Keyboarding I is a great course that will give students the tools they need for the accounting field.  Accountants use more than mathematic skills throughout the day.  Although their job deals mostly with numbers, they need to be able to describe solutions, write financial plans, and document their work.  Therefore, there is a great need for keyboarding skills in the accounting field.  Keyboarding I will help in the accounting field because it will give the basic necessary skills needed to use a keyboard properly.

 The truth is that there are million of people using their keyboard incorrectly.  By using the keyboard properly, you will be more accurate in your work and likely be much faster.  When you are in the accounting field, there is no room for mistakes or typos.  Therefore, accountants should always use their keyboard correctly to help eliminate mistakes. Keyboarding I will teach students the placement of the keys, the correct finger positions, and the correct techniques to use for the number pad.  This is information accountants should certainly know.

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  Accountants use their computer about 85% of the day, which is a good enough reason in itself to learn to use the keyboard correctly.  Most accountants have strict timelines in which they work under.  When the deadlines are up, the work must be done, or they could lose their jobs.  Therefore, when it comes to the keyboard, accountants must have sharp skills so they can get their work done on time. Overall Keyboarding I is a great class for many fields of work, including the accounting field.

  If you are planning to be an accountant, you should have basic keyboarding skills.  As you work as an accountant you will realize the more you use the foundation you learned in Keyboarding I, the better your work will be.  You will be more productive and have fewer errors.