Please accept this letter and the accompanying resume as my application for the position of a writer for Elle Magazine. I have much experience that would fulfill the requirements for the position.

I have two years of fashion merchandising and one year of fashion show production, experience in retail at Saks Fifth Avenue and interest in keeping my own fashion sense up to date; I also have interest in not only the fashion aspect but writing as well, I spent two years studying fashion at FIDM of San Francisco. While working in the women’s fashion department of Saks Fifth Avenue I showed outstanding appreciation in both the customers and fashion.I was often praised by both the customers and managers of my performance.

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While working at Saks I learned many useful selling techniques. Not only did I work on the floor but I eventually managed the stock in making sure everything was going smoothly with products and had he chance to deal with many high end designers. At FIDM I majored in Trend Analyst which is spotting trends before they happen.

This will be useful in writing for the magazine because in order to be ahead of other magazines and be unique you need to be able to notice trends first, which I have experience in doing.While studying at FIDM I was involved with numerous fashion shows. I have knowledge of both fashion and the selling of fashion. I graduated FIDM with an Associate of Arts Degree which I am very proud of and plan on using if accepted to this opportunity. I have much experience in working with others and working under pressure well. For example, I have worked in many fashion shows which involved combining ideas with others and working on a time constraint.

I believe my experiences will help my performance at Elle. I take pride in my work and look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thank you for your time, Yours sincerely,