INTRODUCTION A. HistoryThere is a plant that grown for its leaves and dried fermented before it used, it is called Tobacco. Tobacco or Nicotiana usually used by smoking or chewing it. Tobacco was first found by people of Mesoamerica and South America by the time the European settlers first arrived in 1492. Tobacco has seeds and it is very small, tobacco is believed that grown in the Americas 6.000 B.

C. Tobacco usually used by the American Indians in many ways, such as medicinal and religious practices. European people firstly came to The Americas on October 15th, 1942 led by Italian navigator, explorer and colonizer Christopher Columbus. When Christopher Columbus firstly came, he was offered leaves of dried tobacco from the American Indians that he found. Soon after, the European seen this as the common goods that they believed can be the major commodity in the market and many people also believed the tobacco could cure diseases, from influenza to cancer.

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When the American revolutionary clashed in 1776, eventually tobacco helped the revolution by serving for loans the Americans borrowed from France. As the time goes, many scientists begin to warned the chemical substances of tobacco, the dangerous health effects after smoking tobacco. Nearly 1847, a cigarette company Phillip Morris is established, most of it selling rolled Turkish cigarettes.In United Kingdom, there is a company name British American Tobacco which is located in London have been running since 1902. James Buchanan Duke became the first company chairman and his business was begun China, Canada, Africa, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, but American British Tobacco never open in the United Kingdom and United States.B.

BackgroundAmerican British Tobacco in Indonesia is a parent and supervised many local companies such as Bentoel Group, Star Mild, Dunhill, and One Mild. American British Tobacco Indonesia or Bentoel Group has received 87% stake from American British Tobacco company and Bentoel Group be the subsidiary corporation. Bentoel Group Indonesia is the second largest tobacco company in Indonesia after Sampoerna.

In Indonesia, the rates of the active smokers among males only has reached 67,4%. The growth of tobacco companies has increased in 21th century, the tobacco companies-built branches around the world especially in the 3rd countries such in Africa and Asia.Tobacco or cigarettes eventually has killed more than 200.000 lives in every year. Nowadays, Indonesian government try to higher the prices of a pack of cigarette.

In 2017, the rates of a pack of cigarette is around Rp 20.000. Indonesian government also reduce the advertisement of cigarettes, they only show a couple of advertisement in the middle of the night to prevent children watched it.On the other hand, the government has been supporting the industry of tobacco to produce 2 times to 524.

2 billion cigarettes per year by nearly 2020. On worldwide, Chinese, Russia, and U.S government realized for the health costs are higher resulting from smoking than the profit from the tobacco industries. Scientists has reveal that any substances that contained in a cigarette are too dangerous for health. For the smokers that have been consuming too many cigarettes can lead into complication and long-term effects on the body.

While smoking, the risks of variety problems can affect mood stimulation, anxiety, unstable emotion, smelly hair, immune system, poor vision, yellow fingers, and the most fatality is dead caused.Smoking cigarettes means that a human body get poisoned by more than 600 dangerous chemical ingredients. There is no safe choice to smoke a cigarette, smoking is very dangerous for not only the smokers, but also the people around and cannot be cured easily. Smokers are heavily difficult to quit because there is a substance called nicotine.

C. Brand StrategyAmerican British Tobacco company or Bentoel Group has branding strategy, there are to be the world’s best at satisfying consumer moments in tobacco and beyond and leading to the next generation of products by commercialising products that offer consumer less risky alternatives to conventional cigarettes. ISSUE British American Tobacco has set their goals to be the leading company in the industry, knowing that, they have to be able to select and apply the best business strategies. But being one of the leading tobacco firms in the UK, British American Tobacco is known to purchase tobacco from Indonesia, where they can not guarantee that the tobacco is not made from child labor. Although that every tobacco firms in the world have the responsibility to monitor and investigate on how their tobacco is harvested in their farms, they still can not control on the actual process applied in the farming. According to independent., Human Rights Watch have conducted research in 2014 and 2015 ini tobacco farming in Indonesia where they interviewed more than 100 children under 18 who work there. These children are risking their health and wellness working harvesting tobacco by hand, said the Human Rights Watch. Many of these children have in fact suffered from nausea and vomitting due to being around tobacco so much. Children are known to work through long hours in these farms, without even wearing any protective garments while handling these tobacco. These surely sound terrible, especially when it is the company’s responsibilities to make sure that no child under the age of 18 work in direct with tobacco. British American Tobacco is one of the multinational companies that have committed to the International Labour Organisations (ILO) right conventions. These companies in the conventions have agreed that the minimum age for children to work is 15 years old, whereas the minimum age for the hazardous work is 18 years old.

Yet they still can not guarantee, because they claim to cannot be “everywhere at once”. British American Tobacco mentioned that their subsidiary, Bentoel, takes the child labour issue very seriously. “We do not employ children in any of our operations worldwide and make it clear to all of our contracted farmers and suppliers that exploitative child labour will not be tolerated. In Indonesia, however, children often participate in agriculture to help their families, and to learn farming methods and skills from their elders,” BAT said. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) also knows that working while the children are in school can be a normal part of growing up in poor communities, because of the rural environment they are in. British American Tobacco is said to be working with the Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco growing foundation (ECLT) to tackle extreme child labour in these areas in Indonesia. Not only in Indonesia, British American Tobacco has also vowed back in 2016 to investigate some of its farms located in Bangladesh after Swedwatch, a Swedish campaign group uncovered the truth that the farms use could workers to grow and process tobacco, carrying loads, cutting the stems, and cure the tobacco. These children are reportedly being pulled out of school to work in the farm for as long as 16 hours a day.

These working activities surely grows out the risk of health for these children, because they are very much exposed to tobacco plants, the dust, and the smoke. Group Head of Corporate Affairs at British American Tobacco, Simon Cleverly has told that the company has in fact investigated the report’s findings but found no evidence of children rights and human rights violations. He also claimed the British American Tobacco were consistent with the findings of these studies held by themselves to look into tobacco growing and farming process and found that the company has a positive impact on the socio-economic area in Bangladesh. Up until now, British American Tobacco is still very much sure that they have not done anything wrong in the process of harvesting their tobacco in these countries, and that they believe that they have mutual benefits with the countries they have been working with for years.British american tobacco CSR The British American tobacco company did some CSR in indonesia such as in education department, community care, environment and the culture division.In the education CSR they did scholarships for students (over 34.

600 scholarships) in public school(23 adopted public school) till even the university, they even provided stationary for the students or  even their uniforms. They also provide things such as internships and seminars. They also build a sports stations in school so that they could exercise, they also build schools, university, classroom,libraries and training centre.They also carry out education up to university, emergency school for the victims of natural disasters, teacher training, and sport education.In the community care section they provided trainings mainly like SAR training centers, disaster response training, rescue teams, disaster relief, orphan donations, blood donations, and prevention fire training at the national level.Other than training, they also provided rural water supply, cataract surgeries, mass circumcisions, home refurbishing, fish farming, livestock training, and medical checkups for the surrounding communities, and also food donation to the rural areas.In the environment area they basically did reforestation, highway greening like planting plants for the scenery for the highway views, and cleaned up old dirty parks near the city.

Now they are trying new thing which Provide composting machines, nursery seeding centers, and seedlings for the surrounding communities.    For the cultural area, they cover aid for music festivals, art, dance, opera and others. They also carry out annual awards for events like journalist, journalistic competitions and photographer awards. They do annual contest too such as Quran reading competition and bazzar events.