It is a sequence of websites which allows peopleto share things a lot quicker. The ‘Social’ in social media goes about the factthat people can connect with each other and have the same type of inerests, andthe ‘media’ part is communication such as the internet. So many types of socialmedia sites in the world such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram andmuch more.

Social media it not only just important for daily users it also isvery useful for business as well. It is media where people can communicate witheach other, where they can have a voice and share their opinions and feelingstoward something. According to Megan Knight and Clare cook who published Socialmedia for Journalists principles and practice ‘These changes have created amore social way of doing journalism.

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More people can be heard. More voices canbe included’.  (Cook, 2013). Pg 3 ManyJournalist who work for the BBC and other big news companies will have socialmedia accounts such as the biggest named ones Facebook and Twitter to advertiseand publicize their work, but by doing this they have to be cautious and tomake sure that what they are putting out there for audiences is the truth,especially with images and videos.

The rise of social media and it’s impact onmainstream journalism written by Nic Newman stated that ‘The BBC is careful toauthenticate photos, videos and eyewitnesses before they are used in output’. (Newman, 2009) There is a lot ofinstant news spreading now, and the apps that haven’t been acknowldeged as muchas Facebook and Twitter is Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat has somethingcalled the ‘Discovery page’ where you can see what news is being shared andfind out the latest gossip. In the sense of those two platforms are not as hugecompared too Facebook and Twitter but is still accessiable with the latest newand anyone who had access to a device can look at it, also You tube plays apartin the sense of viewing videos.

Over the years technology and social media haschanged, it is no longer a one way process. It is easier to understand howsocial media worked years ago because it was not as complicated andfrustraiting  as it is now, How the worldchanged social media written by Daniel Miller stated ‘Wind back throughSnapchat and Tinder, past Facebook and QQ though MySpace and