King Arthur And Beowulf Essay, Research Paper

Numerous narratives about legion heroes have been told and so recite. All of

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these heroes do different things and all of them have a different set of

qualities which make them heroes. Due to the fact that there are merely so many

heroic escapades and qualities, most are shared in portion with at least one other

hero. Such is the instance between the great hero, Beowulf, from the heroic poem verse form

Beowulf and King Arthur from the narrative of Morte vitamin D? Arthur. These great heroes

hold strong similarities and a great trade of differences. Once their

similarities have been compared and so dismissed it is apparent that Beowulf is

the greater hero of the two. True heroes make good things for good people. Such is

the instance in Beowulf, Beowulf leaves his fatherland to assist the Danish people rid

themselves of the human feeding monster, Grendel. This epic quality is besides

evident in Morte d & # 8217 ; Arthur, as Arthur consciously rides into a conflict in order to

free his people of an evil knight who would non let others to go through. Both heroes

are exposing their concern for others by put on the lining themselves in conflict for the

greater good. In the same facet they are besides endeavoring for love and regard

from the people they protect. In order to obtain maximal regard per conflict,

both Beowulf and Arthur enter into conflict slightly entirely. Beowulf specifically

asks, ? That [ he ] , entirely and with the aid of [ his ] work forces, / May purging all evil

from [ the ] hall? ( Beowulf, line 165-166 ) . His petition is granted by Hrothgar,

King of the Danes, so he and his adult male enter into the conflict themselves and when

Grendel is defeated, the glorification, love and regard belong entirely to Beowulf and

his work forces. Arthur does the same, ? he met with his adult male and his Equus caballus, and so

mounted up and dressed his shield and took his lance, and offer his Chamberlain

tarry at that place till he came once more? ( Morte d? Arthur paragraph 20 ) . Although

Arthur begins his journey entirely he does run into up with Merlin, the tribunal prestidigitator

and faithful comrade, who accompanies him. Much like Beowulf, Arthur additions

great regard and congratulations from all work forces of worship by contending entirely, even though

it is non needfully the smartest thing to make. The feature of being

fearless when faced with decease is frequently a trait of heroes because it is

associated with bravery and strength. King Arthur and Beowulf are non afraid to

dice, therefore demoing their bravery to their antagonists and equals. When Arthur is

faced with decease he declares, ? welcome be it when it cometh, but to give me

unto thee as [ cowardly ] I had liefer dice than to be so shamed. ? ( Morte

vitamin D? Arthur, paragraph 34 ) . Simply put he would instead decease than admit to get the better of

and being cowardly. Beowulf feels much the same manner about decease. He illustrates

this by demoing no fright for his ain life but alternatively showing concern for the

award of King Higlac by inquiring that, ? if decease does take [ him ] , send the

hammered / Mail of [ his ] armour to Higlac? ( Beowulf, line 186-187 ) . In directing

his King his armour it recommits himself to his state and lets his King be

reminded of his courage every clip he looks upon it. That is the extent to which

Beowulf and King Arthur are similar. Beowulf has manner more assurance in his

contending ability so Arthur has in his. This is apparent in the fact that

Beowulf battles Grendel unarmed, he says? my custodies / Entirely shall contend for me,

battle for life? ( Beowulf, line 172-173 ) . His concluding behind this is that

Grendel? s, ? contempt of work forces / Is so great that he needs no arms and frights

none [ so ] / Nor will [ he ] ? ( Beowulf, line 167-169 ) . By confronting Grendel unarmed

to shows that he is courageous and more significantly fearless to be equal to Grendel.

Since Grendel is traveling to contend without the usage of arms, Beowulf creates

equality and hence more respect upon himself by making the same. Were as the

much less confident Arthur battles merely with arms and one time his lesions were

amended his first idea was, ? I have no blade? ( Morte d? Arthur,

paragraph 41 ) followed by the undertaking of happening him a blade. This demonstrates

Arthur? s failing in his dependance of arms and therefore Beowulf? s illustriousness

in comparing. Beowulf is so the greater hero as the aid he received from

his work forces was useless, non by mistake of his work forces but by the simple fact that Grendel,

? had bewitched all work forces? s arms, laid enchantments / That blunted every person

adult male? s blade? ( Beowulf, line 322-323 ) . Since Beowulf? s work forces could give him

no aid due to Grendel? s enchantment, he had to get the better of the monster by himself with

his bear custodies. Arthur on the other manus lost his conflict. First Arthur lost a

jousting lucifer so lost on the land when? the knight smote King Arthur? s

blade in two pieces? ( Morte d? Arthur, paragraph 32 ) . Merlin had to come to

his deliverance at this point and by utilizing his thaumaturgy he put the knight to kip for a

period of three hours. So to recap Beowulf defeated a monster with no assistance from

his comrades and Arthur could non even get the better of a knight, he alternatively he had to

rely on the assistance of thaumaturgy from Merlin. Even thought both King Arthur and Beowulf

are great heroes, Beowulf emerges as the greater of the two. He does this

through his successful efforts merely, non through his heroic qualities. For when

comparing the heroic qualities of Arthur and Beowulf they come up reasonably even.

Both demonstrate a great love for others as they both try to make good things for

applaudable people. Their differences in gallantry might be due to the fact that

Arthur is a immature hero in comparing to Beowulf who is an experient hero.

Either manner they, like most heroes, have similarities and differences, this makes

them who they are, applaudable and memorable phantasy characters.