It is with great pleasurethat I am writing this recommendation letter for Sirajus Salekin Prodhan tosupport his application for admission into your renowned University. I haveknown Salekin in my capacity as his Professor for over three years & in themean time I taught him the courses Data Structures, Algorithms, InformationSystem Design & Software Engineering in the third, fourth and sixthsemesters respectively. I have found Salekin to be a conscientious, attentive,studious and always keen on learning new study contents.Salekin has shown greatinterest towards practical aided learning techniques throughout his course ofstudy. He academically excelled among his peers, actively participated duringdiscussion and often explained concepts to confused classmates.

As a student, Salekinwas always meticulous when performing course assignments. He wrote greatdetailed & well organized analytical lab reports and he worked well withothers. Even in my Course Labs he always led his lab group to successfullycomplete the given assignments within the timeframe. Salekin is aself-motivated, dedicated and hardworking student of high intelligence who canthink creatively, explore new concepts from the existing ones.

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Along with the academicexcellence, Salekin is a charismatic individual who is respected and liked byhis mates and the faculty also. He was the class representative over the yearswhere I had worked with him very closely. Despite heavy course load filled withadvanced placement classes he managed his time for doing community activitiesto help his supervisor and faculty members.

I have seen Salekin contributedheavily as a volunteer to organize cultural programs, programming contest,fresher’s day reception ceremony, rag day and many more. He was also a goodprogrammer and a great sportsman at his time. I must say Salekin exhibits thequalities of a leader who is clearly an independent, active member of societywho pursues personal interest.Overall, Salekin is oneof a kind of students who has shown the motivation, intelligence, preservingnature and analytical aptitude for study and well-rounded individuals who challengeshimself and actively seeks opportunities and experiences. His excellentacademic and curricular activities show that he is committed to his educationand will work hard to achieve to his goal.

I admire him for his integrity andam obsessed by his discipline and manner as an independent learner.I recommend him foradmission to your graduate program with absolute confidence.