Last updated: March 17, 2019
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Is the internet a bad influence to many people in the world today? I see a lot of negativities on the internet these days like when i open a website a porn site or dating site comes up after my page. My friends go to facebook and myspace every day of their lives especially after school that’s the next thing they do and even my siblings play online games almost everyday when they get back from school so i think its a bad influence on people especially children but then again i know its a lot beneficial, i get a lot of useful information for my assignments and tests, i communicate with my loved ones easily and so on.

Can i know what you think about the internet being a bad influence and give your reasons. The internet was never designed to be the way it is now. When the internet was first established, it was created with the idea and purpose of gaining information in a convenient way. The internet had more educational purposes than it does today. It was designed to advance technology and increase our intelligence.

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Now the internet is used for entertainment and personal pleasure. I think the internet can be a bad influence if you let it. The internet is not bad within itself. It is only bad if you use it for purposes that contribute to your own demise. For example, you have mentioned pornography. If you use it for that reason then yes, it can be a bad influence. It all depends on what sites you go to, and how wisely you spend your time.

The internet has proven to be a time trap. Some users spend all day long logged on to the internet browsing the web for useless things, and they replace real life relationships with the internet and social media. I think it all depends on what you use it for, and how long you use it. I myself don’t go to every website. I only go to a few websites which are harmless, because I understand the more you immerse yourself in this media, the more entrapped you become.