I am in a partnership with three other friends to foray into the food and beverage sector. We intend to start-up a bristo which specialize in offering authentic Italian pasta at affordable price.

In addition to pasta, our menu will consist of a selection of soup, tapas and desert. To cater to customers who prefer other dishes; we intend to have 2 special non-pasta main courses which varies day to day.Our target consumers would be middle class HDB dwellers who typically find that most of the authentic Italian dining options available in Singapore are on the expensive side, while the remaining ones such as Pasta Mania or Waraku chain fail to offer good quality pasta. Therefore we intend to target the niche area in between by offering high quality pasta only found in high end at affordable price comparable to those of Pasta Mania.

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One of my partners work as a sous chef in Ritz Carlton’s western kitchen specializing in pasta, therefore he will handle the kitchen and ensure that quality is upheld.Location wise, we are currently looking at either the Toa Payoh or Bishan area, for this area not only have office crowd during weekday, there is only 7 or 10 other western food eateries in the area (excluding fast food) with none of them specializing in pasta, thus reducing competition. My role in this venture is to work on the business plan and the future expansion of the bristo. We are currently in negotiation with a keen investor to discuss the feasibility of the start-up.