Kate Lai          January 15th, 2018LA(D) SS(C) ShouldSame Sex Marriage Be Legal in The United States?             TheLGBTQ community has been fighting for years for gay rights, specifically theright to marry, and now it’s finally legal as of 2015.

Two men or two women wholove each other want to have the rights to marry and everything that comes withmarriage, but because of laws and conflicts in the United States, these couplesare not able to do that. Imagine you’ve been with this person almost yourentire life, this person makes you happy and both of  you want to get married, the country won’tallow it as it may “affect the community” or “mess with the system”. How wouldyou feel if almost everyone judged you while you walked around with the personyou love? The person you wish to spend the rest of your life with, and peopledon’t accept you and discriminate you for it. Well, many gay couples have toface the difficulties of not having the rights they deserve and beingdiscriminated from the society that we are all living in. Gay couples should betreated no differently than every other couple and they should have all therights to marry each other, benefitting them with basic rights as well. Althoughsome people think that same sex marriage interferes with children’s upbringing,same sex marriage allows children and everyone to be more accepting and it alsoallows gay couples to have both basic human and legal rights.              Firstly,same sex marriage allows gay couples to have basic human rights. Gay people areequal to everyone else and should be treated the same way.

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They should have allthe same rights because they shouldn’t be seen as any lower than other people.As stated in the United States Declaration of Independence, “All men arecreated equal.” This means that whether or not you are gay or straight, we areall created equal and every person deserves the same human rights has everyoneelse. The basic right to love should be available to everyone in the country.If someone loves someone else, they have the right to love them, be with them,and marry them. Another human right is the right of sexual orientation andgender identity, basically stating that everyone has the right to labelthemselves as a gender they would like to be and everyone can have their ownsexual orientation, no matter people around them accept it or not.

Regardingall this, same sex marriage should be legal in the United States becauseeveryone has rights and they deserve it as well. In addition to thebenefit of human rights, by allowing same sex marriage to be legal, same sexcouples will also have the legal rights all married couples receive. The firstout of many legal rights you can get when you are married is visiting your spouse in a hospital ICU (intensive care unit) orduring restricted visiting hours. Imagine your significant other in thehospital and you aren’t allowed to go visit them when they are in an ICU or ifvisiting hours in the hospital are over. Imagine the feeling of worrisome notbeing able to see them when they are in ICU. Many non-married gay couples haveto go through this because they aren’t allowed to get married and get thoserights, therefore, they are not allowed to visit their significant other in thehospital.

You also get death benefits when you marry someone. When your spousepasses away, you have the right to make burial and other kinds of finalarrangements. They can also inherit your money, valuables, companies, realestate, etc.

If you weren’t married, then your partner wouldn’t be able to makedecisions about what to do with your property after your death, including decisionslike a funeral. Furthermore, married couples can also have family benefits. Forexample, married couples can apply for a joint adoption. Adoption is a big partof same sex couples that want to start a family. Other legal rights same sexcouples and all couples would get if they got married are housing benefits,such as living in neighborhoods that are “families only” which could benefit children’schildhoods, also consumer benefits like receiving family rates for insuranceand receiving tuition discounts and being allowed to use school facilities.

Moreover, married couples can take family leave from their jobs to care fortheir partner if they’re sick, as well as take bereavement leave if theirspouse or relative die. In addition, they can also receive Social Security,Medicare, and disability benefits for spouses and create a family partnershipunder federal tax laws which allows couples to divide business income amongfamily members. Because of the legal rights married couples get, same sexmarriage should be legal in the United States so that same sex couples can havethe legal rights that married couples are supposed to have.              Somepeople seem to think that same sex marriage shouldn’t be legal in the UnitedStates because it interferes with children’s upbringing. It could potentiallyconfuse the child to the point where they are unsure of their sexuality. Manypeople think this is a negative when in reality this is a positive. It is goodfor children to question themselves, unless it reaches a point where they doubtthemselves. According to the American Physiological Association (APA), in 2005,”not a single study has found children of lesbian or gay couples to bedisadvantaged in any significant respect relative to children or heterosexualparents.

” By a young child being around gay couples, it can actually benefitthem so they are raised to be more accepting and open to same sex couples. If achild is exposed to different couples and the community around them accepts itas well, they won’t discriminate people in general, including the LGBTQcommunity.  Not only do the young kids ofthe country become more accepting, but everyone would become more accepting aswell. The community will start to adapt themselves to these “different” kindsof couples and if more and more people are open to gay marriage and gaycouples, then soon same sex couples will be just like every other couple andwill be treated the way they deserve to be treated. Therefore, same sexmarriage doesn’t affect a child’s upbringing but instead it benefits the childand the community around them.

             Suicideis the second leading cause of teen death in the United States. LGBTQ suicideattempts have declined after same sex marriage became legal in the UnitedStates, when before, according to Liberty Press, 29% of LBGTQ teens attemptedsuicide, when only 6% of straight teens do. The main reason to these suicideattempts are because these homosexual teenagers are being discriminated andmade fun of by their peers around them, no matter it be at school or at home.Imagine the amount of pain you’d have to go through to attempt to killyourself, imagine how alone some of these teens feel and how they feel likethey have nothing to live for anymore. By legalizing same sex marriage in theUnited States, suicide rates went down because people started to become moreaccepting. To tie everything together, same sex marriage should be legal in theUnited States because everyone should be treated equal and no one should bediscriminated for being different and in a same sex relationship. It allows gaycouples to have human rights and legal rights, and it also opens up thepublic’s  view, therefore, there would beless discrimination towards gay people.

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