Last updated: September 16, 2019
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As a student in the business management program at Kaplan University, I will gain, through a flexible learning environment, the tools necessary to obtain my career goals.  My past business experiences have proven that I enjoy making sales, building business and developing relationships.  I feel that I will best achieve success in my chosen career of pharmaceutical sales representative.

The business management degree at Kaplan University will aide me in my career quest, as the program provides preparation to allow me to be a quantitative thinker and further my ability to be an efficient thinker and make effective decisions in the business world.

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In order to effectively succeed as a pharmaceutical sales representative, I must utilize modern technology, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, to efficiently perform my job.  Microsoft Word is a very effective software program that can be used to generate and prepare business correspondence that I can use with my clients in pharmaceutical transactions. In PowerPoint, I will have the ability to create presentations that are interactive and interesting.  Through the use of PowerPoint software, I can show, as well as tell, my client about the necessities of my product.  Finally, I will utilize the Outlook software program as a communicative tool to build and maintain relationships with my client.  The email program in outlook will enable me to discern my client’s needs and respond to their questions in an extremely timely fashion.  The calendar tool in Outlook will enable me to balance my personal life with my work life, as I can utilize it to schedule appointments and be reminded of my daily tasks.

All in all, I am excited to be apart of the business management program at Kaplan.  I cannot wait to put the learning that I will gain to use in the professional world.