociables. two smaller sociables. machines in the lab and the trucks. Mr. Walsh should purchase more equipment so that his consumers won’t have to worry about their order non being ready.

He has adequate transit Equipment. But he should purchase some new sociable and more lab equipment. In order to get all of this he should take the loan.RecommendationI would urge the first option which is to better direction. Mr. Walsh wasn’t trained and didn’t understand direction.

He could manage the company when it was little. He got lost as the Inner-City pigment grew. If Mr. Walsh did some preparation. so the company likely wouldn’t be in such a muss. He did understand how to spread out the concern and add employees were they are needed but he lacked giving trust to other people. With employee authorization preparation he should be able to swear new employees. So with this option we can see that the company will turn favourably.

METHODS OF ANALYSISS. W. O. T AnalysisStrengths– Competitive monetary values of its merchandises.

– Steady growing in its market.– The company’s repute had been built on its fast service ; it often supplied pigment to contractors within 24 hours.Failings– Customers position Inner City as a company that negotiates on monetary value and payment out of despair.

– His works manager’s merely experience has been that of a painter.– Operating without direction controls or fiscal controls.– Inability to pay providers on clip– Poor status of installations– All records are processed manually– Inventory records are non kept.

– Lack of proper deputation of authorization. Employees take bends doing pigment and driving the bringing trucks.– Unskilled employees.Opportunities– Sing a purchase of a computing machine to form the concern and cut down gratuitous paperwork.– Advisers who are able to rapidly descry jobs in concern.– The production of colour pigmentsMenaces– The lag in the lodging market combined with the lag in the overall economic system caused fiscal trouble for the company.– Walsh manages the corporation today in much the same manner that he did when the concern began.

– Walsh lacked on giving trust to other people.– Rumors abound that the company is in hard fiscal passs. that it is unable to pay providers. and it owes a considerable amount for payment on back revenue enhancements.– Paint contractors are hesitating to give larger orders. Larger orders normally go to larger companies that have demonstrated their dependability and solvency.

– No audit has been performed. This could take to punishment by the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) .Porter’s Five Forces Industry AnalysisMenace of New entrantsThere are low entry barriers in the pigment fabrication industry. This is because it is based on the low costs to come in the market and merchandise unanimity. This is due to an easy and inexpensive development phase. As for capital demands. houses need to put little fiscal resources before come ining this market.

Rivalry Between Competing FirmsInner-City Paint is confronted by aggressive competition in its concern. There are little pigment makers in Chicago that supply the immediate country. The market for pigment is extremely competitory. It doesn’t compete with giants such as Glidden and DuPont. Competition among the giants isn’t that fierce. but they lose their big orders to them.Dickering Power of SuppliersThere is a high bargaining power of providers since the industry is extremely dependent on constituent providers.

a powerful provider could exercise force per unit area on the market. by providing constituents at a higher monetary value to increase his net incomes. their merchandises are the primary natural stuff for the pigment fabrication companies. They could besides raise high shift costs. Since Inner-City Paint is working merely with few selected providers. the company is running at a higher hazard than the norm.Dickering Power of BuyersThere is a low bargaining power of purchasers this is due to high figure of other pigment makers in the country in the industry and the client has the options to take the cheapest and the best.

Menace of SubstitutesThere is a high menace of replacements because there are larger companies that have demonstrated dependability and solvency that pigment contractors can take. There are besides other little pigment makers in the country.FINANCIAL ANALYSISInner-City Paint Corporation’s gross for the twelvemonth is $ 1. 784. 080. It experienced a Net Income of $ 17. 610.

Profitability RatiosTax return on assets = $ 17. 610 = 5. 98 %; $ 294. 565This shows that Inner-City Paint is non supplying an equal return on the firm’s investing.Net Net income Margin = $ 17. 610 = 0. 987 %$ 1.

784. 080This ratio indicates how much money Inner-City Paint makes with each incremental dollar in gross revenues that they experience. significance that a higher ratio would ensue increased net income with each extra dollar in gross revenues.Liquidity RatioCurrent Ratio = 262.

515 = 0. 92285. 030This ratio shows that Inner-City Paint is presently in problem meeting its fiscal committednesss because its current ratio is below 1.

Leverage RatiosDebt Ratio = 300. 030 = 1. 02294. 565This measures the part of entire assets provided by the company’s creditors. In concurrence with other ratios.

this ratio indicates the grade to which runing losingss may be “cushioned” from inauspicious actions by creditors.Common Size Financial Statement AnalysisINCOME STATEMENT% to Gross salessGross saless$ 1. 784. 080 100. 00 %Cost of Goods Sold 1. 428.

730 80. 08 %Gross Margin 355. 350 19.

92 %ExpensesSelling disbursals 72. 460 4. 06 %Administrative disbursals 67. 280 3.

77 %President’s salary 132. 000 7. 40 %Office Manager’s salary 66.

000 3. 70 %Entire disbursals 337. 740 18. 93 %Net Income $ 17. 610 0.

99 %BALANCE SHEETAmount % to Total AssetssAssetssCurrent AssetssCash $ 1. 535 0. 52 %Histories receivable ( cyberspace of ADA of $ 63. 400 ) 242. 320 82. 26 %Inventory 18. 660 6.

33 %Entire current assets 262. 515 89. 12 %Non-current AssetssMachinery and transit equipment 47. 550 16. 14 %Less accumulated depreciation 15. 500 5. 26 %Entire non-current assets 32.

050 10. 88 %Entire Assetss 294. 565 100. 00 %LiabilitiessCurrent LiabilitiessHistories collectible $ 217. 820 73.

95 %Wages collectible 22. 480 7. 63 %Notes collectible 6.

220 2. 11 %Taxes collectible 38. 510 13. 07 %Entire current liabilities 285. 030 96. 76 %Non-current LiabilitiessLong-run notes collectible 15.

000 5. 09 %Owners’ EquityCommon equity 12. 400 4.

21 %Deficit ( 17. 865 ) ( 6. 06 % )Entire liabilities and owners’ equity $ 294. 565 100. 00 %With all of this information we can indicate out that most of the disbursals is attributable to Walsh’s wage.

His six-figure income is non the mean wage of a president in such a little company. He might seek taking a little wage cut to put that money in the concern. He should besides do set merchandising monetary values. Following.

he should look into into happening cheaper providers to convey his direct stuffs cost down. Financially ICP needs a fiscal history director to get down puting money and ticker finance closer.