Last updated: September 2, 2019
Topic: Art
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is a big part of Digital Art, Bruce Wands who is an Author who wrote a book
called “Art of the Digital Age (2006) was once said quoting that the “Creative
Possibilities of interactivity and the development of immersive environments were both given a
large boost by the arrival of computers in installation art, which would allow
artists increased control over the interactive experience and access to
cyberspace and virtual worlds.”

This type
of art lets the viewers feel the full experience and will have you thinking you’re
in a real-life experience even though it isn’t.

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In 2012 a group called Random International made
a piece named “Rain Room” an experimental installation which would have rain
water would fall on you, this was only imaginable because of the 3D trackers
that would go about following the person, which had been programmed to stop the
fall of the rain water wherever the person was standing, this meaning the person
could feel and experience a rain storm without ever getting wet.  which would have been impossible without the
assistance of Digital technology.

The piece encouraged viewers to consider the
relationship between Man, Nature and Machine.