My Management Research Report is aimed at analyzing the touristry sector of Mauritius and how it has been evolved over the old ages to pull foreign exiles. As touristry is one of the fastest turning industry in the universe, people are willing to go to different parts of the universe to see the different civilization and events which they find interesting. Therefore touristry presents have been evolved to provide all the different multitudes of the populace. The research study besides shows the assorted development processs implemented by the authorities to pull more tourers to the island as touristry is one the chief pillar of the Mauritius economic system.

The study discusses the find of the island, its development procedure whereby Mauritius was occupied by Portuguese, Dutch, French, British and eventually gained independency. The Report besides discusses the conveyance installations, promotional activities, cultural culinary art and celebrations, Primary landmarks and attractive forces. It besides discuses different type of circuit bundles available for beach vacation shapers to adventuresome vacations shapers.

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It shows how the Mauritanian societal, economic system, political, technological field has benefited by the touristry sector. Improvements that are made to change over the low-income tourer finish to one the universe ‘s best tourer trade names. Mauritius is emerging as universe category concern and banking sector. It is now considered as the hub for the fiscal dealing and known as Singapore of the West.The research shows how the touristry Industry has affected the societal, technological, economic sciences, ecology and political facet of Mauritius. The 7Ps selling schemes like Product, Price, Place, People, Process, Promotion, and Physical Evidence applied to better the touristry sector. The research besides analyses the factors like international competition, Recession, climatic alteration, perceptual experience of luxury, in-between category population, demographic alteration, technological alteration, security, wellness facets, that affects the touristry industry.Keywords: Maslow ‘s theory of Motivation, Marketing scheme, Infrastructure, Communication

Introduction of touristry industry in Mauritius

My Management Research Report is based on how Tourism Industry has supported Mauritius by promoting the patterned advance into substructure and the development ( economic system ) of the whole island.

Besides which should be improved more so that to give the island more possible values and worthy for the population every bit good as the tourers. Mauritius is known as Paradise Island by tourers and is found in the South West of Indian Ocean. Mauritius is dependent on sugar production since its independency in 1968. Mauritius ‘ economic system is dependent on important pillars of fiscal services, concern procedure outsourcing ( e.g- fabrics ) , touristry & A ; Information Technology. Mauritius is one of the best Africa ‘s monolithic sugar exporters to Europe, and most of its refined sugar is exported to the EU.

Mauritius is a parliamentary Republic and a member of the United Nations, Southern African development Community, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, the African brotherhood, La Francophonie and the commonwealth. The island ranked as an upper-middle income economic system, it has been ranked as the best governed state in all of Africa. It is the lone African state with “ full ” democracy. The archipelago is ranked the 7th best finish in Africa.

Discovery of the Island

Mauritius is surrounded by beautiful blue or turquoise crystal seas and white sandy beaches.

The word ‘Paradise Island ‘ described its beauty in nature ( Eco touristry Parkss, vents, etc… ) . The island ‘s public is composed of several ethnicities, including Indian, African, Chinese and Gallic. The chief spoken linguistic communications are Mauritanian Creol, French and English.

Asiatic linguistic communications besides form portion of the lingual mosaic of the island. Many hotel staffs are fluid in German, Italian and Spanish. Due to others states, Mauritius excessively has its ain history which marked the island and besides the population, with history of crewmans who visited the island in the early yesteryear by Portuguese in 1507.

Then go on moreover with European.. In 1598 by Dutch who landed in Grand Port and named the island ‘Mauritius ‘ . In 1735 arrived the Gallic – governor Mahe de La Bourdonnais constructed some of the celebrated edifices which are still standing boulder clay today and are site touristic for tourers. After Gallic came the British. The celebrated bird the ‘dodo ‘ which was nonextant but still live in our memories till now.The development that had taken topographic point throughout the old agesIn the early 1970, it was an sole finish with merely a few air bearers serving it.

To pull tourers, the authorities created a national air hose, for increasing capacity to and from traditional markets ( UK, Franceaˆ¦ ) widening increasingly its web so as to make new tourer markets.In 1971, The hotel School was created to prolong growing of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry by supplying skilled labor for the different functional parts of hotels, circuit operators.Then, in the 1980s, the authorities attracted foreign hotel groups such as South African Sun International and good celebrated labels such as Meridien etc to place Mauritius as an upmarket finish concentrating on sea and sand. The selling focused on sentiment leaders and film stars who were invited to remain in Mauritius, route shows were organised by the so Mauritius Government Tourist Organisation.

The liberalization of air entree in the old ages 2000, attracted a figure of bearers so as to fit increasing figure of hotels and suites. The rise in cottages and little hotels coupled with the locale of new air bearers such as Virgin or Gallic Corsair attracted new moving ridges of tourers, more downmarket and with lower disposable income. In the old ages 2000, several green constructs such as Casela, La Vanille Crocodile Park etc. were launched for environment witting market section.As from 2009, with the economic recession in Europe, the traditional market, Mauritius tried to research new emerging markets such as China. As China is a monolithic rich state, it can keep Mauritius good by lifting its economic. On the other manus, Chinese compensate with finance hard-on and substructure proposition has been a thankful alleviation, even when it has been attached to the usage of Chinese Labour and inputs.In 2010, even with a critical budgeting Mauritius has faced to get the better of and with its large surprised the tourers have been increasing.

It is a nice public presentation for the island even if recession has popped up.Whereas in 2011, Mauritius wishes to raise Tourism markets outside Europe.In 2012, Mauritius Tourism Sector is aiming on emerging markets and found India as a first category beginning market. The scheme is to perforating the Indian market and to concentrate on the feat of MICE and Wedding Segments. The Indian Travel trade to publicize and to sell Mauritius as a MICE finish.

Harmonizing to the Minister of Tourism & A ; Leisure ‘Mr Michael Yeung Sik Yuen ‘ , their demands are to put Mauritius as a high degree criterion of luxury and adjustment, travel, meetings and conference agreements, host squad edifice activities, etc. Equally good as advancing Mauritius as a Golf and Wellness Tourism finish. “ India is ranked the 6th biggest market for Mauritius and the state registered 53,955 Indian reachings last twelvemonth. Travel trade is important to turn up touristry to Mauritius.

As the island was fighting to Economic advancement and it saw betterment of the agencies of communicating and a gradual upgrading of substructure. Telecommunication in Mauritius are easy to entree with cyberspace installations to one state or to another. Nowadays, the universe has been altering and the island excessively has been thrived for a better hereafter for the population with the entrance of touristry. Tourist Industry has brought batch of support to the environment of the island. This aid in care and redevelopment of new substructure and building of new edifices. With Tourist Industry, the island has a batch of possible activities such as building batch of hotels around.

Government has given them batch of chances, so with new hard-on of new hotels tourers can bask themselves with luxury watering place, jaunts. Mauritius has been developed due to the reachings of tourers to the island. Towards a quality touristry in Mauritius, AHRIM ( Association des Hoteliers et Restaurateurs de l’ile Maurice ) launched in 1973 and it is a non-profitable administration and their members have 85 % hotels sector which are ready to welcome tourers every twenty-four hours. Perfect choice trades with good client service, it is prior in any administration. On the other manus, Segmentation is critical and back up the merchandising of the finish.

Cleavage is divided into 4 groups of market which are: -Demographic – By selling the finish, Mauritius need to aim different types of clients to their age, types of household leisure by positioning its ain merchandises on the market.Geographic – Tourists will detect the beautiful green Eden by remaining in harmoniousness with nature.Psychographic – Mauritius is a Eden island and with its multicultural people, tourers will hold the chances to detect the life style, civilizations, different types of delightful nutrient and every bit good as their values.Behavioural – Tourists will hold the opportunity to larn the typical Sega dance and besides the cognition and attitudes of the local people. Even that they can organize some particular juncture such as marrying with different cultural types of nuptials. Due to the glorious clime in Mauritius, tourers can bask their interruption times and honeymoon.

Conveyances in Mauritius

Tourism sector in Mauritius, Air Mauritius is a good company that aims to get expected demand of its clients.

With Air Mauritius Fleet, going is more easy for the tourers. The company is the 4th largest bearer in Sub-Saharan Africa. Tourism is one of the chief elements for the foreign currency, with expected gross to lift up. Mauritius planned to spread out its airdrome and its mark is to suit 4 million riders a twelvemonth. Transport in Mauritius has increased and some coachs have air con where can experience really comfy. The jobs that they acquired are traffics, to work out out with it can be by illustrations overseas telegram auto or train like in the yesteryear.

With excessively much conveyance around it ‘s non good for the population and the tourers because of the air pollution. The troubles that Mauritius will confront if Air Mauritius do non happen a manner to supply more paths it will be critical for the touristry industry. By comparing Mauritius to its other rivals, it has risen up since 2007.

Otherwise it must be on its guard as harmonizing to the rate of per centum Sri Lanka is on the way to catch Mauritius.

How to advance Mauritius?

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority ( MTPA ) plays a important function in the island by happening solutions to publicize the island overseas as tourer finish. The aims of ( MTPA ) is to get the end by reding to the curate how to advance the island to the tourers by construct up runs and take parting in touristry carnivals. This action will originate the necessary to the other touristry bureaus to join forces by supplying more information on the installations, substructures and services available to them in Mauritius. Their responsibilities are to make market touristry research on the tendencies and chances, so that to relevant statistical informations on Mauritius.

In 2010, Mauritius was awarded as Best Stand – FITUR, Indian Ocean ‘s Leading Destination – World Travel Award, Indian Ocean ‘s Leading Beach Destination – World Travel Award and eventually in 2011 was granted World ‘s Leading Island Destination – World Travel Award.

MICE touches the bosom of Mauritius

Brand and selling are two facets of armor for Mauritius. They entertain the key of success of the touristry industry. Harmonizing for ( MICE ) – Mauritius is the Indian Ocean ‘s Leading Light. Mauritius adjustment has a great aspirational finish by offering a diverse mix of hotels with strong luxury mark. In 2008, the Four Seasons Resort and Spa at Anahita and The Grand Mauritian were launched and which formed portion of Starwood ‘s Luxury Collection. In 2009, the International Mauritius Resort Balaclava garrison has been established. This introduces of high portrayal of luxury hotel trade names.

Mauritius is appealing as a high-end finish and offering echt value for money. When comparing with the other Indian Ocean finishs, Mauritius has a enormously superior conference offering. The island ‘s capital which is Port Louis, boasts the extended intent built convention Centre in the Indian Ocean – the Swami Vivekanada International Convention Centre, which has hosted a figure of blue-chip companies and can suit 20 to 5,000 delegates. Other locales include the International Conference Centre in Grand Baie ( up to 600 ) and the Freeport Exhibition Centre in Mer Rouge ( up to 1,000 ) . Many of Mauritius ‘ hotels besides have the competency to procure for up to 800 delegates.The archipelago do non dwell merely of mountains, woods, beautiful sandy beaches, civilization, history and cordial reception but besides has a huge possible due to MICE cleavage.

Mauritius acquires all the secret key ingredients that are referred for the successful meetings, inducements, conferences and events. Mauritius offers a big excellent of adjustment with best-known quality and luxury hotel trade names.

Through the Cultural Cuisine

Mauritius nutrient is of exceeding quality with assortments of spirits and olfactory properties inherited from different colonists through the island ‘s history.

The culinary art of Mauritius is largely influenced by Creole, Chinese, European and Indian population. Mauritius is greatly influenced and has strong ties with the Gallic civilization, the culinary art like tuna salad, la daube, coq gold vin, bouillion and the sweet are largely popular. During the nineteenth century the Indian workers who had settled in Mauritius brought their ain unique spirits. Largely the culinary art from north and south India like curry, Indian relishs, rougaille, pickles are more popular. With the reaching of the Chinese migrators by the terminal of the nineteenth century, brought the Chinese culinary art like noodles, spring axial rotation etc.

Largely all the hotels and eating houses throughout the island offers different culinary art like Creole, Chinese, Indian, European etc to give one of the finest exceeding platter to the tourer.

Motivation of the Island

The Motivation to develop the island into major strategic touristry sector was likely achieved due to the fact that there are no major industrial revolution taking topographic point. Mauritius is chiefly an agribusiness based state where the migrator from different parts of the universe came to settled down at that place. The development and successful execution of the Tourism sector in Mauritius can be accredited with the motivational theory of Abraham H.

Maslow. Harmonizing to Maslow, ”Only the unsated demands are premier beginning of motives. ”( Maslow, 1954 )Maslow suggested that there are 5 demands systems that account for most of our behavior. They are:SurvivalSafety or SecuritySense of BelongingEgo-statusSelf-actualization( Courtesy: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.businessballs.

com/maslow.htm )

Improvements made in Tourism Sector

As Tourism is an of import subscriber to economic growing of the Mauritian Island, Internal and External factors greatly influence the success of the Tourism industry.


Significant betterments has been made in developing the substructure for the Mauritanian Tourism Industry. Improvements in the undermentioned sectors has been made to pull tourer from different parts of the universe.Airports: The substructure at the airdromes have been upgraded to supply the tourer with hassle free and speedy services.

The frequence of the flights has been increased by leting national and international air hose bearers to supply the flight service from Mauritius to different parts of the universe. The chief Airline bearer supplying the flight services to the tourer are EpyptAir, Air Mauritius, Lufthansa, South African Airways, Emirates etc…

The undermentioned graph shows that the reaching of the tourer has increased in the last decennary.( Courtesy: hypertext transfer protocol: // )Hotels: Excellent universe category Hotel experience has been provided to the tourer to see the island Eden. Chiefly all the hotels in Mauritius provide different degree of luxury to provide the budget of tourer.

Wide scope of hotel from universe category Villa, six/five star hotels to cheap adjustment is being offered to the tourer depending on their budget experience. The hotels besides offers different bundles like honeymoon offers, targeted finish offers, early booking offers, long stay offers to pull the tourer to remain for longer period of clip. Harmonizing to Brown ”Increased length of stay in Mauritius between 1983 and 1997 coincided with an increased in visitant satisfaction degrees ”( Brown, 1987 )The occupational rates of the hotel is between 70-80 % throughout the twelvemonth.

From the graph we can see the extremum periods are from Mid December to Mid January.( Courtesy: hypertext transfer protocol: // )Harmonizing to Lockhard and Chandra, ” Long-haul and short-haul tourer bring forthing markets have different length of stay.

”( Lockhard/Chandra, 1997 )Attractions: Mauritius is chiefly a vacation finish for beach-resort tourer. It possesses a broad scope of natural and semisynthetic attractive forces. Mauritius enjoys a sub-tropical clime with crystal clear blue beaches, tropical zoology and vegetations complemented by multiethnic population. The people of Mauritius are friendly and welcoming.

The Main Landmarks are:Le Morne Cultural Landscape: UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITEAapravasi Ghat: UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITEAThe Second Oldest Rushing Club in the WorldThe Third Country in the World to Introduce Golf to its ShoresSince Mauritius is an island it provides first-class H2O athleticss for the adventuresome tourers. As the island is celebrated for its idyllic bluish sea H2O athleticss such as dolphin-watching, sea kayaking, deep-sea fishing, kite surfboarding, bluish campaign pigboat are really popular among the tourers.

Selling Scheme

Based on the demographic information provided by the Ministry of Mauritius, different selling schemes are planned to pull the tourer to the island state.

Selling schemes are created for the national and international tourer. For the national tourer day-trippers in the local newspapers or on wireless are provided by supplying particular and celebrations price reductions to maintain the national tourers interested. For tourers from outside touristry booklets, on-line information are provided by different web sites. Technology has been a enormous blessing to make consciousness among the international tourer by supplying information online. There are many sites like hypertext transfer protocol: // that allow the international tourer to be after their holiday and their whole path from the luxury of their places. There are many sites that allow the tourers to custom-make their finish Selling is done through conventions, publicities, experience.

Effective selling schemes play an of import portion to supply the repetition value for the tourer.Marketing scheme is devised based on:Merchandise: Here the merchandise is the island itself. Different topographic points of involvement, athleticss and celebrations can be highlighted to pull the tourer. It is found in the study conducted by the Mauritanian Government that tourer flock to the island state during the month of December and January as the island enjoys first-class clime during these period every bit good as celebrations besides help the tourers to flock to the topographic point.Monetary value: Finance plays an of import function.

Different bundle Tourss are devised to advance the touristry industry. Harmonizing to the study, it is known fact there is turning figure of in-between category tourer that come to see the island state. Tours that caters to tourist of all the pocket size from universe category international travelers to adventuresome back-packers travel to the island state to bask the climatic atmosphere of Mauritius.

Topographic point: Mauritius is full of landmark topographic points. Different parts has its ain significance. Northern seashore of island is the most developed portion in the recent old ages. It provides good eating houses and discotheques. It contains some of capturing sights like the red-roofed church that overlooks the lagunas at Cap Malheurex.

The south seashore of the island provides different landscape than the rest portion of the island. It contains high drops that are battered by moving ridges of the sea. These are created where the protective coral reefs falls off on the ocean floor. The east seashore of the island is known as the gem in the Mauritius ‘ Crown. It is comprised of keen coves and emerald lagunas. It contains some of the best beaches like Belle Mare. It is an idyllic topographic point for the tourist.

The west seashore of the island is known for the mahimahis that come to these Waterss to rest and engender. It is ideal topographic point for dolphin-watching. The inlands besides known as ‘highlands ‘ consists of four major town like Quatre Bornes, Curepipe, Rose Hill, Vacoas.Promotion: Mauritius has an first-class promotional activities devised by the private and public sector.

Harmonizing to the study, the promotional budget has increased in the recent old ages. Harmonizing to the demographic study the chief promotional activities are carried out by booklets, mails, electronic mails, on-line publicities, print media advertizement, local wireless proclamations. For the international tourists the electronic mail and web selling is more effectual and bring forth a batch of involvement. Recently more gross is generated through on-line promotional activities as people find it easier to utilize engineering to acquire connected around the universe. Besides, Promotional activities like particular price reductions, spiritual celebrations price reductions, honeymoon price reductions are planned to counter the off-peak seasons to pull more inland tourer. Harmonizing to the study, cyberspace is the chief beginning to obtain the travel information every bit good as to advance the touristry sector.

Peoples: Peoples are chief pillars in the touristry sector. Tourist are like Gods, who keep the finance flow in the tourer industry. Peoples are chief beginning from supplying the service to admiting the services. Peoples form the squad that provides the services involved in hotels, diversions, transit etc, without whom the tourer industry will be crippled. Peoples make it possible to accomplish the ends set by the tourer sector.Procedure: Though Place, People, Price and Promotion are four chief portion of the selling scheme, they are tied together to organize a procedure. It is used to supply consistence to the scheme. The effectivity of the procedure is measured by how good the selling scheme is received by the clients.

It provides an organized manner on how to cover with the clients when they come in, how they are welcomed and how good they are taken attention of by supplying proper communicating channel. Stairss are taken to supply speedy and effectual service to the clients. It defines how the stairss to be taken so the clients come once more and once more therefore bring forthing the good will for the touristry sector.Physical Evidence: It provides a manner to interact with the clients straight through the agencies of feedback signifier, studies to discourse about the demand and the satisfactory degree. It is a agency to roll up the information from the clients, so necessary alterations or amendments can be made to accommodate the clients. It adds value to the touristry industry as it is wholly people centric industry, so the satisfaction of the tourer is of outermost importance.

Factors impacting the Tourism

As in any industry there are certain factors that keeps on altering and the organisation has to do effectual alterations to the industry. Harmonizing to selling research Tourism industry in Mauritius will be affected by the undermentioned factors in future.Climatic alteration: Due to Climatic alterations, the touristry sector of Mauritius can be adversly affected. Tourism is one of the major industry that brings foreign currency income to the state. Due to lifting in the sea degrees the coastal countries of Mauritius, where bulk of hotels are located where the tourers can bask the aquatic amusement can be adversely affected. To counter these jobs, inland touristry amusement should be made.International competition: Intense international competition has become a major job for the policy shapers and investors in the touristry industries.

Tourism industry has developed to go a pillar of the Mauritanian economic system. But other states like Seychelles, Maldives, Srilanka are catching up with the competition. As Mauritius is known as the ‘Culture Nation ‘ , new selling scheme and policy should be developed to advance civilization as the major function in Mauritius Tourism Industry. Harmonizing to Porter, ”The being of competition is a necessary stipulation for concern scheme ”( Porter, 1979 )Percept of Luxury: Presently Mauritius is internationally known as the worl ‘d outdo luxury vacation finishs. With many of universe ‘s finest hotels and luxury trade names, it enjoys highest rates of returning visitants in the universe. It has become established concern and banking Centre for the last 20 old ages.

It is presently known as the ‘Singapore of the West ‘ . But the perceptual experience of luxury supports on altering with the transition of clip. World is exchanging to cultural and organic trade name of luxury. Hence several alterations should be made in implementing and advancing it.Middle Class population: Tourism in future will be dominated by the big inflow of travelers belonging to the in-between category strata of the society.

Hence, the substructure and selling scheme should be developed to provide to the demands of these category travelers.Demographic alteration: Mauritius has a population of 1,250,882 ( estimated July 2007 ) . The chief ethnics groups are Hindu – 68 % , Christian – 27 % , Chinese – 3 % , and Gallic – 2 % . The linguistic communications spoken in the island state is English and Gallic as the official linguistic communication and other linguistic communications include Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Hakka and Creole. Presently the tourers going to Mauritius are European, Indian and Asians. To pull more tourers, the human ecology of the tourer going to Mauritius may alter due to its popularity and international fight.Technological Change: Technological alteration can impact the touristry industry really efficaciously. The substructure alterations, adding of the new communicating manners, Introducing new transit techniques ; all these can efficaciously hike the touristry industry.

Security: concerns a major impact on the touristry industry. Since Mauritius is a peaceable state, I do n’t believe that security will be a job. But Possibly, panic onslaughts, war in African parts may impact the traveling to that portion of the continent.

If it happens that Tourism industry will be greatly affected by it. It may take to increase in concern failures, death of certain finishs and loss of expected growing in other finishs.Health facets: New Epidemics have power to badly impact the travel and touristry industry. For illustration, SARS in South Asia and Australia, Foot and Mouth disease in UK. Since people are going a batch today, the epidemic is non restricted to one portion of the world/country, it can distribute rapidly and easy to different portion therefore impacting the touristry industry of the specific state.Recession: It plays an of import function in the touristry industry. Recession or economic slow-down affects adversely to the any touristry industry and Mauritius is no exclusion.

But in 2010, India emerged as the most dynamic beginning state with reaching of 50,700 tourers. The addition in reachings was driven by strong economic growing even during planetary recession. Therefore, Mauritius felt small impact on the tourer growing during recession period. But it is predicted that recession may impact adversely in future if proper safeguards and selling schemes are non implemented.


Tourism Industry has evolved a batch in the last two decennaries. It has made enormous impact on the different degrees which are: -Sociable: Tourism has boosted social-cultural life of people of Mauritius. It has provided employment to people.

Infrastructure has been improved by constructing roads and supplying medical installations on the coastal parts where tourers come in big Numberss. Tourism has made enormous impact on the societal life of Mauritius like Increase cost of life, Loss genuineness, Acculturation where different civilization are adopted harmonizing to the altering demands.Technological: Technology has provided a provided a major encouragement to the touristry industry. Tourist are nowadays ever connected to their place base due to technological promotion like cyberspace, Wi-Fi, nomadic communicating. It has helped the industry to derive acknowledgment world-wide, thereby bettering the communicating across the universe. Technology has made Mauritius one of top Brands in the Tourism Industry.

Economic: The Mauritanian economic system rests on four chief pillars: touristry, sugar, fabrics and the services sector. It has boosted the GDP growing which is indispensable for the community development and poorness decrease, employments for the locals, investing chances, concern chances. Harmonizing to BBC World New Mauritius is declared as the top 21st state Trade names.Ecological: Tourism and environment are interrelate as touristry is dependent on the natural resources to last. Tourism has provided both the positive and negative impact on the ecology of the island state. The countries affected by the touristry are Biodiversity, Erosion and Physical harm, Pollution ( Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Visual Pollution, Climatic Change ) , Resource base that consists of local building-material beginnings, Visual and structural alteration.Political: The touristry sector is supervised by the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure.

The Government has formed the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority ( MTPA ) which is responsible for advancing Mauritius by carry oning advertisement run and touristry carnivals in Mauritius and abroad. With the aid of MTL and MTPA, Mauritius has gained universe acknowledgment as the most attractive vacation finishs. The Government of Mauritius form advanced thoughts to advance the island to the universe phase.Harmonizing to R.

L. Stevenson, ”For my portion, I travel non to travel anyplace, but to travel. I travel for travel ‘s interest. The great matter is to travel. ”( Robert Louis Stevenson, 1879 )