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This study is to look into the concern chances for India ‘s largest heavy motor vehicle maker Ashok Leyland with one of the universe luxury auto maker Aston Martin in economic hub of the universe United Kingdom. The profiles, merchandises of both the companies are conferred briefly. Essential factors such as competitory forces, ongoing tendencies, and domestic demands are considered utilizing appropriate theories. Methods of analysis include SWOT – to analyze the internal and external strength and failing of Ashok Leyland, PEST – used as a tool to analyze political, economical, societal and technological factors of chosen state. Based on the consequence of above analysis, investing undertaking is drawn by sing the resource providers, location and type of investing. The primary aims of the enlargement and expected success rate are derived. Two universe most rising economic systems are selected and the concern environment, hazards and expected jobs, authorities policies, political stableness are compared. Different types of index are considered to happen out the best economic system among them. The dominant economic system is selected for the investing undertaking.

After measuring the different type of entry manners, Joint venture is chosen as the best suited 1. Research work is carried out to happen out the exact spouse for joint venture. With proper justification, the ordinances, selling and administering channel of host state is identified. The possible troubles, jobs, competition degree and the solutions in the host state are specified. At the terminal of study the recommendations such as the enlargement of clip, ways to get the better of competition degree with distinction and manner to take a competitory advantage are given. For which the group study is divided into different phases. In the following portion it is about the overview of the company.

Overview of Ashok Leyland

Ashok Motors was set up in 1948 for piecing of auto name Austin autos in Madras. When the British Leyland get participate in Equity, the Ashok Leyland ‘s name and fate changed and in 1955 they started fabricating the commercial heavy vehicles ( Ashok Leyland, 2010 ) .In the Indian market they are the leaders as they provide alone merchandises such as CNG, Double Dekker and many other coachs ( Hinduja, 2007 ) Ashok Leyland is known for fabricating the assortments of commercial vehicles like light truck and coachs, multi axle trucks every bit good as tractors and besides military and exigency vehicles. They besides produce trim parts like grouch shafts, Ball and Roller bearing, Crown wheels and pinions and engines for Industrial generator and Marine applications and eventually go a portion of Hinduja group in the twelvemonth 1987 ( Hoovers, 2010 ) . Before traveling into any state some of the cardinal environmental factors should be kept in head by the house that is internal factors and operational factors which are under controlled for the house while the external factors are non under controlled for the house like competition, Demand Shift, authorities policies and many more ( Daniels, Radebaugh, Sullivan, 2009 ) . For Ashok Leyland traveling Internationally is the best option because after the recession around 1996-97 they decided a Marketing scheme non merely for keeping place in South Market but besides to open up new niche markets by merchandise cleavage or by developing customized merchandises ( Financial Express, 1999 ) .During the twelvemonth 1997 the gross revenues showed 16 % growing that is it sold about 43530 vehicles as compared to 37470 in the old twelvemonth. ( Times of India, 1997 ) There might be assorted grounds for the addition in demand might be change in Income of purchasers, or alteration in monetary value of other merchandises or alteration in gustatory sensation and penchant of the consumer. In the twelvemonth 1998 it received societal duty award There was once more demand displacement they were chosen for the cross boundary line service with Pakistan because of the Viking theoretical account and this helped to export more ( Press release, 1999 ) . In the same twelvemonth in October they received order signifier Bangladesh of 68 dual Dekker coachs. For marketing their merchandise domestically and internationally they started seting their information on Internet and this was done to better the service to the clients ( Economic Times, 2000 ) In the twelvemonth 1998 it became the first Indian car maker that received the latest version of QS 9000 certification. Harmonizing to the Managing Director Mr. R. Seshasayee they have opted for QS 9000 enfranchisement because this offers an international benchmark particular to the car sector which is non for any commercial grounds ( Press release, 1998 ) .The Company ‘s nucleus competency is supplying Quality merchandise every bit good as new merchandise in footings of adding new characteristics or developing wholly a new merchandise with the aid of engineering by joint ventures and strategic confederations with other company which add a competitory advantage for the company and this helps in long term growing ( Quick MBA, 1999-2007 ) and so for this, In the twelvemonth 2001 Ashok Leyland construct Memorandum of Understanding with the Compaq for IT Infrastructure which covered all the operations of the company and which allowed the company in updating the engineering which will assist in viing with the other rivals every bit good as to bring forth at a lower rate ( House diary, 2001 ) . From the below tabular array we can see that there is uninterrupted addition in the net gross revenues from 2003 to April 2006 which shows addition in demand.

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Ashok Leyland made an understanding to get Defiance Testing and Engineering organisation which provides independent proving service paying the fullest of capital for geting this service, which is near Detroit located in Michigan that is in USA. This organisation helps in the countries of Laboratory that is based proving and geting the information, proving the lastingness of the merchandise, Safety Testing and Facilities Management and many other installations like NVH Testing, Road Load Data Acquisition ( Economic Times, 2007 ) . Product variegation is besides one of the manner to remain in the market and so in the twelvemonth 2007 Ashok Leyland made joint venture sharing 50:50 per centum with the Alteams Group for fabricating High Pressure Die Casting aluminum merchandises for the automotive and telecommunications sectors and it is situated in the Finland and harmonizing to Mr. R Seshasayee, this enlargement in car constituent sector will assist them to take advantage for the upcoming chances which is both in India. and every bit good as abroad ( Economic Times, 2007 ) .

In the same twelvemonth they entered into Pre-owned commercial vehicle market to finish make-over with ALTRUX from Ashok Leyland and doing entry into the used vehicles market buying them from the market and re-conditioned by utilizing an thorough 140-point cheque to accomplish a quality criterion that will guarantee trouble-free operation and these vehicles was given up to 6 months guarantee ( Press release, 2007 ) .Then in August an understanding was made between Ashok Leyland and Nissan Motor for joint venture to fabricate Light Commercial Vehicle ( LCV ) concern and this was sold under both the trade names that is Ashok Leyland and Nissan ( Times of India, 2007 ) The latest program for them is puting Rs 3000 Crore in the following three old ages on assorted undertakings which includes its light commercial vehicle joint venture with Nipponese car manufacturer Nissan and because the market status was hapless they had cut back their investing but now market is taking its gait to turn so they are be aftering to put. The investing will besides include about building equipment concern that is Joint venture with John Deere ( Times of India, 2010 )

SWOT Analysis:


The SWOT analysis can be termed as Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Strength and Weaknesses are the internal factors while Opportunities and Menaces are external factors for the house ( Rugman and Hodgetts, 2003 ) . A new, advanced merchandise or service can be an strength for the company and Quality procedures and processs could be the other strength for the company ( Marketing Teacher, 2000-2010 ) and Ashok Leyland has got certification of Standardization and Quality care ( Press release, 2005 ) Ashok Leyland is continuously doing invention in their production with the aid of the engineering and it is besides known for supplying good quality at a lower rate ( House diary, 2001 ) . The another strength is comparing to Tata Motors the net gross revenues of Ashok Leyland is more that is about ternary 170 as compared to 66 which indicates more demand of Ashok Leyland ( Shirsat, 2010 ) . It has besides received many certifications like BS 7799 certification for Information Security Management system ( Press release, 2005 )

The failing of the Ashok Leyland is the monetary values of the merchandises are high as compared to the rivals. The other failing is the Net income border is low. The chances for Ashok Leyland can be offering of the new merchandises to the clients and that ‘s what they are giving through engineering promotion ( House diary, 2001 ) Ashok Leyland ‘s employment diary

They besides have they chances to come in into the new state by holding a joint venture with Aston Martin which is in U.K by bring forthing the natural stuffs for them because Aston Martin auto is known for doing expensive auto ( Aston Martin, 2010 ) and so by fabricating the natural stuffs for them will assist Aston Martin to bring forth at a lower rate. The another chance is to get down operation in other Centres in which they are non present and they are seeking to make precisely the same thing ( Business Standards, 2010 ) One of the menaces could be authorities policies and if any policies alterations which is against Ashok Leyland so it is a menace for them and holds in the supply can be a menace for Ashok Leyland and this what go on with them because they were non able to provide the coachs on the clip given to Delhi Transport corporation ( Times of India, 2010 ) . The Economic status is besides one of the menace for the company because of it demand decreases. As the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Ashok Leyland is mentioned above, it ‘s most important and of import portion of the undertaking which is the investing undertaking program. This investing undertaking program is briefly explained in the approaching portion of the study.

Description of investing undertaking

Ashok Leyland being India ‘s 2nd largest maker of commercial vehicles has to undergo a complete transmutation to derive a important function in the quickly altering market topographic point. In the scenario of traveling abroad, the company should be more formalise in their investing scheme. Bing an amateur company in the procedure of suppressing other foreign market, its investing programs should be up to a disciplinary degree in whatever market they are traveling to come in ( Khachani, 2009 ) . The company ‘s gross reached a grade of US $ 1.4 billion for the fiscal twelvemonth 2008-2009 ( Ashok Leyland Ltd, 2009 ) .

As the company doing its inaugural entry in the new market, it has to put up their base in that peculiar state. So puting up the fabricating units in the foreign state is traveling to be a hard undertaking to cover all their disbursals by themselves ( MANGEN & A ; DURNEV, 2009 ) . So some sort of coaction with a company in the entering state will favor the Ashok Leyland Company in many ways. First the company has to take in what name that the company is traveling to called in the spread outing state. Whether it ‘s traveling to be joint names of Ashok Leyland and Aston Martin or in some other name whatsoever harmonizing to the board of managers.

The following measure is the chief aims for which the companies made coaction with each other. In this instance both the companies are coming together to organize a joint venture between them to fabricate cars, chiefly autos and other Light commercial vehicles. Aston Martin being an expensive and epicurean auto shaper around the universe is traveling to utilize Leyland Company to do trim parts for their ain company at a cheaper rate or to do specialised engines which can be environmental friendly and giving more fuel efficiency. In either manner Aston Martin is a gainer, where as Ashok Leyland has to play a critical function in this venture.

In the important economic sector these companies has to make up one’s mind whether to be a public sector company, if so the companies has to make up one’s mind about the sharing of the bets at a equal degree or harmonizing to the sum they invest in the undertaking ( Chakravarti, 2009 ) . To a important degree the companies has to make up one’s mind on the term of the coaction period. This will guarantee them to develop or may pave manner for other type of coaction between these two companies itself ( Borgonovo, Emanuel, & A ; Borgonovo, 2010 ) .

Use of the resources and engineering available to them in an effectual mode will guarantee them many benefits ( DragotA? & A ; DragotA? , 2009 ) . Offer of the resources available which is to Indicate which of the undermentioned points are required -but non available yet – in order to implement the undertaking, Business spouse, Financial beginnings ( credit/ guarantor/equity/donor-grant, Technology, Industrial Equipment, Land/ industrial land, Consultant / professional services / developing programme/ expert, Facilities/ concern officies/ industrial workss, Natural resources/ rawness, Institutional support / development Centre and services ( Liao & A ; Ho, 2010 ) .

In the procedure of fabricating non all merchandises should or can be made in the new fabrication unit, it can besides be manufactured in any of these companies chief production unit and can be exported for piecing. This type of procedure can be brought in the advancement to cut down the costs of the merchandise. The capital investing for this coaction can be made from these companies bing portion holders or it might travel public as a trade name new company. The companies should utilize their trade name name and good will of their bing clients and can make an impact and consciousness about the new venture ( Jones & A ; Danbolt, 2005 ) .

The most important portion in this venture is non merely the sharing of resources and engineering, but besides doing the bing employees work together. It will besides envoy many employment chances in both the states ( Jones & A ; Wren, 2004 ; Pollard, 2008 ) . Well the direction has to play a critical function in this, because employees are the nucleus of the any company and any fabrication. There are many cultural and other barriers which they might confront in procedure of the fabricating units ( Meschi, 1997 ) .

Therefore the companies can do a large base in doing the low monetary value, fuel efficient and environmental friendly vehicles, which are traveling to be produced by these companies. The most decisive job in the coaction is the sharing of determination doing power and administration. Both the caputs of the companies should portion the common involvement and should concentrate on doing this joint venture a successful. There might be indifferences in the beginning due to working in a new environment and with different set of direction scenarios will do any employee bombilation in the initial phases, one time they started working as a unit they ‘ll certainly overleap the odds ( Demirbag, Weir, & A ; Mirza, 2003 ) . After the investing undertaking is to the full determined, the company is sets to happen a perfect state for its international enlargement. With a briefly explained PEST analysis we can finalize a state to which Ashok Leyland is traveling to come in.

Choice of State:

Emerging markets are searched for international enlargement undertaking of Ashok Leyland. Different European states ‘ car markets are investigated for an chance. That includes Greece, Brazil, United Kingdom and other European, African states are explored. At the terminal United Kingdom and Greece are selected for comparing. The supporting and curtailing force for enlargement are analysed for concluding determination.

Greece is one of the biggest economic systems in the universe. It takes 27th largest economic system sing gross domestic merchandise. Buying power of the community is well high comparison to other European states. It is a developed economic system, where public sector contributes 40 % in entire GDP growing. To understand the advantage of Greece economic system comparison to other European economic systems the undermentioned graph is given below.

Impact of economic recession hit is more in Greece which makes many companies to close down the workss. The economic system of Greece in the last two old ages is traveling downwards without any possibility to travel up. Government is seeking bond out for European Union commission. Greece is naming EU to assist to retrieve from the ruddy zone economic system ( Athanassiou, 2009 ) .

Invention is the cardinal factor for competitory advantage. In instance of automotive industry, Research & A ; Development undertaking will assist houses to present improved and advanced merchandises. Automotive industry holds 6 % of entire R & A ; D in United Kingdom which shows that there are great chances in front for a company to import their concern. Top most companies Ford, panther and Land Rover puting immense money in R & A ; D procedure ( Business and Enterprise commission study, 2009 ) . Government is implementing matter-of-fact attack to guarantee the endurance of automotive industry.

Plague analysis for UK automotive industry:

Political Factor:

Stable political parties

Well statute law for place market

future statute law

regulative organic structures and procedures

Supporting authorities policies

Fixed authorities term and alteration

Well developed merchandising policies

Support and grants from the authorities for concern development

Dominated place market

international individuality

wars and struggles – lower limit

Economic Factor:

place economic system state of affairs

place economic system tendencies

abroad economic systems and tendencies

general revenue enhancement issues & A ; policies

revenue enhancement for investing

market and trade rhythms

specific industry factors

market paths and distribution tendencies

high involvement and exchange rates

international trade policies

Social Factor:

life style

demographics coverage

good consumer attitudes

media positions

trade name, company, engineering image

consumer purchasing forms

manner and function theoretical accounts

major events and influences

purchasing entree and tendencies

ethnic/religious factors

advertisement and promotion

ethical issues

Technology Factor:

viing engineering development

R & A ; D support from the authorities

associated/dependent engineerings

Technology replacings

fabricating adulthood and capacity degrees

information and communications developments

potency for invention

Entree to the new engineering, licence

Communicationss to other parts of universe



Political stableness and more competency among the parties ‘ are resulted in good policy devising, determining the economic system. As a consequence of these UK is going one of the top most economic systems which pulling more and more foreign investings ( Annesley, 2004 ) . Well known regulative organic structures are following place market for safer trading between the states. Structured statute law parties so that any Torahs which are developed will acquire blessing without any holds. Watchdog committee and regulative organic structures are developed run without any corruptness. High criterion of ordinances are followed in all countries. Financial and selling regulative organic structures are running swimmingly which make Britain as a safest topographic point to make concern.

Government footings are fixed and there is no fluctuation in the assembly, which increases the trustingness of governing authorities. Security of concern is safer and the hazard degree is minimised by the available authorities grants. It gives international individuality to the company which starts concern in the universe economic system hub United Kingdom. Wars are struggles of a state is really less, it gives more security confidence for any investing. Bus lanes and motor ways are extended by the local governments which is another strong supporting factor for car industry.


UK is fast turning economic system in the universe since the Second World War. Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) rate is systematically turning, the below given diagram shows the growing of GDP since 1960s and reached $ 2.65 Trillion in the twelvemonth 2008.

Beginning: National Statistics of a state, UK

Fast retrieving economic tendencies have been seen, the adoption degrees are decreased drastically compare to old old ages ( Alistair, 2010 ) . International pecuniary brotherhood controls the trading of international organic structures in a domestic market. Fiscal resources are allocated to guarantee the modernizing the route webs. UK is one of the members of G8 states and has good economic stableness and 6th largest GDP in the universe by volume. It is forecasted that in 2020 London will be the 4th largest economic system in the universe by catching Paris. Even though involvement rate and the exchange rates are fluctuating, It is higher than US rates, which pulling more investors and the purchasers to purchase goods from UK.


About all geographical countries are covered by different societal groups, there are good developed conveyance web. There are many high disbursement in-between category people available which give an chance for an car industry to present new vehicles. Ad and promotion is easier in a engineering developed states, the freshly introduced autos or any merchandise will make different sort of people in less clip ( Glaister & A ; Buckley, 1997 ) .


It is easy to entree new and latest innovated engineerings in developed states. Government is funding more on research and development procedure. High competition degree increases the opportunities for invention. Maturity degree is obtained in fabricating procedure. UK is the cardinal portion in the universe which makes easy to pass on through out universe easy and the transportation cost to any other state from UK is less compare to any other states ( Johnson, 2004 ) .

Plague analysis shows that there is a great of opportunity for an automotive maker to develop a concern in a fast recovering market. Technological and political factors are more favour for foreign company to come in and develop their concern.

International market entry manner

“ An international joint venture is a separate legal Organizational entity in which at least two spouses that are economically, geographically and lawfully independent of each other participate ” ( Frederic & A ; Pierre-Xavier, 2006 ) . Many transnational companies use Joint Venture as a market entry manner in footings of developing and developed states. With the partnership with the foreign venture, it enables both the states to portion cognition in footings of engineering ( Broll, Marjit, & A ; Mukherjee, 2003 ) .

In this study, Ashok Leyland an Indian, commercial vehicle fabricating company is the parent company which looks for the International enlargement in the host company which is Aston Martin of United Kingdom. For which the company is organizing an International Joint Venture with the local company Aston Martin to come in the British market.

One of the most desirable and preferred entry manners of by many Multinational Companies is Joint Venture, other market entry manners are Licensing, Internationalization, Franchising, Direct Foreign Investment and Exports. International joint venture involves two or more lawfully formed distinguishable companies each of them involves in the same activities or other harmonizing to their legal entity ( Michael & A ; Hebert, 1991 ; GERINGER, 1988 ) . Thus Ashok Leyland has merely one joint venture so far, with Nissan of Japan. These two companies formed a joint venture to do Light Commercial Vehicle ( LCV ) . Both the companies portion a 50:50 of their bets ( Ashok Leyland Corporate Office, 2007 ) . Thus Ashok Leyland does n’t hold much experience in spread outing its concern boundaries, it has got merely one unfastened option to come in a new market is to hold a joint venture with a company in the selected state. Because of the above ground the other manner of entry does n’t suits Ashok Leyland to come in the British Market.

With its experience of over 50 old ages in this concern of bring forthing commercial vehicle it has the capacity to abroad entirely, but it is non an easy undertaking for any company to International, it might ensue in failures besides. In the instance of the joint venture with a local company Ashok Leyland can catch the local ‘s attending by advertisement through the local companies channels of advertisement. Bing a freshly formed joint venture these companies has to catch the involvement and trust of the Stakeholders for turning both the companies trade name image among the general client.

There are some of cardinal factors through which International Joint Venture can be of success they are, public presentation, Human resource development, patterns and followerss and believes based on the host states cultural features, Performance of Quality, Training Competence, Flexibility and Adaptability, Knowledge acquisition from each foreign spouses, sharing resources, sharing Equity, competitory preparation, Sophisticated Technology, Cooperation between parents, Governance, Political hazard in the Host state. These are some of the cardinal of import factors to act upon the International Joint venture into Success ( Michae, Schon, & A ; Andreas, 2007 ) .

When it comes to the above success factors both Aston Martin and Britain has got the above specified success factors for the Joint venture. As English is the Official linguistic communication in both the states, so the manner of communicating between the company ‘s workers wo n’t be hard to understand. Both companies have to hold on sharing their resources, equity and Technology.

Cooperation between the spouses is of import in footings of cognition transportation, Flexibility and Adaptability. The other chief thing is the Political Risks, as it is a Joint venture between the local company and the parent company at that place wo n’t be many troubles in footings of political hazards. Because there will be a high benefits of employments chances and income for the local companies there wo n’t be really much political hazards in making this venture.

Ashok Leyland when uniting with the Aston Martin can jointly bring forth Light Commercial vehicle or autos. Ashok Leyland has already signed with Nissan to bring forth little autos for the universe market and that could be priced at around $ 4,500-5,000 ( Economictimes, 2010 ) . Having been already engaged to bring forth little autos section Ashok Leyland can besides make the same in the United Kingdom every bit good. Aston Martin and Ashok Leyland can jointly bring forth little auto section or commercial vehicles. Ashok Leyland being experienced in the commercial vehicle section we prefer it to go on its same with Aston Martin besides. But whereas Aston Martin can utilize the Ashok Leyland to bring forth parts for its autos, which will take down their stuff costs as of now and can gain high net incomes in their ain auto section.

The UK logistics market has become more developed and advanced in footings of engineering, regulative alterations and the increased competition. The economic crisis and the enlargement of the planetary trade is going a challenge for the automotive industry. Despite of these challenges, it would non be incorrect to province that the UK market has much higher grade of resources, adaptability and entrepreneurship as compared to other states ( Willis, 2008 ) .A .

Indian truck maker Ashok Leyland entryway in UK can take to a high competition in the market. The demand for transit is increasing at a rapid gait and so is the market ; therefore it would be a benefit to the company to do a grade in the planetary market. But, likewise the benefits there are some critical issues that Ashok Leyland might confront during their entry period i.e. jobs in footings of fuel monetary values, debut of eco- friendly trucks as the state is concerned about emanation ordinances, disruptive alterations on the demand side and the keeping capacity. Furthermore, the truck makers and the conveyance companies are connected to each other and therefore this challenge can be a hinderance for both the parties.

Equally far as the economic issues are concerned the monetary value of the petroleum oil and the emanation regulative factors are holding an impact on the truck industry and the economic system in footings of inflationary force per unit areas. Over last few old ages, the Diesel monetary value has increased by 31 % and the current scenario is acquiring more critical as it is the premier facet for the conveyance companies and the makers during their class of buying determinations. Therefore, Ashok Leyland should come up with the more advanced trucks which are more fuel efficient and better in public presentation ( PWC International Limited, 2008 )

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In add-on, political factors besides have an impact towards the concern. The alterations in the authorities policies play a major function in it i.e. value of exchange rate, devaluation and the rising prices is a large factor to act upon changes in the market. It deals in where the devaluation improves fight and as in recent old ages the value lb has been strong. Second, the debut of Monetary Policy Committee in 1997, the UK authorities is being more concerned about the inflationary issues. And therefore, the low inflationary rate has helped to increase the fight in UK ( Pettinger, 2007 ) .

There are some other external factors as good which can impact Ashok Leyland operations in UK. The external factors differ from state to state and have bounds like capital market which acts a premier ingredient for the scheme doing procedure of the houses. The states capital markets can be oriented towards long tally or short tally. The former trades wherein industry varies and the latter is more competitory in nature and investing is short term. In add-on, Ashok Leyland the elephantine participant in India is be aftering to do acknowledgment with the planetary leaders and hence is more inclined towards the long term facets. Furthermore, the alterations in the authorities policies is a large hinderance for Ashok Leyland wherein the authorities can impact the bounds straight or indirectly, execution of the revenue enhancement to corporate and concern and belongings ownership issues. Despite of the entry barrier being low due to high capital investing and cutting border engineering, Ashok Leyland can come in the UK market but they have to confront high competition with the mammoth participants like Volvo who has high strength and high ruling power in the market in footings of engineering, fabrication procedures, client relationships and distribution systems. Second, the provider power is weak because they have broadened their operations across the boundary lines and hence it will move as an chance for Ashok Leyland to run in an effectual mode ( BERA, 2004 )

As mentioned earlier, the joint venture of Ashok Leyland and Aston Martin will demo a positive response in the market, wherein ; Aston Martin is a celebrated participant and is been accounted for the epicurean autos and Ashok Leyland is a major participant of trucks in India. Therefore, Ashok Leyland will supply natural stuff to Aston Martin in order to salvage their production and fabrication cost. This venture will assist both the companies to hold a base in the market productively and physically.

Despite of this venture there can be another challenge for Ashok Leyland while operating in UK i.e. the cultural barriers, because ; what works at place does n’t work outdoors. Therefore, to cut down the struggles amongst the members in the central offices and subordinates, Ashok Leyland should develop their applied scientists wherein communicating should non be a barrier while operating across the boundary lines.

Aston Martin is more concerned about the engineering sector than anything. Their new engineering i.e. Picoscope Automotive Oscilloscope turning out to be the hallmark for the company. Wherein, the four channel CRO shows electromotive force and wave forms for all the electric appliances such as MAP and the air flows detectors, fuel pumps, multi cylinder ignition. These all are the latest engineering introduced by Aston Martin and holding a competitory border over their challengers ( Pico Technology, 2007 ) .

Hence, the venture between Aston Martin and Ashok Leyland seems to be more profitable concern for both. Wherein, the design and the engineering will be undertaken by the former and the latter will cover in supplying the natural stuffs at cheaper monetary value.

Conclusion- In a nutshell, it would non be incorrect to state that Ashok Leyland is a elephantine participant in India and be aftering to spread out and travel planetary would be good determination for the company. Despite the political, legal and economic conditions the company has planned to run into the expected consequences in order to get the better of these factors. The modernization of the route conveyance

Sector is hiking the UK economic system and giving chances for other participants to come in and to play their function efficaciously and faithfully. This component traveling to assist to increase the purchasing behavior of the clients and assist the rivals make profitable concern. Furthermore, it will assist in cutting down the clip spread between production and ingestion and enlarging markets for the manufacturers and the consumers.

Therefore, Ashok Leyland pick traveling international and supplying the effectual and efficient merchandises seems to be.productive determination in footings of planetary acknowledgment of the trade name and geting good will and market portion in the UK.