Keith O’Brien once said, “Same-sex marriage wouldeliminate entirely in law the basic idea of a mother and a father for everychild. It would create a society which deliberately chooses to deprive a childof either a mother or a father” (O’Brien).

O’Brien implies that if there’ssame-sex marriage it would eliminate a mother and father for every child.  Every child should have a mother and fatherthat way they do not get teased or bullied in their lives. The issue of samesex marriage is people don’t approve and same sex couples could not get legallymarry creating a huge problem. In the article, “Background of the Issue ShouldGay Marriage Be Legal?” It states,”Thecurrent national debate on gay marriage was sparked by the Supreme Court ofHawaii’s 3-1 ruling on May 5, 1993 that the state could not ban same-sexmarriages without “a compelling reason” to do so. The case was sent backto a lower court but voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban same-sexmarriage before the courts settled the issue.

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Although a gay marriage was neverperformed in Hawaii, the issue gained national attention and prompted over 40states over the next decade to pass Defense of Marriage Acts (DOMAs) thatdefined marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman.” Thisshows that in 1993, where same sex marriage started to happen was already causingproblems to same sex couples. At that time, same sex marriage was ban but asyou can see they even prompted the Defense of Marriage Acts.  Same sex couples believe that they should bemarry legally because they are equal to everyone it is no different than a manand a woman getting marry.  The peoplethat do not approve believe that when being in a same-sex marriage, it comeswith lots of strings attached. Such as getting steers, bullied or even hate forit.

  Additionally, they do not want childrento be exposed to recognizing same-sex couples demonstrating their love out inpublic so everyone can see.  It isdisrespectful and not pleasant to look at. Same-sex-marriage is when two people of the samegender get married.  Many people did notapprove of two people of the same sex to be married, and laws to prevent samesex people getting married.  Charles P.Kindregan argues that “When the Massachusetts court declared a state constitutionalright for same-sex marriage in 2003 and same-sex couples began to marry in2004, a historic milestone was reached in American family law.  This was the historical moment” (1-2).

 This is how same-sex-marriage start to becomemore serious to the same sex couple. In 2003, where people that are of the samesex and in a relationship, declare they want to get married just like a man anda woman would.  Over the years, some stateschanged their law making same-sex marriage legal but some were banned because ofthe Supreme Court decisionThere are diverse perspectives on same-sexmarriage, for example, Jonathan Rauch states that “America’s problem is not toomany marriages, it’s too few.” This means that it does not matter if your samesex or not there are few marriages happening.  In addition, Rick Santorum states, “Whatsociety should be about is encouraging what is best for children.

” This means childrenare going to learn from stuff like same-sex marriage and we need to do our bestto set a good example for them. Acknowledging same-sex-marriages would modify thesimple meaning of marriage.  Marriage is asubstantial commitment of a man and a woman who contributed to civilization. Same-sexmarriage gets priority adoption, are the victim of hate crimes having a target ontheir back and are emotional problems as well as mental health issues. Through research, I will discussmy findings on the statistics on this issue, the pros and cons and of coursethe two acts such as Defense of Marriage Act, Marriage Equality Act, and LGBTprotest.            Over the years, U.

S. political systemhas done a lot about same-sex marriage.  For example, on “May 17, 2004, Massachusettsis the first U.S.

state to enact same-sex marriage succeeding the SupremeJudicial Court’s decision in Goodridge area of public health” (  At that time, there was only one state that legalizedit but over the years more states became legalizing same sex marriage.  In “New York pass an act called MarriageEquality Act where basically states same-sex marriage is legal in that statewhich made New York the six state to legalized same-sex marriage. The movementgain marriage rights for same-sex couples increased gradually from that perioduntil in late 2014 lawsuits had remained brought in all states that quietlyrejected marriage certifications to same-sex pairs” (Jesse Solomon, SteveKastenbaum).            Back then in 1996, the U.S.

made alaw called the Defense of Marriage act where it means marriage for federalpoints as the combination of one man and one woman and permitted the states torefuse to accept same-sex marriages arranged under the laws of other states.  This law was introduced on May 7, 1996, to theHouse then it committee on to the Judiciary.  After that it passes the house on July 12,1996, then it passes the Senate on September 10, 1996. The article, “TheInstitution of Marriage: Terminable or Interminable?” by Karasu, Sylvia states,”It was in 1996 that President Clinton signed into law the Defense of MarriageAct (D.O.M.A.), which declared that marriage is between a man and a woman and,most importantly, determined for the first time, no state had to recognize themarriage laws of another state.

 Advocates for same-sex married call D.O.M.A.the denial of marriage act” (Sylvia, 2001, p .7-8).  The U.

S. political system has acted onsame-sex marriage by creating laws to avoid them from happening.            The U.S. Supreme Court show action to bring downsection three from the Defense of Marriage Act which stopped the federalgovernment from acknowledging any marriages between lesbian or gay couples tofederal laws or programs, even if those couples are well-thought-of legallymarried by their home state.  The otherimportant section of DOMA makes it so that single states do not legally have torecognize the relationships of lesbian and gay pairs who were married inanother state.

 In the article,”Background of the Issue Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?” It states, “OnApr. 28, 2015, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Obergefell v.Hodges over whether or not gay marriage is a right guaranteed by the USConstitution, and whether or not gay marriages performed in states where it hasbeen legalized must be recognized in states which ban the practice” (ProCon.Org). After the U.

S. Supreme Court heard thatargument they ruled same-sex marriage is a right protected by the U.S.constitution in all the United States. The part of the U.S constitution protectrights of same sex marriage was the equal protection clause and the due processclause of the Fourteenth Amendment.The same sex marriage issue is both feral leveland state level because they both did something for same sex marriage.

Forexample, federal level they have the law of the DOMA and on the state level sidethey decide on who they can marry. In the article, “Marriage Equality: Is IT aFederal Issue or a State Issue?” By Jacob Combs states,”What’simportant to remember is this: It’s up to the states to decide who can andcan’t get married. DOMA represented an unprecedented intrusion of the federalgovernment on a matter that has historically been reserved to the states, andit will likely by struck down by the Supreme Court. When that happens, it willbe up to the states to decide whether or not same-sex couples can get married,and whether or not they want to recognize out-of-state marriages for same-sexcouples.

The type of nationwide marriage equality law referred to in thequestion to President Obama during the MTV interview would be constitutionallysuspect for the same reason that DOMA is. It should be in the states, and thestates alone, where the debate about marriage equality continues.” Thismeans that both state level and federal level are involved in same sex marriagethey both have something to do with. In the state level, some states could chooseto make more rights to same-sex pairs or some states are implied by the legislature. The state of California prolongs lawsfor the same sex marriage. In other states like New York have equal rights fromthe legislature.

            Inthe pass election of 2016, gender issues such as same sex marriage would be morenoticed because of LGBT and a lot the same sex couples. In the article, “Impactof the same-sex marriage ruling on US elections” by Vidisha Mishra states,”SinceHilary Clinton’s nomination and her subsequent campaigns, it has been clearthat gender issues will be playing a more significant role in the 2016Presidential run than ever before. The SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage hasonly exacerbated that possibility, with LGBT rights thrust to the centre of thedebate.

The ruling has not only divided candidates along partisan lines, buthas also generated different reactions within parties. It may not be adetermining issue for Democratic candidates in the Presidential Primaries in2014. But it remains to be seen how the Democrats leverage the ruling in 2016.Further, it remains to be seen how the Republican candidates balance their coreconservative vote bank as well as a rapidly changing political landscape.”Thisshows how LGBT people are impacting elections for candidates to realize thatLGBT is a huge community.

Additionally, shows some Democrats and Republicans tochange their opinion on the gender issues. As of today, the President Donald Trump can’tdo anything about same-sex marriage.  He couldengage additional moderate justices.  Evenif he could do, that is very small chance the court would make it happenbecause same-sex marriage has progressively increased in society approval. Onething that Present Donald Trump could do is setback several Obama executivedecisions that privileged same-sex pairs on problems such as federal benefitsbut lately he has not proposed he would.  Although if he acted, his judgments could bedisputed in the law court.            One group that is very well known isthe LGBT.  The LGBT stands for lesbian,gay, bisexual, and transgender.

 The LGBTis a Community that would strongly disagree with my saying because they thinkthere should be fairness between marriages.  The LGBT believes, anyone should have theright to marry and love regardless of.  Asof now they still protest around the states and trying in other countries.  In other countries like Australia, England andChina have no rights at all.

In the article, “LGBT Rights Around The World”states that 45% of LGBT in England has to be harassed about their sexuality andabout 48% gay workers haven’t say anything about being gay” (LGBT right aroundthe world).  This shows how LGBT are operatingaround the world and being much more harassed in other countries in here in theUnited States.  Many LGBT people in otherstates are afraid to say what sexuality they really are.  In the article, “Same-Sex Marriage Strengthensthe Institution of Marriage” by John Gustav-Wrathall.  He states, “Marriage is about love, family,and commitment—for everyone.  If we lookat the specifics of how marriage strengthens and protects loving commitmentsand provides a more secure framework for home and family, we’ll see how and whyextending the social recognition and the legal protections of marriage tosame-sex couples strengthens everyone’s families.

”  This shows that same-sex marriage is aboutlove and family, it does not matter if you are of a different sexuality.  In the end, all that matters is the love yougot from the partner and your family.  That’swhat the LGBT believe as well to show people everyone should be treatedequally.

            In our society adopting is verystrict with a man and woman relationship, but in same-sex marriage, they getpriority to adoption.  They get priorityadoptions for plausible reasons they are unable to procreate.  This causes discomfort to the heterosexualcouples who are also trying to adopt a child because people will feel bad aboutthe same-sex couples because they cannot have their own child.  The article, “Children in Same-Sex Marriages”by Solodnikov V. V. and A.

M. Chkanikova states, “Same-sex parents make use ofthe same tactics—very likely out of the best of intentions—when they have toarrange their children’s interaction with the outside world. Preference isgiven to association with children from same-sex families; the parents keepquiet about their propensities in school, when they take their child to apsychologist, and so on” (58-59).  Thismeans that a child adopted by a same-sex married couple will most possibly to have it challenging on them.  For instance, when going to school, kids willmake fun of them or ask where’s your mom or dad? They will also say why do youhave two moms or two dads? Making the child feeling uncomfortable and not knowingwhat to say because some kids will accept and understand but the other kidswould not.            Same-sex marriages are more likely tohave a big target on their back.

 Meaningthat with them expressing their love or rights they are subject to beingtargets of criticism, hated, and potential danger.  The article, “Are Gay Marriage Opponents BeingBullied” by Tim Holbrook is about people targeting gay marriage by sayinghorrible stuff and people are getting violent.  Holbrook states, “The lesbian, gay, bisexual,and transgender community has long had various epithets hurled against itsmembers.

 There are the well-known”f” and “d” words thrown at those perceived as gay orlesbian, respectively.  And, of course,the line “that’s so gay,” which is meant to denigrate something orsomeone.”  This shows that people arebeing disrespectful to same-sex marriage by cursing at them with hurtful words.  Many Homophobic people in this world arecruel and cold- hearted.  Homophobicpeople is hatred or fear or homosexuals and sometimes leading acts of violenceexpression hostility.

 There are manyhomophobic people that boycott for saying to the same-sex-marriage, which canlead to an act of violence and get arrested for it.            Marriage is an extremely spreadpractice within a wider society and has many moral issues attached to it.  The article, “Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Lawson Health Care Use and Expenditures in Sexual Minority Men: A Quasi-NaturalExperiment” by Mark L. Hatzenbuehler is about a study of same-sex-marriage havingincreases in metal issues like anxiety.

Hatzenbuehler said, “A prospectivestudy that used data from a nationally representative survey of US adults foundthat lesbian, gay, and bisexual respondents living in states that passedconstitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage during the 2004 electionshad significant increases in mood, anxiety, and substance disorders” (285).  This shows the same-sex-marriage suffer fromemotional and mental issues.  Forexample, same-sex-marriage couple’s health risk is enormously dangerous tothemselves and other also they suffer from depression, anxiety, and anger.  They can be happy and calm one minute and nextthing you know they are crying and they are sad.            Same-sex-marriage is harmful tosociety because many people do not approve of it and it would make things muchworse like people cussing and creating violence.

 Same-sex-marriage can get you priority, as inthey could get children much faster than a man and woman.  Same-sex-marriage could lead to peopleintimidating them and targeting them with disrespectful words.  It could also lead to emotional and mentalhealth problems causing them to suffer from issues like depression, anxiety andanger.

 Marriage is a great thing thatcan happen to anyone meaning one man and one woman to join their livestogether.  This applies to any humanrace, religion or culture.  In today society,we could still many people having problems with same-sex marriage. Many whichhave so much hate towards it because they do not approve on it.

  What can we do for people to accept same sexmarriage? How can we solve this situation?