IntroductionThe today world is theworld of Globalization and understanding of the environment which are verydynamic and challenging. Environment are both internal and external .Internalenvironment are easy to understand, predictable and can be easily controlled byorganizational factors .So in this case human resources planning  can be easily planned by using different toolsand techniques like internal replacement chart and succession planning but thisis not the only appropriate tools and techniques in order to deal with the  competitive  world where environment is changing rapidlydue to globalization. The   human resource planning should have to focuson the advance technologies like scenario planning in order to understand andanticipate the change in the globalization and  environmental factor like socialchanges,political,demographical,cultural changes. Scenario planning is thattechnique that control both internal and external environment by understandingand managing resources according to the needs of today’s situation by makingproduction and mobilization of resource and labour  in more automated ways.

           The process of flow ofservice and goods across   international   boundaries is called as the globalization. Hill(2013,p.6).Itis liberalization, trade and foreign direct investment,international capitalflow,export and import of goods,employement of firm as well as volatile anddispersion of wages. In the todays world globalization is creating the impacton the demand and supply of the labour. Of wagesIt is a trade andforeign direct investment (FDI) liberalization, export and imports,international capital flows, outsourcing and traded intermediate goods onlabour market outcomes wages and employments of firm as well as volatile anddispersion of wages    The globalization hashuge effect on the different skill related sector of the country. Due to theglobalization more skilled manpower in different field likeaccountant,engineers,medical sector migrate from Asia and other developingregion towards to the country like Australia where there is high demand oflabour in  its global market like  construction and  innovation that requires more and more highlyqualified manpower.

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   the . Statical………. Inorder to attract the more and more skilled manpower toward the Australia ,itsgovernment are being more flexible toward its policies for the migrant byoffering permanent residential ship to skilled immigrant, giving more wages,increasing the security of the migrants and making the country more secured tolive and to work.

By seeing the future in the Australia many multinationalcompanies are adopting the scenario planning stratigies and star openingvarious multinational companies business in Australia such asToyata,Hyundai,e.t.c because of prosperous business future in Australia andpeaceful business environmentDue to the effect ofthe globalization it create the different skilled mainpower from differentcountry,culture,ethnicity, to work in same organization that effect theperformance of that organization and helps to create the workforce diversitywithin the organization.

Such a workforce diversity helps to understand thedemand and supply of the product of the organization in different areas fromwhere  that labour force comes.From thisglobalization finally leads to attract the large pools of peoples based upontheir mission ,objective and vision to get the long term goal of thatparticular organizationDue to theglobalization organization are establishing different multinationalcompanies  and they are wanting thepeople from the different part of the globe ,this will create the deepcompetition of the skilled force based upon theirqualification,speed,wages,skill  etc. andfinally helps to reduce the per units cost of the different material .Forexample the price of vehicle will be low, if they select its different partslike tyre,engine,outer cover from the different country where its price of  production is low and final assembling in theother place where the cost of labour to assemble is cheap.

This is the way inwhich today companies are working to reduce the cost of anything and producingqualities things. Static example…………….kfc Now a days more and more international company areshifting their companies toward the company toward the countries like china or in other Asian countries where therethe labour cost of the production are low, furthermore the companies are  shifting their business to that countrieswhere there is political stabilities  andflexible laws and rules to run the business activities in the long term ways,where government provides thesubsides to establish to establish the company.By doing this the host countywill be benifited as many people will get jop opportunities and the life styleof the people will rise and finally increase purchasing capacities.

As it is the world of technology in 21stcentury, many  global  companies are shifting their towards theautomation by use of machine and reduce the labour forces which is alsoincrease the quality of produce, decrease the cost of that product and decreasethe damage product producing rates. By the use of robotics the per unitproduction of the goods increases, risk of the employee health decrease,accident in the working places, delay in the production decrease. On the otheraspect the machine cause the reduction in the demand of work force and finallyleads toward the increase in the unemployment rates in that country.The population of of the Australia has more ageingnumbers and there is increases in the participation of the women in theworkforce.For example spurred business organization to become automated theychanges their compensation ,practices and benefits and introduce more aand moreflexible working schedule of that companies.

In order to adopt in the globlemarket many companies are working together or merging into the single companies, they are reducing the size ,reconstructing and eliminating the cost which hasfinal effect of the the HPR.