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It is no secret that the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mastermind behind Bitcoin’s blockchain and the first promoter of the life of cryptocurrencies in the world, has been a mystery to his followers. However, it is not hard to believe that Bitcoin is actually the product of the creation of the U. S. National Security Agency.Satoshi Nakamoto’s name has been roughly translated from Japanese to uncover the meaning “Central Intelligence”, which doesn’t seem to be just a coincidence. The image of Nakamoto is said to have been sold for the purpose of representing an ideal and maintaining the anonymity of the people involved in the project. However, it is hard to believe that a group of programmers (or just one individual) has been so devoid of ego that did not hold any desire to brag about the fame obtained due to the brilliance of their concept and the innovation that came with their ideas.In addition, no one has ever met this man in person, and to this day, there is still no conclusive evidence that can aid the task of identifying him. What this means is that, in the case of him being an individual, that person would most likely have some sort of intelligence training, since staying under the shadows for such a long time would be quite difficult for any average programmer.Other evidence is comprised of the fact that the BTC blockchain uses a common encryption program to generate high-security passwords, this process is believed to have a backdoor to the NSA. Also, there have been mysterious removals of numerous threads online that link Bitcoin or the mere existence of Satoshi Nakamoto to the works of the NSA, especially on Reddit; and that Bitcoin is not completely decentralized and independent, as it is being managed by a group of programmers with Gavin Bell at the top, one of the most important developers of BTC.Claims that the NSA created Bitcoin have been floating around the internet for years. As commonly known, the NSA invests millions of dollars in encrypting your information, and may be one of the clues to assume that they are one of the main agencies that may be behind the creation of this virtual currency. In itself, it does not represent anything negative, since it is part of a temporary support for the world economy and trying to bring out new financial products, trying not to notice a drastic fall that would call into question the competence of our leaders and the management of the economy they are currently leading.To add to that, the NSA was one of the (if not the) first organizations to describe a system with the same principle that rules blockchain technology. Twelve years prior to Satoshi Nakamoto’s big breakthrough made through the  publishing of his legendary white paper, the NSA and its team of information security researchers had written an article named How to Make a Mint: Anonymous Electronic Money Cryptography and published it in a MIT mailing list and The American Law Review.Their paper describes a system that resembles that of Bitcoin’s blockchain in the sense that high-security financial transactions are done through the usage of a decentralized network to which researchers casually refer to as the Bank. As indispensable things in the network, four things are listed: free-of-intrusion management of private affairs, top quality user identification for protection against impersonation, message integrity for protection against manipulation of transaction information (or double spendings) and protection against denial of a transaction, which is where the concept of blocks gets introduced.It has left people with wonder why the SHA-256 hash function, a design by the NSA that got published through the National Institute for Standards and Technology was Satoshi’s choice of employment.  The direct link from the NSA to the SHA-256 leads to the assumption that there is some sort of backdoor to the hash function impossible to identify for the regular user, which allows the agency  to spy on Bitcoin users’ transactions.The SHA-256, the algorithm Satoshi used to secure BTC through the distributed ledger, was not available since it was designed in 2001. However, SHA-1 would have been available, having been published back in 1993.Assuming that the NSA did something to the SHA-256 that no outside investigator has detected, what it gets is the ability, with credible and detectable action, to falsify transactions. If someone finds a path that allows them to spot collisions on the SHA-256 with precision and speed without forcing or compromising a huge amount of hardware, it is possible that this person then has the entire control of the network.The online community wonders why, if Satoshi was in fact an individual who was part of the NSA, not claim ownership of  his identity. Most importantly, if Satoshi Nakamoto is a real person, not a group that wants to remain secret, why not come forward and claim his billions of dollars worth in Bitcoin?The identity of Bitcoin’s creator causes constant controversy and, while several people have been attributed with his name, it always turns out to be a deception, although it is usually very ambitious and carefully planned. Behind the whole tangle of “convincing evidence” that has just arisen there are interests that seem very obvious: making Bitcoin regain the popularity that it has lost in recent years and, above all, making one of the factions involved with its economic model the dominant one.It is impossible to deny that Bitcoin’s design is very solid and manageable, which proves this is not just any student’s job. The NSA is well known for employing brilliant individuals and converge it with the work of specialized groups of mathematicians, programmers and cryptographers. Universities did not produce white papers such as this until 1996 onwards.The NSA has the capability, motive and operational capability: they have cryptographic equipment, the world’s fastest supercomputers, and they see the need. Whether instructed, or as part of a DARPA project, it is not clear and will never be known. In fact, the NSA employs some of the best mathematicians and cryptographers in the world. Few people know their work because it is a secret, and this is not the kind of work you leave behind to create your own cryptocurrency company.The reason why the NSA would do this is simple: controlling and monitoring the people’s activities.The main U. S. media dominates the world is through economic policy, albeit backed by bombs. Moreover, the primary support of the US dollar is primarily military. The connection between the military system and the US dollar is inextricably intertwined. Is it possible that the NSA could view more transaction information, invisible to the average user, in a hidden layer of security in the undetectable Blockchain, such as network location data? It is not that hard to believe, considering previous maneuvers done by them. Of course, security experts will point out the fact that this layer is still invisible, but if it exists, it would be hidden.The NSA monitors and collects every single kind of electronic communication, that is internet, phone calls and anything else they can get their servers on. They listen to voice calls encrypted with high-powered microphones, devices such as cell phones equipped with recording devices. It is very difficult to communicate on planet Earth in private, without being heard by the NSA. Therefore, it is logical that they also want full control of the financial system, including records of all electronic transactions, which Bitcoin provides.