Keywords: Chemotherapy cost, Chemotherapy side effects Chemotherapy Cost & Chemotherapy Side Effects in Cancer The chemotherapy cost for cancer varies widelydepends on some factors. The factors make the expenses high, including thedrugs, duration and frequency of the doses etc. So, cancer patients gettreatment on out-patient basis where pay less than the in-patient basis.Furthermore, since the charges in hospitals vary, patients’ locations also afactor effect the cost. It comes with higher for many patients while gettingthe treatment. According to the reports, 20% of young cancer patients eitherdelay or refuse to get high-cost treatment.

So, let’s know the average cost andchemotherapyside effects while treating cancer.  What is the Average Cost Chemotherapy Cost?The average chemotherapy cost of 8 weeks treatment can varyfrom US$1000 to US$30, 000. When you get treatment with low-cost drugs, you mayneed US$300 for 8 weeks. But, to improve the effects of therapy, using thesedrugs frequently, which is usually expensive. Besides, if someone likes to getdrugs like Avastin® or Erbitux®, increase the cost up to US$30, 000. So, themedium types of treatment and drugs will cost in average US$7000. But, theassumption not preset, because there are many factors to vary the cost ofchemotherapy.  What is the Chemotherapy Side Effects WhileTreating Cancer? Well, it gets many chemotherapy side effects while getting cancertreatment.

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Here, we go with some common ones that occur during chemotherapy.The side effects happen while using different types of drugs. Some specifictypes of chemotherapy get certain side effects because each person experiencesdifferent ones.

However, the most common side effects are pain, muscle pain,stomach pain and fingers pain. So, let’s know some common side effects duringcancer treatment:  Mouth & throat soresIt’s one of the common side effects that make sore mouth andthroat. It happens while damaging mouth and throat cells for the chemotherapy.

It causes pain in the mouth area, which calls mucositis. This normally happensafter 5 to 14 days of treatment that gets infectious. This problem get reducesif you eat healthy-diet, keep your teeth and mouth clean. It subsides whilecompleting the treatment.  DiarrheaSometimes, chemotherapy causes watery or loose bowel, whichcall diarrhea. Because diarrhea makes body dehydrate, you need to drink muchliquid food, water, saline etc to rehydrate bodies. It also resolves some otherhealth issues while treating cancer with chemotherapy.

 Vomiting & Nausea Chemotherapy causes vomiting and nausea, which make yourstomach sick. It depends on the drugs, the side effects occur and how much. Ifyou take your drugs rightly, it reduces these side effects. Otherwise, you musttalk to your doctor.

 ConstipationConstipation is another side effect while getting cancertreatment. Because, drugs of chemotherapy make your bowel irregular movement,causes constipation. For this issue, you need to drink plenty of fluids orwater, getting physical exercises and balance-diet.

 Besides, there are side effects such as blood disorders,Tingling, Burning, Weakness, Loss of balance, trembling or shaking etc. Theseside effects unpleasant, but it helps to find out cancer association whentreating cancer. Some cases, side effects don’t happen while all human bodiesare not same.

Keep in mind, side effects not get permanently and subsides soon.