Wal-Mart is good for America because of where our economy is at and the fact that we are in a recession.

Wal-Mart is the biggest retailer in the world and it lures customers there way. They have hundreds of stores all over the world including China, where most of there products are made. It is also known that Wal-Mart is a one stop shopping center which means that you could buy anything all under one roof.

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China is new economics frontier. In China, most of the workers average twenty five cents an hour with just one break a day.In order for this retailer to be so successful, they usually export out cotton for China in return for clothing. America has cheap materials that they need to make the products that the retailer wants. The founder of Wal-Mart which was Sam Walton died in 1992. Most of Wal-Mart products are foreign. They tend to destroy competitors and it puts there competitors in the dust and they can’t keep up with them.

To some people, they think that Wal-Mart shouldn’t be able to get products in like this but in reality, this is legal and Wal-Mart had made a plan and it has been successful for years.Wal-Mart products are always on high demand so the makers in China are always employed and busy despite what they are making. The quality of what China makes is not always on the high end side, but at least is passes the worlds standards. From my perspective, China gives our economy a boost and it is helping out many Americans live there every day life. Since Wal-Mart has partnership with China, it gives China as a country more jobs so they have less unemployment there.

With Wal-Mart ahead of most retailers, it gives a chance for target and such stores to find new opportunities to make there business grow. They have made trillions of dollars. In most cases, Wal-Mart was the most admired retail store in the world because of what products they offer and they stand behind there low prices and its a convient store for Americans to shop at. All in all, it will stay as the biggest retailer and from years to come Wal-Mart will dominate the retail industry because of what there action plan was and what they have to offer to consumers.