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Hospitality is all about offering heat to person who looks for aid at a strange or unfriendly topographic point. It refers to the procedure of having and entertaining a invitee with good will. Hospitality in the commercial context refers to the activity of hotels, eating houses, catering, hostel, resorts or nines who make a career of handling tourers.

Helped With alone attempts by authorities and all other stakeholders, including hotel proprietors, resort directors, circuits and travel operators and employees who work in the sector, Indian cordial reception industry has gained a degree of credence universe over. It has yet to travel stat mis for acknowledgment as a universe leader of cordial reception. Many take Indian cordial reception service non for its quality of service but India being a inexpensive finish for leisure touristry.

With limitless touristry and untapped concern chances, in the coming old ages Indian cordial reception is seeing green grazing lands of growing. Availability of qualified human resources and untapped geographical resources give great chances to the cordial reception industry. The figure of tourers coming to India is turning twelvemonth after twelvemonth. Likewise, internal touristry is another country with great potencies.

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The cordial reception industry is a 3.5 trillion dollar service sector within the planetary economic system. It is an umbrella term for a wide assortment of service industries including, but non limited to, hotels, nutrient service, casinos, and touristry. The cordial reception industry is really diverse and planetary. The industry is cyclical ; dictated by the fluctuations that occur with an economic system every twelvemonth. Today cordial reception sector is one of the fastest turning sectors in India. It is expected to turn at the rate of 8 % between 2007 and 2016. Many international hotels including Sheraton, Hyatt, Radisson, Meridian, Four Seasons Regent, and Marriott International are already established in the Indian markets and are still spread outing. Nowadays the travel and touristry industry is besides included in cordial reception sector. The roar in travel and touristry has led to the farther development of cordial reception industry.

The Indian hotel industry witnessed unprecedented growing during the Indian Financial Years ( FY ) 2003-08 due to the dining economic system, ensuing in an addition in concern and leisure travel and seeable growing in inward touristry. The addition in concern travel in the state during this stage can be attributed to lifting trade flows and the entry of an increasing figure of international participants into the state. Harmonizing to the Ministry of Tourism, during this period foreign tourer reachings ( FTAs ) to India grew at an one-year rate of 14.5 % as the state emerged as an attractive tourer finish. Attracted by India ‘s quickly turning cordial reception industry, several international hotel ironss, including Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, Shangri-La, Carlson, InterContinental, Accor and Hyatt strengthened their market presence in the state. This led to a important increase in gross ( room leases and nutrient and drinks grosss ) , with the industry turnover trebling from EUR 949m in FY03 to EUR 2.73b in FY08 ( per Annual reappraisal of the hotel industry, CRIS INFAC, September 200

Over the last few old ages, concern travel to smaller metropoliss such as Bhubaneswar, Pune, Jaipur, Mangalore and Kochi has increased as IT and IT enabled service ( ITES ) companies have expanded operations. India has besides become a preferable tourer finish with a figure of smaller metropoliss such as Jaipur, Udaipur, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi witnessing increased foreign arrivals..

Existing hotels in these metropoliss are non adequately equipped to run into the turning demand and several hotel ironss plan to develop belongingss. Most of these belongingss are expected to be in the budget section, which has witnessed robust growing in India over the last few old ages, driven by the growing in domestic travel. Both domestic and international hotel ironss have moneymaking programs

for this section.

In 2008, the planetary economic lag had a important inauspicious impact on the Indian cordial reception industry as lifting occupation insecurity degrees significantly reduced leisure travel. Business travel was besides on a downwards tendency as companies trimmed their travel budgets, ensuing in a bead in tenancy across most hotels in the state.

Grosss hit hard by downswing

The mean tenancy rate for the 10 major metropoliss in India has declined from 70.6 % in FY08 to 62.3 % in FY09. This resulted in a RevPAR lessening from EUR 94.40 in FY08 to EUR 83.90 in FY09, even though the mean room rates ( ARR ) marginally improved from EUR 133.30 in FY08 to EUR 133.60 in FY09. Consequently, the industry witnessed an one-year diminution in grosss ( of 4 % ) , to EUR 2.62b in FY09, for the first clip since FY02.

Increased supply to halter recovery

Despite the rampant force per unit areas of the economic lag, the state of affairs in the Indian hotel sector has improved over the last twosome of months. This is chiefly reflected by the betterment in touristry prosodies. For illustration, harmonizing to Ministry of Tourism informations, the diminution in FTAs during the January to October 2009 stage was 7 % , as against 13.7 % in the January to March 2009 period. The improved market scenario and the rise in FTAs are expected to better tenancy rates in 2010. Once the hotel supply job begins to be rectified, lower rates are likely, due to increased competition, drawing down RevPAR farther.

Real estate developers placed their hotel undertakings on clasp due to the liquidness crunch and some international hotel ironss deferred their enlargement programs. The awaited addition in supply ne’er materialized, further palliating the demand-supply spread in the industry traveling frontward. There were merely 129,982 hotel suites in India as of FY09, of which 25 % and 29 % are in the premium and mid-market sections severally. This figure is really low compared with other big states: the US had 4.6m hotel suites at the terminal of 2008, while China had 1.45m guest suites in 2006 ( per American Hotel & A ; Lodging Association ) .

Investing considerations

The Reserve Bank of India late excluded hotels run by developers from the range of commercial existent estate exposure for the intent of bank loaning. This is expected to ease support for hotel undertakings and hike the resurgence of delayed undertakings. International hotel ironss are besides expected to restart their programs once the planetary economic state of affairs simplicities, as the cordial reception industry in India is still attractive and offers important chances to these participants. Although over 6,200 hotel suites are expected to be added in the premium section entirely during FY10-11, analysts anticipate that the demand-supply spread will stay integral.

The hotel industry in India continues to look attractive in the medium term, driven by cardinal growing drivers, including the uptrend in domestic touristry and increasing FTAs. Furthermore, the growing of niche touristry, including medical, escapade and rural touristry, augurs good for the growing of the industry in the hereafter.



Drivers of demand

Consumers and customize merchandises


Volume of minutess ( Room tenancy )

Value of minutess ( Rate of return )

Demand displacement from high season to moo season



Core service- Rest & A ; Sleep

Basic service- Adding bed, bathroom, towels, desk, chest of drawers, etc.

Expected service- Clean bed, fresh towels, working lamps, etc.

Augmented service- Business services, Free airdrome pick/drop

Potential service- Bouquets etc.

Monetary value:

Budget Hotels

Service Apartments

Technology services

Loyalty points


Choice of location is most important selling determination

Accessibility & A ; Convenience to the mark market

Relies on the mutuality with other industries

Telephone or online reserve

Tour operator

Use of concerted distribution


Personal Selling.

Gross saless Promotion.

Public Relations.

Direct Mail.

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.




Provides tangibleness & A ; really indispensable constituent in presenting the service.

Front office is the nervus centre of a hotel belongings.

Effective communications are paramount in projecting a hospitable image.

Need to hold an efficient HR section to supervise employee recruiting and preparation.



Assignment of room


Initializing history

Arrival and tenancy


Check in room tenancy

Use of installation

Managing petition and ailments

Posting invitee charges

Departure and look into out

Preparation of statement of histories

Guest history

Inform hotel kitchen supplies and installations

Maintain Data Base and Guest Folio Line of Interaction

Physical Evidence:

External visual aspect of the premises

Building ‘s outside

Design landscape gardening

Lighting and signage

Internal layout

Atmosphere & A ; atmosphere

Appearance of staff


Radisson is a division of Carlson Hospitality Worldwide, a planetary leader in cordial reception services embracing more than 1,530 hotel, resort, eating house and sail ship operations in 80 states.

Upscale & A ; Luxury Hotels

Radisson continues to spread out its presence in cardinal markets in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, the Middle East and Africa, making new markets and clients

Radisson Hotels & A ; Resorts, one of the universe ‘s prima, full-service planetary hotel companies, operates, manages and franchises more than 400 hotels and resorts in 66 countries.A

Radisson is focused on being the hotel of pick for today ‘s independent-minded frequent concern and leisure travellers who want more control over their hotel experience.


Gross saless AND Selling Schemes:

New selling construction to concentrate its professionals on trade name direction, regional selling and new gross bring forthing national selling plans that can besides be applied at the regional degree.

The gross revenues squad has been realigned to aim new history development, care and history growing.

Radisson Gold Rewards guest relationship plan that works to construct long-run invitee trueness and pull new clients to the trade name

Look To Book, the industry ‘s prime trueness plan for travel agents.

A new 19-person division has been created focused on client relationship direction patterns through the usage of analytics, e-commerce and plan direction.

INNOVATIVE Selling Services:

“ Express yourself ” : Guests can bespeak remain penchants such as: , room penchants ( high/low floor, near an lift, smoking or no-smoking room or no penchant ) , an machine-controlled wake-up call clip ; airdrome pick up ( where available ) and other particular petitions.

“ Stay your ain manner ”

Gold points plus guest trueness plan: Offer greater flexibleness and freedom to gain points faster than any other hotel trueness plan.

Honoring travel agents: Radisson is the lone hotel company to offer a patented online trueness plan for travel agents called Look to Book.A

Travel agentsA automatically earn points toward valuable ware and inducement awards in return for booking Radisson hotels. This sole extremely successful plan, which began in 1992, includes travel agents in 106 states worldwide.

Free 24*7 cyberspace entree


Taj Hotel established on December16, 1903

Taj Hotels resorts & A ; topographic points comprise 57 hotels in 40 locations across India.

18 International Hotels in the Malaysia, Australia.UK, USA, Sri lanka, Africa.

Taj is recognised as the Prime Minister Hospitality supplier.

Pioneer in dining: – Taj was the first to present Thai, Italian, and Mexican into the state.


Taj group has used the Taj name for all its operations to leverage the trade name equity commanded by the name Taj.

Taj trade name is playing an increasing function of driving grosss

Taj group plans to add around 12 Hotels in the following 3 old ages.

Taj facilitates the enlargement to other section by backing the sub-brands with their parents ‘ trade name names.

Selling Scheme

A higher accent was placed on the concern section as the net incomes are higher ( this market being less price-sensitive ) as compared to the luxury section.

There was a proliferation of the Taj Presidency hotels non merely in new metropoliss, but besides smaller towns.

The action program is more chances, adding to and complementing the trade name.

INNOVATIVE Selling Services:

“ Stay A BIT LONGER ” – If a client book 2 darks or 3 with Taj hotels, so they surprise to client with a complimentary dark ‘s stay at choice hotels.

“ Early Bird Offer ” – Say at any of Taj belongingss runing from modern concern hotels to idyllic beach resorts to reliable Rajput castles, 10 yearss in progress and avail the Early Bird Rate to bask nest eggs of 20 % over our Best Available Rate ( BAR ) .

“ Suite SURPRISES ” – Book between 1-4 darks in Taj Suites and bask a free dark ‘s stay. Luxury at the Taj is n’t merely approximately indulgences, but advantages. Book 1, 2, 3 or 4 darks in our olympian Suites, having faultless insides and authoritative manner, and bask a complimentary dark ‘s stay.

TAJ SAFARIS are wildlife Lodges that allow travellers to see the alone beauty of the Indian jungle amidst epicurean milieus.

They offer India ‘s first and lone wildlife luxury Lodge circuit. Taj Safaris provide invitees with the ultimate, interpretative, wild life experience based on a proven sustainable ecotourism theoretical account.

TAJ AIR, a luxury private jet operation with state-of-the-art Falcon 2000 aircrafts designed by Dassault Aviation, France ; and Taj Yachts, two 3-bedroom luxury yachts which can be used by invitees in Mumbai and Kochi, in Kerala.

“ Business EDGE ” – At the Taj, concern is non merely unconventional, but valuable. Alongside the quintessential merger of concern and pleasance, you will besides bask incredible nest eggs and benefits on our traditional cordial reception and exceeding service that are certain to go forth you cheerily surprised.A

Breakfast for two ( single/double same rate )

Hotel Credit of Rs 2000/- per stay against F & A ; B, wash, or watering place ( where watering place services are available )


The Taj Inner Circle is the frequent invitee programme of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. Besides a corsage of benefits, as a member you will gain points when you stay with us or halt by for a repast at one of our eating houses at take parting Taj Hotels in India and abroad. You will gain points on your eligible spends on room, nutrient and drink, wash, telephone and concern Centre. You can besides gain points on your spends at the Taj Khazana dress shops located in choice Taj Hotels in India. Deliver your points for room darks, memorable repasts, gift certifications redeemable at Taj Khazana, Taj Salon, Jiva Spa, and gifts from a hand-picked choice.

Taj Advantage Plus is the perfect programme for our valued corporate booking agents in India and comes power-packed with great earning and salvation chances, particular benefits and exciting offers. Registration to the programme is by invitation merely. Log-in for inside informations and the latest updates.

The Taj Alliance Preferred Partner Membership ( TAPP Me ) Programme has been designed entirely for our spouses in the travel trade in India. Registration to the programme is by invitation merely. Enter your TAPP Me rank figure and watchword to entree the TAPP Me web site.


Health & A ; Fitness installation to its Guests.

Latest cardio vascular machines, strength-training equipment.

Spa besides includes steam suites & A ; sauna, specialised intervention suites.

swimming pool, Gardens, Waterfall

The beauty barroom of the Taj hotel offers a broad scope of beauty and hair intervention for work forces & A ; adult females.

Free 24*7 cyberspace entree


Technology related: -Used of progress engineering in hotel premises.

Manufacturing- related: – High use of fixed assets.

– Quality control know-how.

– Serving client harmonizing to their specification.

Distribution-related: – Presence of hotel concatenation at assorted topographic points.

– Angstrom strong web.

Marketing related: – Breadth of merchandise line and merchandise choice.

– Personalized client services.

– A well-known and well-respected trade name name.

ITC ‘s hotel division was launched on October 18, 1975, with the gap of its first hotel Chola Sheraton in Chennai.

ITC – Welcomgroup Hotels, Palaces and Resorts, is today one of India ‘s finest hotel ironss, with its typical logo of custodies folded in the traditional Namaste is widely recognized as the ultimate in Indian cordial reception.

Each of the concatenation ‘s hotels pays architectural testimonial to ancient dynasties, which ruled India from clip to clip.

The design construct and subjects of these dynasties play an of import portion in their several manner and decor.

Selling Scheme:

Joined custodies with the Sheraton Corporation to beef up its international selling base.

Scheme of benchmarking against international criterions

Indian hotel concatenation, with a heavy accent on the great Indian experience ( with international criterions of luxury )

Fortune trade name, which started off as mid-segment trade name, is now being re-positioned as a excellent concern hotel.

INNOVATIVE Selling Services:



WelcomAward has earned the differentiation of being India ‘s premier and most powerful frequent invitee programme. The WelcomAward programme recognizes your demands as a concern traveller and through its strategic confederations with travel spouses, enterprises to construct a rewarding relationship with you.


Welcomlink, India ‘s most popular life style wagess programme, designed entirely to acknowledge and honor our concern spouses who channelize engagements into ITC-Welcomgroup Hotels.

As a WelcomLink Member, you can gain points for every materialized room dark you book at take parting hotels. These points can be redeemed for an array of exciting wages from luxury pickups & A ; all right dining to go privileges, place trappingss, lifestyle dress and much more, your pick is illimitable.

CULINARY Trade names:

Enjoy a gustatory sensation of India at ITC-Welcomgroup ‘s acclaimed signature eating houses such as Bukhara, Peshawri, Kebabs & A ; Kurries, Dum Pukht, Dakshin and more. Experience the elusive spirit of the Western universe and the Orient at eating houses like West View, Pan Asian, Shanghai Club and My Humble House. Or pass some cheerful minutes with your friends over a drink at Dublin, the reliable Irish saloon.

One of the wagess of this rank is the pleasance of dining at ITC- Welcomgroup hotels, a journey that encompasses a broad pick of culinary art from across the Earth. As a member you enjoy attractive nest eggs when you dine & amp ; entertain with the Culinary plus Card. These include:

20 % off when you dine entirely or in a group of five and more

20 % price reduction on alcoholic drinks

20 % price reduction at The Gourmet Shop

When traveling, the Culinary Plus Card is an priceless plus because it offers you and your invitees a particular price reduction of 20 % on the published room duty at take parting ITC- Welcomgroup hotels.


Entire client satisfaction

Brand Value

Adequate accounting records in conformity with the commissariats of the Companies Act


Problems include:

Uncertainty to the costs of even most economic beginning of energy.

Increased tendency of jobs in keeping profitable nutrient and drink installations.

Relatively more addition in labour costs as compared to productiveness.

Customer dissatisfaction due to increase in size and figure of suites as it is claimed to increase enrollment and other services procedure clip.

Importantly really high competition that induces heavy rate cuts to last.


Industry focused on engineering and updating their telephone reserve systems.

Businesss besides focused to increase assets and forgot the kernel of industry, that is, ‘customer oriented service ‘

Players in cordial reception industry realize that cordial reception merchandise is different, that is in fact, something intangible that they are selling and as both merchandise and grounds for purchasing it are different besides different so it demands a different selling scheme, something like cordial reception selling that requires client centred cordial reception demand designation, specific cleavage & A ; placement and ‘the cordial reception selling mix ‘ .

Now focal point on client ‘s service and satisfaction instead than concentrating on their ain trade name name merely.


Hotels should concentrate on quality and market response has shaped the industry.

They should ever seek to give something excess than demanded.

Entry of multinationals and Indian hotel ironss, reinforces the section ‘s untapped concern potency.

“ Uniting alone growing chances and limitless concern potency, this industry is surely on the route towards being a key participant in the state ‘s altering face. ”