During the last decades several changes has occured due to religion and with I very close relition with geopolitical order but a new system was launched during the 18 th century to resolve this issue “secularism”. This system made the difference between our self beleves and the political order so the church lose his historical power .Recently the main changes that we have seen in north africa concernig the revolutionary population in three coutries at least shows as the importance of this system and we can see that all the world community has intended to provide the democratic model in these new political nations in order to avoid any deviations such as Iran. he etymology of the english language word religion comes from a latin verb meanig “to bind together” , the religious power was very powerful six or five decades ago, the people were connected to the church to pay taxes ,thus the population didn’t have rights to do the basic needs of any citizens , the church has treated the population as slaves . it was a very dark period for the humanity and especially human right .

Currently it’s a very different situation the people have their own rights they can choose to believe in any religion they have approximatively the same right whith inconvinience if the majority of people living around you have a different religion but we can admit that during this last decades the world have made drastic change in this matter . Nevertheless, the actual religions have a lot to do to satisfy this new generation who didn’t accept a lot of things in their own believes.The religions of the future need to be embodied ; they need to accept the diversity of people who believes in whatever they like . Religions institutions have a centuries -old record of sexism, homophobia and rage against the people who didn’t share exactly the same vision of their religion ( the basics). For instance to proove that all the religions are not so perfect you can see all the drama that know the christianism with many priest having problems with child abuse .

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it’s very disgusting when we see that we hide or switch this problems because it’s sacral.In other words, the new religions will be a dramatic contrast to the old religions . for instance, scientific theories had been an incomplete project, old theories are replaced by new one and we progress in order to have more true result . The religion of the future also need to admit that they are incomplete processes , but represent a part that is necessary to inspire and provide consolation for the human species , espacially during times when creativity is the main world of our society.