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It may define as how much an individual
or employee pleased with her work or job. And it refers the reaction and
emotions of an individual related to their specific work. Sometimes job
satisfaction shows a positive behaviour towards employee pose and
dissatisfaction represents as a negative approach from employee side
(Armstrong, 2006).

So in other way it would call a best
employee who delivers and promotes the firm’s services and also produce a
better and positive image. This type of job also carried out by contact
employees. Fair treatment also enhances job satisfaction in the best possible
way the one who delivers services. Job satisfaction may be achieved through
where organization follow workplace fairness in job treatment, pay reward and
promotion rules may administered. And then these type of rule may specially
promote the employee’s welfare as well refer to organization and it refer to as
contact employee prosocial behaviour.(Bettencourt and Brown 1997).

The consolidation of family life of
employee may transfer into another area which may create a job satisfaction on
routine based and it has a great a great effect on marital satisfaction and
individual transfer of satisfaction at home work and it creates a positive and
negative image so it shows the transfer of satisfaction also linkage of the
family lives (Ilies, Wilson et al. 2009).The
connection between work fulfilment and the work esteems and employment rewards
related with six measurements of work-characteristic, comfort, monetary,
relations with collaborators, profession openings and asset sufficiency. It is
discovered that work esteems affects work fulfilment. Specialists can acquire
apparent occupation rewards is conceptualized to be an element of their level
of control over their work circumstance. Status of an experienced employee can
be improved by some extend to developed its productivity level and working
of  an organization that comes up with
the job satisfaction (Kalleberg 1977).

Accomplishment objective hypothesis and pioneer
part trade hypothesis to recommend that the relational instrument of pioneer
part trade intercedes the connections between workers objective introductions
and the results of occupation execution and employment fulfilment (Janssen and Van Yperen 2004).
Achievement of something is considered as a level of satisfaction and somehow it
creates a high level of productivity and doing a tasks in a very well manner as
well (Locke and Latham 1990).

in the local level government of employees they usually wanted a level of
satisfaction from different prespectives i.e they get it from job
secruity,environment of an organization, their achievements and feedback about
their supervisors (Durst and DeSantis 1997).