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The term leadership does not have a definite definition since there are many theories that explain the same. Therefore, when we limit this term to one definition, the entire value of true leadership is also limited. Depending on the theories of leadership that one chooses to talk about, one individual would be considered as failure while the other is considered as successful. Therefore, the leadership theories are found on the basis of the opinion of an individual’s opinion.

We cannot use any scientific test or measurement to weigh or determine whether a person is quality leader or not. This is the reason as to why the leadership theories are assumed to be a soft science since one cannot come up with any experimental data or information that can be used to prove the leadership qualities in an individual.

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However, some of the leadership theories are mainly based on the idea that a leader is born a leader. That is, the leadership qualities and abilities are in born hence they are in their genes. Other theories also imply that the leaders are made as they grow from their childhood through training which is a debate that has been in discussion for quite a long time. It is clear that any person who wants to engage in leadership should take into consideration both of the two theories.

It is also important to note that even if a leader is considered to be a made leader or a born leader, true leadership calls for passion and desire to lead others. For instant, Madam Jackie who is my class teacher has the desire and passion to lead us as her students, since she enjoys delivering to us and feels happy when we perform well in class.  Madam Jackie therefore learns continuously by attending in service seminars for teachers and through intensive reading of her books so as to develop her skills to enhance our success in her leadership for the success of the entire school. This is a basic factor that true leadership demands.

Madam Jackie also understands the importance of knowing that leadership is a process and not a prestigious position to be taken. She demonstrates this through her hard work in class in order to ensure that we all achieve what we deserve in school, a quality that true leadership also demands.  She has good qualities of a leader that help her to deal with us as her students and deal with other teachers as well.

For instant, Madam Jackie knows how to deal with us as her students. That is, she understands each of our weaknesses and strengths, and hence she knows how to handle each of us in a manner that is reasonable. She also knows how to deal her fellow teachers, our parents and the entire non teaching staff.

Madam Jackie is also experienced when it comes to dealing with mistakes. For instant, the manner in which she deals with mistakes made by learners intentionally is different from the manner in which she deals with mistakes made by the learners unknowingly. My teacher is also respectful to us as her students and to the entire community of the school. Madam Jackie is service-oriented and hardworking as she also encourages us to do the same. She is indeed a role model to us which is one of the qualities of a good leader.

Madam Jackie does not equate leadership with power since she is always determined to bring change in the society as a whole. This is seen through the manner she relates with us as her students. That is, she allows us to socialize with her and encourages us to work hard so as to improve our living standards in future and make our society a better place for our siblings to come. We don’t fear her as a leader but respect her instead and hence we are free to talk to her whenever we need help.

Madam Jackie applies leadership theories which fall into different theories, some of which are the Great Man theories, trait theories, contingency theories, situational theories, behavioral theories, participative theories, management theories, and relationship theories. In our case, a few of these leadership theories will be mentioned.

She applies the Great Man Theories which use the assumption that the ability and capacity for one to be a leader are inherent. That is, madam behaves as a born leader. Her destiny is to rise to leadership when there is need. She demonstrates this theory through the manner in which she is always willing and ready to lead us as her students. She also aspires to lead the entire school or the entire society in future. However, she does not use the inherent characters only but also learns new skills that will help her perform her duties satisfactorily.

Madam Jackie also applies the Trait theories which assume that individuals inherit major qualities and character traits that make them to suit to be leaders. These theories identify certain personality characteristics that are basically shared by leaders. This is also applicable to our subject since she has some distinct character traits that make us as learners and the entire society as a whole recognize her as leader. For instant, she is always serious with her work and respectable before the learners and the entire society. She also has a say that when she speaks, all the learners listen to her keenly. The learners and the other individuals in the learning institution always feel her presence and adhere to her leadership principles (Brirgit Schyne, James R. Meindl, 2005).

Situational theories demand that the leaders choose the best course of action that should be based on the variables of that particular situation. Here, different modes of leadership may be more useful and appropriate to use in making different types of decisions. In a school situation, Madam Jackie makes decisions in a manner that varies depending on the situation at hand. For instant, in a situation where learners turn rowdy and are not willing to learn, she uses dictatorship and sends the learners out for punishment or sends them home to bring their parents. That is, she makes decisions on her own without making any consultations to safe the situation.

Managerial Theories looks on the role of supervision, organization, and group performance. It therefore bases leadership on the system of reward and punishment use. For instant, Madam Jackie as leader supervises the learning activities of the school, organizes on how these activities and events are to be achieved and ensure that the learners emphasize on team/group work. This in return promotes the success of the learners and improves the name of the school to the entire society as whole.

However, Madam Jackie has her fairules as a leader. For instant, she sometimes gets too immotional when dealing with the learners which in return creats fear and a gap between her and the learners. The learners therefore are not ready to face her during this period since they have fear in them. Madam jackie can also be too close to the learners to the extent that they lack respect for her as a leader. This in return affects the teacher learner relationship that should exist between them.

In conclusion, it is important to note that it is the role of Madam Jackie to either build or construct her class. Therefore, it is important that she understand leadership as a process that requires the use of skills and not as a prestigious position that she would take to feel happy and be famous in the society.



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