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And If So, Why? Essay, Research Paper

Is High Culture Superior to Popular Culture, and if so Why?

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For about a century, Western Culture has truly been divided into two civilizations, the traditional type of & # 8216 ; high civilization & # 8217 ; and a & # 8216 ; mass civilization & # 8217 ; manufactured wholesale for the market.

High civilization is the humanistic disciplines that require some signifier of mind to grok, so hence can merely make a bantam section of the population, whilst levelling accusals of elitism. High civilization includes concert dance ; the signifiers of operas, light operas and symphonic musics ; types of movie ; certain novels ; theaters and dramas.

Mass or popular civilization is derived from high civilization, so for every point in high civilization, there is a corresponding point of lesser importance in popular civilization. Forms of popular civilization include telecasting, cartoon strips and magazines, dad music and the film.

It is acknowledged that mass civilization is to some extent a continuance of the old Folk Art that grew through the Industrial Revolution as the civilization of the common people. The notifiable unsimilarity is its ain spontaneousness and ability to fulfill the demands of the people, without the benefit of high civilization.

To fulfill the popular gustatory sensation, as Robert Burns & # 8217 ; s poesy did, and to work gustatory sensations, in the mode of monolithic industries like Hollywood does, are really different so ; folk art was a separate establishment, created by and for the people ; wheras businessmen & # 8217 ; s merely involvement in the cultural field is to bring forth profit- and even to keep their category regulation fabricate Mass civilization.

It is accepted that aggregate civilization began as, and to some extent still is, a cancerous growing on high civilization, as shown when Clement Greenburg stated, & # 8216 ; Kitsch ( German term for aggregate civilization ) takes advantage of. Fully matured cultural tradition, pull outing its wealths and seting nil back & # 8217 ; . Constantly germinating, kitsch reduces so far off from high civilization as to look rather disconnected from it.

Mass civilization is imposed from supra, as Karl Marx recognised, onto the inactive susceptibleness of the nescient multitudes, to which determinations lie between ingestion or no ingestion. It is hence, the & # 8216 ; Lords of kitsch & # 8217 ; that are the exclusive donees ; mass civilization integrates the multitudes in a signifier of adulterate high civilization.

This deficiency of control proves the power of the mass civilization man of affairs, shown when during the 1929 depression, when capitalist economy was in pandemonium, focal point was turned from the & # 8216 ; graven images of production & # 8217 ; to the & # 8216 ; graven images of ingestion & # 8217 ; such as Hollywood film stars, making a & # 8216 ; dreamlikeworld & # 8217 ; , a selling Eden, for the multitudes to draw a bead on to.

Mass civilization can therefore ne’er be worthwhile. Commodities are imposed upon the multitudes, taking away freedom of pick and individualism. Alternatively of being related to one another as members of a community, the relation is formed with a system of industrial production, something abstract and untouchable. The great culture-bearing elites have communities with members holding an single function and sharing similar involvements. In contrast, mass society sinks to the lowest degree, to that of its most crude members, its gustatory sensation complies with that of the least sensitive and most nescient member. Members accept any amentia if it is entirely agreed as cognition in the capitalist superstructure.

Homogenized mass civilization is so stiffly democratic, declining differentiation or favoritism that it succeeds in destructing all values and fade outing any signifier of barriers.

The homogenizing effects of kitsch besides denote a fuzz in age segregation. The easy entree to all mass civilization means that all signifiers of mass civilization means that kids are subjected to the worst sort of capitalist economy ; that which encourages childish arrested development and flight via ingestion of trade goods or & # 8216 ; over stimulation & # 8217 ; ensuing in turning up to rapidly, and a bombardment of associated jobs.

Without farther item, mass civilization could uncover capitalist economy to be an exploitatory category society ; instead than the harmonious commonwealth openly alleged.

This makes aggregate civilization a signifier of political domination, as Soviet Communism and its ain sort of mass civilization have shown.

The conservative proposal to deliver Avant-gardeesque values of old category lines from the domination of the two great mass states, USA and USSR, seems progressively infallible, due to internal causes and the increasing asphyxiation of the Avant-garde motion by mass civilization.

Where category lines ever-blur, the cultural tradition is absent, the greater kitsch fabrication abilities become, dragging any signifier of cultural elitism further downwards.

The consequence is the weakening of the clerisy, where work is limited to specialist Fieldss and whose isolation keeps greatening. This is an dismaying chance to face, sing the clerisy hold the key to our hereafter development, and most significantly, understanding of us.

Mass civilization continually brings down the criterions of the people and degrades high civilization, intending it can ne’er try to be equal to, or superior to, high civilization. Merely a type of civilization that was derived wholly from, non imposed upon, the people, such as the Folk Art motion, could of all time be comparable to high civilization.