Last updated: July 20, 2019
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The story kamala highlighted deep roots within the caste systems of our society. It showed that what sort of life is present within the suburbs of the world. Despite these odds we witness a soul that is so ferment and clear that it is something to be remembered. The trait set possessed by the heroine can be called as a super set as the attributions are those of someone with divinity.

The actions and events are trendier to the Christ events and the scenarios created are more than real life incidents. It is quite evident that such jeopardy can not be withstood with ease but the exciting thing is that how well the writer has managed to influence upon the lives involved. It even highlighted the aspects of Hinduism and Christianity. The culture and caste systems were inextricably versioned within the scenarios. Though the characters were fictitious but did really resemble the truce involved in the context of Brahmins. It even talks about the change management principle like when married and brought to the Brahmin quarters. It is about socializing and helping those in jeopardy.  This novel thing leads to a stream of incredible effects upon women.

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The text also highlighted the prejudice against native Christians. The pinnacle was that although there were many tragedies associated with the character involved and despite such losses, she kept on the charity movements which were all for the cause of humanity.  This leaves us with a perfect example of what should be classified as humanity and how one can destroy the “ME” inside oneself as it violates all aspects regarding the pillars of self concept and truce.