The economic system of a state is enormously pegged on Energy and Agriculture among other aspects that characterize the growing of an economic system. Energy is the dynamic index of the developmental degree of states. Eastern Asiatic states are presently at acceleration in economic growing. Energy has been a cardinal factor particularly on the issue of renewable energy versus the petroleum oil usage in fueling these economic systems.

The UAE is presently contemplating the development of peaceable atomic power energy that will be safe and secure. In fact. the US supports the UEA atomic energy usage. Japan imports 99 % of its rough oil.Japan’s dependance on imported Fossil oil illustratively shows that in 2001.

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50. 1 % of all energy beginnings came from oil. 16.

8 % from coal and 13. 6 % from natural gas while atomic energy contributed 14. 4 % of all of Japan’s energy demands ( ENS.

2006 ) . Therefore. due to the above defects.

Japan had to seek a new energy beginning and this led to acceptance of renewable energy. The state is a leader in air current energy. solar energy and hydro energy. In fact. the state hopes that by 2020.

about 20 % of its internal energy usage ought to be sourced from renewable energy beginnings.In the event of oil depletion. UAE should be ready to take between atomic or renewable energy and at the same avoid Japan’s old errors. Agribusiness in UAE and its singularity This sector in UAE includes the thickly settled fishing which was a non-critical portion of the economic system lending less than 2 % of the GDP in 1990s but now is a large portion of the economic system. For many old ages now. the demand for agricultural green goods in UAE has been lifting steadily ( Al-Abed et Al. 2006 ) .

In this mode. the handiness of capital and the above stated demand have fueled the agricultural sector in the UAE.The major farming countries include Diqdaqah in Ras Al Khaymah.

Al Awir in Dubayy. the coastal countries of Fujayrah and Falaj al Umm al Qaywayn among other widely recognized countries. In UAE. most of the agriculture land is pro-occupied by day of the month thenars ( Al-Abed et al. 2006 ) . These harvests are cultivated in the discharge of little oasis that constitutes the Al Liwa Oasis. The federal and the emirate authoritiess are a cardinal force on the high proliferation of agribusiness in UAE.

This is because the authorities is widely known to offer about 50 % subsidy on fertiliser and seeds among other farm inputs.Furthermore. loans are granted are offered by the same authorities to interested husbandmans for the purchase of machinery. a ) Institutions that run Agriculture in UAE Agriculture in the one time a desert UAE is more organized more than perchance other topographic points that do non see the advanced desert conditions like conditions of UAE. This is due to the efficient and effectual agricultural administrative units that run this now really recognized sector among authorities quarters. The UAE has over 40 agricultural extension units which are operable ( Al-Abed et Al. 2006 ) .In add-on.

the UAE has legion experimental farms and agricultural research Stationss. Illustratively. the figure of husbandmans in the earlier old ages of 1970s increased from a mere 4000 to about 20. 000 in the late eightiess. In the late seventiess to mid 1980s. agricultural production increased in the UAE. The figure has been increasing and could be at 200. 000 presently.

However. the UAE sometimes is forced to import most of its nutrient demands. For case. in early 1990s. UAE practically imported 70 % of its nutrient requirements.

)Challenges of agriculture in the UAE Despite the above moneymaking figures on the sort of agriculture in the UEA. the part faces a dashing figure of challenges than other traditional agricultural countries like Brazil and the US. The deficiency of cultivable land. high temperatures. regular locust droves and rather unpredictable H2O beginnings are major set dorsums for agribusiness in the UAE ( Al-Abed et al. 2006 ) . For case.

the contraction of the cultivable farm land is linked to the drying of belowground aquifers. a ground why H2O tabular arraies are continuously take downing.The decreasing H2O tabular arraies have an dumbfounding impact on the increasing the salt of dirts and H2O doing farming an unprofitable economic activity ( Hurreiz.

2002 ) . The increased creative activity of more agrarian countries is besides credited with increased glade of land to farm. a subscriber to increased loss of surface H2O. This has unluckily forced some farms to shut down. In the eightiess. a federal authorization was created to command the geographic expedition of belowground H2O through boreholes though many farms have continuously opted for the same to supplement any aquifer Waterss.

degree Celsius ) Assortment of agricultural merchandises in the UAEThe agricultural sector perchance supplies the state with important sum of chief vegetable harvests. The chief veggies that the agricultural cultivable agriculture green goodss include Tomatoes. Cabbages. Cauliflower. Squash and aubergine. It is at Ras al Khaymah that most of the veggies that support the country’s vegetable supply come from.

As mentioned. day of the month thenars are grown in the UAE. Other fruits include citrus fruits and Mangoes. Illustratively.

a canning works in Al Ayn has a capacity of treating 120 dozenss a twenty-four hours ( Hurreiz. 2002 ) . For case. in 1989. domestic fowl farms provided approximately 70 % of local demands for eggs and 45 % of domestic fowl meat.In 1991. over 73. 000 dozenss of milk was processed.

run intoing 92 % of the state demands. vitamin D ) Government attempts in Promoting Agribusiness in UAE The authorities supports traditional fishing in the rich Waterss off the UAE. This is a major attempt in raising supports. Furthermore.

the authorities provides a 50 % subsidy on angling boats and equipment and has farther built marine workshops that provide free fix and care of boats. Cooperatives assist fishermen in marketing the fish. Agribusiness in Japan and its singularity In Japan. agribusiness and cultivable agriculture is less extremely developed in comparing to Brazil or the US.In fact. about merely 15 % of the country’s land is arable. In Japan. the sector is extremely subsidised and protected by the authorities.

Agriculture. fishing and forestry historically have tended to rule the country’s economic system until the fortiess. For case. in 1945.

the industry provided employment for approximately 50 % of the work force ( King. 2004 ) . The figure has been undertaking greatly to about 7. 2 % in 1988. Food control policy in the fiftiess that assured husbandmans get high monetary values from selling to the authorities increased farmer’s engagement in farming. Livestock agriculture is minimum in Japan.

The desire to acquire involved in beef agriculture was as a consequence of the relatively higher returns compared to the dairy sector. The dairy sector is more developed in Hokkaido. Iwate. Tohoku and Kyusu. a ) Fishing in Japan Historically. Japan is known as a universe leader in the industry. For case. in 1989.

the state was 2nd to China in fish production with 11. 9M. The tunnage for the production has been steady over the old ages ( King. 2004 ) . Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo is the hub for Japan’s fishing industry and is among the world’s taking markets for fresh.

frozen and processed seafood.In Japan. fish farming engineering is extremely advanced and involves aquaculture and sea agriculture.

The state has above 2000 fishing ports which include among others Nagasaki. Kushiro. Otaru and Abashiri ( King. 2004 ) .

Comparable characteristics in Agriculture in Japan and UAE First. the two states have intense trust on fish agriculture. Though the Japanese have extended inland and abroad fishing undertakings. UEA has largely unreal internal fishing undertakings. Second.

the authoritiess of Japan and UAE have played a cardinal function in speed uping Agriculture in their several states ( King. 2004 ) .For case. while UAE provides up to 50 % in capital. Japan’s authorities has a protective and subsidised sector. Another common characteristic is that in the two counties. agribusiness is non recognized as a immense subscriber to the GDP. The two states further have a figure of agricultural merchandises.

Overview of Nuclear energy Nuclear power plays a critical function in the nutrient and agribusiness sectors. medical specialty and power coevals. Nuclear power has the same construction like other power workss but differ in that they utilize energy from atomic fission to bring forth electricity.The energy is really clean if good designed. good built. operated and managed. On critical facet of this type of energy is that it lacks atmospheric emanations or pollution. it is compact and produces less wastes which is confined and self degradable.

History of Nuclear energy usage in UAE Since independency in 1971. the UAE took great involvement in accomplishing a high economic growing and urbanisation. This has made the traditional beginnings of energy including oil and natural gas to quadruple in the last 20 old ages doing UAE’s energy ingestion per capita income the highest in the universe.This ideally meant that C emanation increased dual crease and escalated 10 times that emitted by developed states and the planetary one-year emanations severally ( Kazim. 2007 ) . In order to avoid over trust on oil as was the instance with Japan. UAE has sought international cooperation and aid in developing renewable energy every bit good as atomic energy. In January 2009.

Japan and UAE signed a bi-lateral cooperation with US in developing nonproliferation. secure and safe usage of atomic energy ( Khaleej. 2009 ) . Additionally. the UAE signed a similar understanding with UK and Japan.The Japan Nuclear bi-lateral atomic understanding is a three twelvemonth contract get downing 2008. The Middle-Eastern state is emerging as a leader in the usage of atomic energy.

UAE is be aftering to set up atomic workss that will see it run into a power demand of up to 40. 000 MWe by 2020 ( Burgermeister. 2009 ) . This move is a major displacement in avoiding polarising as economic system dependant on oil Energy which is sensitive to fluctuations in Oil monetary values.

The Japan-UAE atomic cooperation entails Japan helping the UAE in easing the usage of atomic power.Second. the preparation on atomic accomplishments. substructure and human resource development and aid in atomic safety are other countries of Japan’s assistance to UAE ( Khaleej.

2009 ) . In add-on. assistance will be provided in protection and radioactive waste direction every bit good the protection of atomic sites. Free Energy usage in UAE The UAE is a cardinal pillar in the renewable energy sector.

The state has been offering to host the International Renewable Energy Agency ( IRENA ) . IRENA which is comprised of 78 states was formed in January 2009.The organic structure has on its charter programs to take its member provinces in unifying in administering cognition. initiating and implementing development models and taking the universe to acceptance of renewable energy ( Khaleej. 2009 ) . For UAE to go the central office. it has to show leading in free energy usage in the universe.

This is a place that could travel to a underdeveloped state like UAE. By hosting IRENA central office. it shows the universe that UAE in sharing cognition and expertness in renewable energy. UAE is posed to go the following leader in solar energy.

Dodos fuels are consuming at a faster rate than new 1s can be created. UAE is cognizant of this and in a move probably to forestall it from doing the error Japan did. it is taking in puting to a great extent in free energy sectors of electricity. weave energy. Nuclear energy and solar energy ( Middle East Electricity. 2009 ) . UAE is widely anticipant that demand in future can out deprive supply ( Dahl. 1999 ) .

Therefore presently. the governments in the Middle East are acquiring forced to reexamine their energy policy in a move is directed at establishing more confidence in renewable energy beginnings.The move to put in renewable energy beginnings is in line with confidence of energy beginnings in instance dodo fuel deplete is coupled with the demand to put in fuels that either emit less green house gases ( Burgermeister. 2009 ) . Nuclear energy for case is environment friendly provided that it is good operated.

managed and secured. In fact. the UAE has a great potency to work air current. H2O and photovoltaic power. Ideally. given the matchless expertness in hydrocarbons. the UAE is the possible universe leader in renewable energy and environment lovingness.

In title. Abu Dhabi’s Masdar metropolis programs to pass $ 2 billion on solar engineering.Furthermore. Abu Dhabi is puting $ 15bn in a H works ( Middle East Electricity. 2009 ) . For Saudi Arabia. it is be aftering to go a prima research centre in solar energy and perchance an exporter of solar related engineering. UAE holds about 8.

5 % and 3. 3 % the world’s oil and natural gas militias but programs to put about $ 10 bn to progressing renewable energy incase of depletion of dodo ( Burgermeister. 2009The History of Nuclear power usage in Japan Since 1956. Japan has been on a tract to cut downing its trust on abroad energy beginnings through advancement in Nuclear power usage to supply energy for its production units ( Pikket.

2002 ) .The country’s committedness is seen in the assorted pacts that it has signed with other states. Ideally. there are societal issues that challenge Japan’s chase of atomic power. The hereafter of Japan’s Nuclear power is farther complicated by domestic and international force per unit areas to heighten safety and security ( Kazim.

2007 ) . However. the chase was by and large fueled by the 1970s oil crisis.

In Japan. the environmental jobs ensuing from energy production. transition and use have increased the consciousness in perchance all sectors runing from public. industry and authorities ( Dahl. 1999 ) .The hazard of clime alteration and the desire to travel to a cleaner fuel was one ground towards a displacement from trust on rough oil. Japan discovered that big atomic workss were both technologically and economically most dependable techniques of replacing fossil fuel over-reliance in production of electricity ( Pikket.

2002 ) . Similarity of Japan and UAE on Nuclear Energy Despite the above different historical development on the usage and proliferation of Nuclear energy. the two states faced intense domestic and international force per unit area to guarantee that they comply with the set ordinances on the usage of the Nuclear energy ( Kazim.

2007 ) .For case. Japan was required to guarantee that it’s over populated state would be safe from the emanations of U. Second. the two states use the engineering to cut down over trust on fossil fuels ( Al-Abed et al.

2006 ) . Crude oil monetary values have a fluctuating feature that puts many states that fundamentally depend on it at hazard should an addition in monetary values addition. The 1970s oil crisis serves to remind all states how dependance on oil can truly impact economic systems ( Kazim. 2007 ) .