Introduction:Teaching is the highest priority in developing countries, which aim for success. But more important than teaching is learning, so every individual must have the desire to increase his knowledge, and serve the society as much as he could, therefore the society will thrive and be enlightened. Learning principles and its application:Learning principles or laws are referred to as the number of basic principles that affect learning processes, such as readiness, exercise, effect, and freedom.

For example, when I have freedom in doing my job I will enjoy doing it and the results will be much better, also the more I exercise and repeat the process the more I will do better in my job. In addition, former knowledge from school may be useful during daily work, furthermore, motivation and stress keep me from failure. Primacy is considered one of the most important princples, the ability to distinguish between what is more important than other, will not only save me time, but the outcome will be satisfactory.Types of learning:There are many ways a person can gain information. Some people enjoy reading will others may see that auditory or visual means are more effective than other methods.

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Everyone uses these methods but in different percentages, for instance, I usually study first by listening to the tutor’s lecture and write notes during class, then when I return home I read the lecture, and watch videos if any concept is unclear. It is worth mentioning, that there is a difference in teaching and studying between the undergraduate and secondary school, being an undergraduate you will depend more on yourself, you should cover all the objectives and understand all the concepts, definitions, and terminologies by any mean that suits you by yourself. However, in secondary school, you have only one resource to study from, and you will usually find yourself memorizing more than understanding the lesson itself.My learning strategy:There are different strategies that can be utilized to face challenges that you may face during your learning procedure. In my opinion, the most effective strategy is writing notes during the session, then start studying by understanding every new word you come across, because this will make it easier for you when asked a question with multiple answers, and will also be stuck in your head for a longer time. In addition, I usually study in a quiet area for a considerable amount of time and having an objective that I want to reach.

Conclusion:In summary, learning is a very complicated process that keeps the person away from the darkness of ignorance. Furthermore, learning will distinguish you from the others making you a special person in what you like and do.