JT event direction is our company name. Our company chief markets are festivals and amusement. The festivals are for cultural jubilation created by the populace or for the populace. The festival can be scheduled entirely or in concurrence with other events.

For an illustration, when the mid-autumn festivals, many of the company want to sell their merchandise to the populace, so they will cooperation to make a Moon bar festival at certain topographic point to allow the populace have many picks to take. The other chief market for our company is amusement. Entertainment is a erstwhile or periodic, it needs to hold ticketed public presentation or free. It besides can do by a sort of exhibition event created for amusement intents. It besides can schedule entirely or in concurrence with other events. The illustration for the amusement, when a company likes MyFm, they need to do an event on the shopping composite, they need an event direction to assist them to adorn the topographic point, put the chair and do certain the installation are holding plenty them to utilize.

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Some of the thing they need they can inquire for aid. Other than that our companies besides help other people to do an event direction, if they find us to assist them make. We will follow what the client demand so assist them to adorn what they want and seek our best to done it. In our company there are many sort of section, buying director, planning director, production director and other. For illustration, the buying director will assist the company to command what to purchase and what sum should purchase and so the buying director will administer the things that the merchandise directors wants.

1.4.1 Entrepreneurial StructureThere are four types of common construction, the foremost is entrepreneurial construction. This construction is a main executive maintains control over big or of import venture of the organisation. There are other directors to transport out their functions in relation to the head. This construction besides has clearly defined lines of authorization for all degrees of direction and has a extremely bureaucratic process. Entrepreneurial construction is utilizing a centralised construction, this construction everything was decided by the top of the direction.1.

4.2 Functional StructureSecond is the functional construction, this construction is divides the activities of the organisation into different functional countries. Each functional country would hold its ain direction construction, this construction unite both centralised construction and hierarchal construction. The functional construction is they divided their occupation harmonizing to the map. This sort of organisational construction is suited for Construction Company.1.

4.3 Divisional StructureThird is the divisional construction. This sort of construction is focus around a merchandise or geographical country. They division director in each state is responsible for day-to-day runing determination devising for the services of the production or the job about the merchandises. The divisional construction largely are utilizing by pudding stone or transnational company. The pudding stone is suited for this sort of organisational construction is Disneyland.

1.4.4 Matrix StructureThe lastly construction is the matrix construction. This is a sort of complex construction which will affect multiple lines of authorization, instead than hierarchical lines of bid, the employees need to describe to more than one foreman, and it uniting a functional based construction and a project-based construction.1.5 Organization StructureAbove is the diagram of functional construction.

Our company is utilizing this diagram to map. The most common construction found within organisations, functional construction consists of units or departmental groups identified by forte. Functional organisation construction is harmonizing to enterprise the assorted units to implement the nature of work to build, the organisation construction harmonizing to the general common people specialized cognition and experience or utilize the same resources and it grouped together. Most of the endeavor functional organisation construction has the undermentioned maps, such as ; the disposal, operations, selling, and hazard direction.

Different sort of event they need different people to follow the undertaking.1.5.1 Advantages of Functional constructionThe advantages of functional construction are centralized construction, it merely necessitate to responsibility one-by-one, mechanism simplified Lashkar-e-Taiba is ease incorporate direction ; this can assist to better the internal professionalized. That since the people are arranged on the footing of the common involvements hence, they can larn a batch from each other. Following, the job work outing becomes easier in a functional organisational construction.

The functional construction is increased because people will seek to oversee each other work. Team work is more founded in a functional organisational construction. This construction makes the determinations in the custodies of the top directors. In add-on, the organisational construction to salvage costs and cut down the complexness of forces and it has the specializer is responsible.1.5.2 Disadvantages of Functional StructureA functional organisational construction disadvantage is each section sidelong and lead to assorted maps of the weak members of the section end and no wage attending to the overall ends. If communicating inauspicious contradiction of tend to do the section and to do work efficiency affected, because the interaction between assorted sections is decreased.

Due to high load heavier and disregard strategic job is the organisational construction of a lack. Measurement jobs are created like it become hard to analyse which individual is more efficient and which is non.DecisionOur company usage this functional organisation construction is the best, because this sort of organisational construction can better the internal professional grade and it can do the organisation construction to salvage clip. Different sort of organisational construction is utilizing for different type of company. When a company demand to get down, do certain that what organisational construction may be usage, if non it will impact the company normal operation. The failings is they communication ability, their communicating ability adverse will do the section and it will act upon the work efficiency contradiction.

The recommendation to better this failing is the upper section can more pass on with their workers. When the upper section have more communicated with the worker so they can mensurate the worker is efficient or non and do action.