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International Business Management – Kalzip Roofing Pte Ltd

Introduction — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

Objective — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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Traveling towards planetary market — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The theories — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Application of theories to the state of affairs — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

  • Global Market Entry Strategy
  • Indirect Exporting
  • Direct Exporting
  • Licensing
  • Joint venture
  • Direct Investing
  • Acquisition

Decision — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Recommendation — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –


Kalzip Roofing Pte Ltd does industry of roofing equipment and installing solution. Founded in the UK, kalzip roofing was established in the installing market since 1968. And since so the really first well-known assignment was Numberg Concert Theater, in today there are over 80 1000000s square feet’s of the company roofing is installed all around the universe. Furthermore, the company headquarter fabrication works located in Germany and till today is still on high operation. The Company has different similar mill set up across Asia Pacific, UK and United State and that exclude the gross revenues office. Till today, the company is optimistic to open up more freshly develop engineering and traveling towards better hereafter.

As portion of the part concern, in Asia Pacific Singapore was used to hive away stuff as a warehouse use intent. And as per the fiscal study shown that the concern entity is non in a profitable form when the concern entity was hit by fiscal trouble. It was taken into consideration by Tata Steel to purchase the house from Corus Group and eventually the determination was taken to put to death the purchase. The full acquisition took approximately 1 twelvemonth.

Soon the concern turnover that generate gross is spite into 75 % /25 % each of the several proprietor. The figure of employees who employed under Singapore down from 102 to 30. With the major retrenchment of operational squad due to the incompetence of the contriver.


Kalzip roofing aim is to utilize restructured Singapore operation to calculate out market chances in some of the undeveloped Asiatic states. Kalzip is witting of the concern in demand to better their leaning and wherewithal to stand out in today markets. Traveling frontward, the group will be working with few external advisor to go more wiser in garnering market information and spread out their concern to the planetary market.

The company want to utilize Singapore as a stepping platform to other non-business operated states in Asia Pacific. The concern development squad propose an favorable and profitability state like Myanmar. The direction squad demand to bout and grok the unknown market and set up a suited market entry game program.

Traveling towards planetary market

The right tools to set up a planetary game program is to grok turning economic and expertness reproduction ( John Legend, 2003 ) . This assignment discusses the multiple facets of international concern. “The planetary concern selling game program is reached tough with external fluctuating such as market act & A ; processs. With all these obstructor to entry it would look that a planetary selling game program is about unsustainable ( Jason M Gelsmino )

Companies with strong planetary game program have outstand over market agenda that merely vie in local markets. Some borders notwithstanding bendability, assortment, mixture and feasible cost of the existent merchandise and client satisfaction. As market scheme go more recognise with planetary selling agenda their propensity to minimize and understate the barrier to new entry crestless wave. Marketing game program address some typical jobs that companies have brush in the past when coming across with planetary market ; such as gross revenues and market degree, quality control of the finished goods, and timeline issues, tools progress and the today web allowed market to weld in local market at any clip. This is an wagess as it provide a high grade of mold ability/stretchability and upward client service degree ( Jason M Gelsmino )

A medium sized company to be planetary concern contestant demand to be more well earlier obtained any aggravation planetary start-up faces 3 darings. First are the organisational issues and nonnatural issues generated by distance and by unsimilarity in civilization, globalisation, instruction development degrees. Even following to the new workweek can be rather texting for little house employees when come to his/her first twenty-four hours at work. ( Greco, John A.Jr, 2005 ) .

Second is oversee the reverse ( and minute ) of matter – that is, the divergent states political, regulative, forensic, revenue enhancement and employment environments. Third, freshly venture concern will happen their ways to take part with much bigger houses with far lesser resources. To thrive, companies must province coherent their rational for traveling planetary, learn to construct web with more constituted concern associate, radiance at local market and bring forth a transnational enlightenment within the organisation ( Hutt, Michael D. , Speh, Thomas W. 2004 ) .

Strive for capturing international Business

When a company makes a finding to come in a new environment or market, there are varicolored issues that need to run through. There are but non limited to be liabilities, concern hazard and the grade of authorization which can be utilized. The straightforward and manageable method of come ining the market is normally exporting, utilizing undeviating- bureau or accompaniment technique – counter trade. On the other manus, there are more labyrinthine signifiers include but non limited to joint ventures with developed concern spouse.

“Labrinthine signifiers include genuinely planetary operations which may affect joint ventures, or export processing zones. Having decided on the signifier of export scheme, determinations have to be made on the specific channels. ( Market Entry Strategy, 1997 )

The Theories

Contrivance critical construction for happening resources

The theories talk about above portray a concise imagine of the chief constituent that a company should though about when estimating what markets to perforate and market to make analysis. These theories may besides be functional in evaluation which market come ining portray study of mark market, quiescent rival, SWOT analysis and fundamental law to come in preferable market. For the concern their introductory occasion of trade, planetary growing pick and helper with commercial and supply concatenation classical ( Armstong M.A, 2006 ) .

A SWOT examination is done to measure the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats intricate in Kalzip roofing concern. It intricate enumerate the mark of the concern or undertaking and acknowledge the internal and external component that are appreciative and counter to obtain those ends. Appreciative component every bit good as counter component is used to peruse corporation and outward residence ( Chermack, Thomas J, 2007 )

Application of theories to the state of affairs





Kalzip develop its ain roofing via its ain fabrication installations and to derive much higher safety criterions, the group has countless enterprise that was freshly created and driven by the several Health and Safety professional within each part. The work force of the roofing industry today, is much more educated at a higher degree Based on the planetary division of work force accomplishments of new equipment and thoughts. Strengths for procedures of the concern, buying and input notwithstanding: Good quota of natural stuffs.

Due to competitory advantage today, there are many good established roofing transnational company situated across Asia Pacific part.

  • Currency fluctuation –Many professional secrete definite end product from get agency to it dishonest to original client difficult foreign currencies were extremely pursue after, while peculiarly and extremely value Western point perform as a method of corruptness in communist Palatinate, such as Romania, where a peculiar set of coffin nails served as an uncorroborated comprehensively used hard currency to buy goods and service. Some service workers even took up alternate side income venally furnish service post-haste to consumer for payment.

The likeliness in front for the roofing industry are – topographical ranking of the state ( effortless entry to Europe, Russia and Turkic democracies ) enlarge connexion with the regional states, the low degree of smattering to these markets so far. The concern today continue to research new chances via allotment and enlarges/swell economic relation and intensify the concern to other industry such as oil and gas and shipyard.

The agonize is that the international / worldwide pecuniary crisis has reduced its assurance in the destiny and raise glom about the current. Fast broadening / inspissating alleviated aggravation with unscrupulous politicians and demanding environment. It proffer at least the opportunity of superior wellness attention and teaching method and andragogy which dawdling much behind as compared with Europe criterions. But the mean dwindle in GDP this twelvemonth is a significantly dropped 8.2 % . recuperation is await o be slow. So much instead the east Europeans face much higher revenue enhancements, heavy debts, lower disbursement power and lesser occupations. This is why in the oculus of the investor – “The production guess of danger would include: The matter of province rickety state, deficiency of agreeableness, sparse, exorbitant/extortionate, impermanent, high hazard investing. A hapless resemblance for the state imports and exports processs. Erratic and rickety and unequal buildout of free trade regulations and processs.


Global market entry scheme

Based on ( Malht, Aarwal & A ; Ulgado, 2003 ) the choice of foreign market entry schemes is an of import part of the internationalization operation for companies today. The entry mode a company select for a foreign market has important purchase on the extent to which the company exploit on market potency and on the strategic predomination it has over market advancement. These entry manners include importing and exporting, the usage of representative and purveyor, promised trades such as leting sublet and franchising, JV, strategic co-relation, and entirely owned foreign direct investing ( FDI ) . This paper will seek to rank one another of these entry manners, researching the benefit and drawback of each market entry game program and can go a high limitation to the worldwide market. Price cuddle hunt and haggling costs. Fleshly interval, linguistic communication limitation, warehouse costs and hazard limit the unswerving observe of market leaders. Execution of understanding may be expensive and lame legal merger between states making more and more tough status. Besides, these elements are of import when bearing in head a market entry scheme. In existent all these may be so expensive and hazardous that Governments, instead than private forces, frequently acquire intricate in trade good system.

Figure 1 and 2 below ( Market entry schemes, 1999 )

The rating of the market for an artifact or favor, numbering the probe and study of market paces, find the contention, and manage/direct market research is of import. As market research has already done in old subdivision of this appraisal, few key concern game program to come in the market utilizing the theoretical account above figure 1 and 2 which identified the following degree and trail new market demand to track and be after outside ain original concern zone. It decide for eruditeness and decision and colony devising on how to reply new competition, clients, JV spouse, contractors and other market participants – at higher public presentation and in unconventional sphere ( Market entry schemes 1999 ) .

  • Indirect Exporting

This technique of foreign market entry includes the exporting builder prosecuting an individualistic/stand-alone companies, which becomes the export subdivision for the marker. Indirect export frequently to be said is a domestic gross revenues ( Yoshino MY and Rangan U.S,1995 ) . Maker finish domestic sale that in returning to an export sale gross a 3rd party ( Foley J, 1999 ) . In the simple term, indirect export elaborate merchandising to the individual who do export.

  • Direct Exporting

The unalike between indirect and direct exportation is that, the shaper execute the full export procedure instead than emissary to others. The exporting companies deal with every feature of the export operation from market examination and managing paperwork to foreign dispensation and cod payments.

In instances like Kalzip to come in the other part market may be a mixture of indirect and direct exportation and may obtain with gathering subsequence. As in the start-up procedure kalzip may incur less cost in the early phase of entry. The representative legal guardian will assist the company like kalzip to set up the clubable and good-natured image and absorb about the local venture market. Acquire confess about the market and so without travel rapidlying set up the concerns.

  • Licensing

Bases on ( Johansson, 1997 ) licencing include “offering a foreign company the rights to utilize form’s proprietary engineering and other cognize how usually in return for a fee plus a royal on proceed and income” . The licensor may give the licensee the privilege and privilege to utilize the company charter and right of first publication on a specific goods or a procedure, Godhead know-how, tech specialized counsel and aid, after gross revenues advice, or the usage of the emblem or the house name ( Hollensen, 1998 ) . The continuance of the licenses may really much reliable, as mentioned by ( Jeannet & A ; Hennessey, 2004 ) be contingent on the degree of venture/speculation needed by the licensee to entry into the market. It is ever the norm for the licensee who make all the needed capital investing with respects to equipment, selling expense etc. Neither party may take a firm stand on a long and robust understanding in to bring forth the cost of investing and guess.

  • Joint Venture

A JV spouse with a local associate constitute a more large-scale and ample signifier of engagement in foreign market than whichever exporting or licensing. A JV is distinguisher from other signifiers of deliberate and calculated understandings as an associate generate a separate legal entity ( Cateora & A ; Graham, 2002 ) raised 4 factors correspondent with JV:

  1. “JV are enchanted, unconnected, legal entities”
  2. “They confess purpose by associate to state in direction of the joint venture”
  3. “They are alliance between allowable fall ining entities such as private coporation, Public sector or authorities bureau and non in the center with persons.
  4. “Justness place are held by each associate”

A JV may be the one and merely method for company to unify into a state if authority understanding argument patterns on a regular basis and habitually approbation Local Corporation or if Torahs interdict foreign control but allow JVs. Alongside control diplomatic/party political and monetary hazard, JV gives a lesser hazard as compared with the remainder. In JV the value and menace are traveling to be much lower, shield resources that can’t be achieved via the market. Companies have ameliorate entree to pecuniary capital, easiness of economic systems of construction and satisfaction of size. They besides may hold entree to new accomplishments and direction processs.

There are 6 different sorts of JVs gettable to companies and these are outlined below.

i‚· Direct Investment ( Greenfield investings )

i‚· Acquisitions

Slightly than kick off an undisputedly possess ancillary from rub the houses can contemplate an accession of an bing company. Accession offer fleet entry into a market and more frequently furnish entree to air telegraph of message.

To encapsulate this assignment, I have developed a theoretical accounts specifying the advantages and disadvantage of each foreign market entry game program.


The mixture of a market entry game program is belittling to the prosperity of a company investing and venture operations. Each of the company on


The choice of a market entry scheme is critical to the success of a firm’s foreign operations. Each house be aftering on internationalising has a differing set of fortunes. These fortunes can be either internal or external to the house. Internal fortunes include handiness of resources, experience of staff and spirit of entrepreneurship.

External fortunes include size of place market, attraction of foreign markets, and political conditions in foreign markets to call but a few. These fortunes determine the suitableness of the different market entry schemes. The choice of a market entry scheme is critical to the success of a firm’s foreign operations. Each house be aftering on internationalising has a differing set of fortunes. These fortunes can be either internal or external to the house. Internal fortunes include handiness of resources, experience of staff and spirit of entrepreneurship. External fortunes include size of place market, attraction of foreign markets, and political conditions in foreign markets to call but a few. These fortunes determine the suitableness of the different market entry schemes.


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