Last updated: February 13, 2019
Topic: SocietyCrime
Sample donated:

There has been a nefarious crime. Involving an innocent citizen. The guy is insane for he killed an old man. My client should be found Illegally insane because of his paranoia, and delusional. My client should be put in a mental facility because he is insane. One reason why he is a bit wrong in the mind is that he took so much pride in planning and executing the murder. For seven days and nights he would go in his bedroom. Watching him careful.

Waiting for the right moment to kill. The poor old man. My client is also delusional, as a result of that he should go to Jail. The guy was brother by the old man’s eye ball. And killed him for that simple little thing! Wouldn’t you send him too mental house. Information course you would because he is insane. He also cut him up into pieces and but him in his own house. When the police arrived to ask questions he took it easy at first.

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Then he couldn’t take it anymore so then told the police that he had killed the old man. And showed them where he put him. The funny thing is that he deiced to sit right on top of him. Like he knew that his heart was going to start betting. Even when they put him in the crazy house he still was hearing the heart of the old man. Therefore he should be put in a metal facility. And not send him to Jail. Insane tell-tale heart By dulcetly