Introduction: Cyber crime is criminalactivity done using computers and the Internet.

This includes anything fromdownloading illegal music files to stealing millions of dollars from onlinebank accounts Cyber criminals may usecomputer technology to access personal information, business trade secrets oruse the internet for exploitive or malicious purposes. In modern society it isa  curse. Cyber crimes have a greatimpact on our society and personal life.   History of Cyber crime: 1.     The first recorded cyber crimetook place in 1820.2.     The first spam email took placein 1976 when it was send out over the ARPHNT.3.

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     The first  virus was installed on an apple computer in1982 when a high school student , Rich skrenta , developed the EIK cloner.Different type of Cybercrime:HackingChild PornographyVirus DissminitionSoftware piracyStealing identitiesComputer vandalismCauses of Cybercrime:Cyber criminals always opt aneasy way to make big money. They target rich people or rich organizations likebanks, casinos and financial firms where a huge amount of money flows daily andhack sensitive information.

Catching such criminals is difficult. We could listfollowing reasons for the vulnerability of computers:Easy to access:The problem behindsafeguarding a computer system from unauthorized access is that there are manypossibilities of breach due to the complex technology. Hackers can steal accesscodes, retina images, advanced voice recorders etc. that can fool biometricsystems easily and bypass firewalls can be utilized to get past many securitysystems.Capacity to store data incomparatively small space:The computer has the uniquecharacteristic of storing data in a very small space. This makes it a loteasier for the people to steal data from any other storage and use it for ownprofit.  Complex:The computers run onoperating systems and these operating systems are programmed of millions ofcodes. The human mind is imperfect, so they can do mistakes at any stage.

Thecyber criminals take advantage of these gaps.Negligence: Negligenceis one of the characteristics in human conduct. So, there may be a possibilitythat protecting the computer system we may make any negligence which provides acyber-criminal the access and control over the computer system.Loss of evidence:The data related to the crimecan be easily destroyed. So, Loss of evidence has become a very common &obvious problem which paralyzes the system behind the investigation ofcyber-crime.How to PreventiveCyberCrime?Use Strong Passwords:Use the different passwordand username combinations for different accounts and resist the temptation towrite them down.Be social media savvy:Be sure to keep your socialnetworking profiles (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) are set to private.

Besure to check your security settings. Be careful of what information you postonline. Once it is on the Internet it is there forever.Secure your Mobile Devices:Many people are not awarethat their mobile devices are also vulnerable to malicious software, such ascomputer viruses and hackers.

Be sure to download applications only fromtrusted sources. It is also crucial that you keep your operating systemup-to-date. Be sure to install anti-virus software and to use a secure lockscreen as well. Otherwise, anyone can access all your personal information onyour phone if you misplace it or even set it down for a few moments.Protect your data:Protect your data by usingencryption for your most sensitive files such financial records and tax returns.

Protect your identityonline:When it comes to protectingyour identity online it is better to be too cautious than not cautious enough.It is critical that you be cautious when giving out personal ID such as yourname, address, phone number and/or financial information on the Internet. Becertain to make sure websites are secure when making online purchases, etc.This includes enabling your privacy settings when using/accessing socialnetworking sites.Protect your computer withsecurity software: Severaltypes of security software are necessary for basic online security. Securitysoftware essentials include firewall and antivirus programs. A firewall isusually your computer’s first line of defense. It controls who and what cancommunicate with your computer online.

You could think of a firewall as a sortof “policeman” that watches all the data attempting to flow in and out of yourcomputer on the Internet, allowing communications that it knows are safe andblocking “bad” traffic such as attacks from ever reaching your computer. Software piracy:Software piracy meansunauthorized copying of software. It is one of the most prevalent computercrimes in the world. Software piracy canbe done by copying, downloading, sharing, selling or installing multiple copiesof software onto personal or work computers.                                                                                                                     Main Reason of Softwarepiracy: Softlifting:Softlifting is the act ofillegal copying of software and distributing it to friends, organi-sations orduplication and resale in violation of the terms of the license agreement. Manypersonal users and enterprises are doing it knowingly or unknowingly. Such activities lead software industry to losebillions of dol-lars each year and shatter the profitability of large softwarecompanies as well as small ones.Internet piracy:Nowadays, Internet piracy isone of the fastest and easiest ways to receive pirated software.

There are several websites that make softwareavailable for free download in a number of ways. Many computer users download software from the Internet, which makestheir lives easy as they do not even need to visit stores or sending out copiesof software on a CD-ROM or floppy disk.Hard-disk loading:Hard-disk loading occurs whenan individual or company sells computers preloaded with illegal copies ofsoftware into the hard disks to encourage the consumer to buy their products.Software counterfeiting:Software counterfeiting isillegal duplication and sale of copyrighted software in such a way that itappears to be authentic. Counterfeit software includes accompanying manualsthat the original legitimate software was sold and is usually sold at priceswell below that of the retail price of the legitimate software.

Public awareness:Lack of awareness in properuse of software is considered to be the key point influenc-ing software piracy.High price of software:oftware products developed ineconomically rich countries are generally not affordable in poorer countries.The econ-omy of any country has a strong correlation with the piracy rates.

Preventive measures: Increasing publicawareness and education:Awareness and education havealways been key factors in promoting the value of software and its legal use.Without any proper education and intervention, computer users might notconsider downloading or copying the software programs wrong. Understanding proper useof software and the law:Understanding proper use ofsoftware and the law In general, it is a true fact that an individual?sattitudes towards piracy are directly related to the level of punishment.Mostly, people think that when they purchase anysoftware product, they become the owner of the software and they can doanything with the software such as making multiple copies and distributing itto others. This behaviour is against the copyright act as they are onlypurchasing the right to use the software under some restrictions imposed by thesoftware publisher. Misuse of software without any authorization from thecopyright holder is theft of intellectual property.

Many international treatieshad been made to protect the software. Copyright protection ofcomputer software:         Software is protected underthe copyright law. The owner of the software determines the licenses for theuse and distribution of his/her resources. The licenses dictate the properuses, number of uses and the length of period until the licenses expire. Software licensing:Software licensing is theprocedure that specifies the general terms and conditions, and allows anindividual or group to use any software with the agreement specified bysoftware publishers. There are different types of licenses that softwarepublishers or manufacturers use to distribute their software. Conclusion:Cyber crime is curse in ourmodern world.

We should take step hurry up for this problem Otherwise ourmodern world facing a great problem. . We should strong our all type of cyberSecurity system for prevent cyber crime.Public awareness should beraised about bad effect of  cyber crime.