JonathanChewUNNews JournalWeek of January 15, 20181. Progress against hunger, poverty hinges on empowering indigenouswomen – UN agriculture chief (UN Daily News, Jan. 15)The United Nations agriculturechief claimed today that the empowerment of indigenous women is key to successfullyfighting hunger and poverty worldwide. Five percent of the world’s population identifies as indigenous, and indigenouswomen suffer higher poverty and malnutrition rates than any other social group. The United Nations has already decidedto begin a Family Farming Decade in 2019, and the United Nations chief believesthat this represents a significant opportunity to focus on rural livelihoods.2. Warning that ‘peace remains elusive,’ UN chief outlines areas foraction in 2018 (UN Daily News, Jan.

16)In an informal briefing to UNMember States, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres claimed that there aremany critical areas needing forward progress in 2018.  The most significant items on his agenda areclimate change, the Korean nuclear issue, Middle East conflict, and the RohingyaCrisis.  Although Guterres in 2017 calledfor peace to be the watchword of the year, he stated today, “One year later, wemust recognize that peace remains elusive.” Other significant issues for the Secretary General are fairglobalization and the empowerment of women.

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3. UN chief welcomes second anniversary of ‘Implementation Day’ forIran nuclear deal (UN Daily News, Jan. 17)Today, the United Nations SecretaryGeneral reaffirmed his support for the Iran deal, one year after “ImplementationDay” on January 16, 2016.  In an officialstatement, a spokesperson for the UN declared, “This marks another significantmilestone in the historic agreement….The Secretary-General remains convincedthat the JCPOA Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the best way to ensurethe exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme and to realize thepromised tangible economic benefits for the Iranian people.”  The JCPOA was agreed to by Iran, China,France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, the United States, and theEuropean Union.

4. In Doha, General Assembly President spotlights UN ‘sustaining peace’agenda (UN Daily News, Jan. 18)The President of the UnitedNations General Assembly has urged the adoption of a new method of dealing withconflict, in accordance with his belief that conflict does not always have a definitivebeginning, middle, and end.  Diplomaticaction is needed not only in times of conflict, but also when politicaltensions are rising and when human rights are not being adequatelyprotected.  This new method, “Sustaining Peace,”was first adopted in April of 2016 by the UN Security Council and GeneralAssembly, and increased investment in conflict prevention could save UN memberstates up to $34 billion in losses, even according to conservative estimates. 5. Dialogue and confidencevital to prevent, resolve conflicts, says UN chief  (UN Daily News, Jan.

18th)United Nations Secretary GeneralAntonio Guterres claimed today that negotiation and dialogue can help preventconflict, and in situations involving weapons of mass destruction, disarmament effortsare necessary.  Guterres emphasized hisconviction that the UN is a productive forum for building unity and allowingall countries to engage in dialogue.  TheUnited Nations Security Council convened today to discuss the topic Non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction:Confidence-Building Measures, and the UN Secretary General affirmed his beliefthat unity is a vital part of any attempt to address this problem.