King Darius In Daniel Essay, Research PaperHave you of all time found yourself being a small excessively proud of yourachievements? I know, being a performing artist in a Christian vocalizing group,that it is easy to believe that I am all that and a bag of french friess. I normally getpunished or humiliated by God in some manner. God works funny like that. Itseems that every clip I think that I performed good person Tells me thatour public presentation was non all that it was cracked up to be. This ishighly humbling and when looked back upon embarrassing.King Darius in Daniel chapter six was full of himself.

His decision makersconned him into composing a jurisprudence that said that everyone had to idolize theKing and no 1 else. The King thought that this was a really good thoughtsince he was the 1 that everyone would be idolizing ; so he signedthe jurisprudence. This was such a good thought, he was believing, until one of thedecision makers tricked him into composing the jurisprudence. After composing the jurisprudence one ofhis decision makers told him that Daniel, one of the Kings most trusteddecision makers, was praying three times a twenty-four hours to the God of Abraham,Isaac, and Jacob. When King Darius realized what had to be done, ( thatDaniel was traveling to be thrown into the king of beastss lair ) he mourned for anfull twenty-four hours. After happening no possible solution Darius gave the order tothrow Daniel into the king of beastss den. As the narrative goes, Daniel comes out of thelair untasted and the male monarch praised the God of Daniel.

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He so made anew edict stating that everyone in the land should tremble withfright before the God of Daniel.King Darius is a batch like myself. He was really speedy to be pridefil and itcaused much heartache, but in the terminal God intervened. I find that when I feelexcessively proud something bad happens and I don & # 8217 ; t mourn, but I amsaddened by the bad that has happened. I ever know that in the terminalGod will alter my bosom and I hope that my ain selfish nature will nonoutweigh my love for my God. It is astonishing to me that God knows thepeculiar ways to hit down your pride.

It does non count if you are atruster ornon, God knows merely how to force your buttons if he needs to makeso. He is non traveling to mess with making something that will non impact you.He wants to do a point and acquire to it every bit fast as possible. For me, theblessing of others is what drives my aspiration to execute music forpeople.

God knows this, and he will strike my pride with a rough remarkat the terminal of a public presentation or have person compose a missive to ourmanager indicating out specifically what went incorrect. This besides hurts mypride, but I know that my pride, in the long tally does non truly matter. Icognize that self satisfaction is non traveling to count for long. I mean howmuch clip to we really spend believing that we are the best atsomething, or that we have done a perfect occupation. Not much! And if we doit is merely for a brief few proceedingss of our lives. I would much instead pass myfew proceedingss reflecting on how God has blessed me with the endowment thathe has given me alternatively of brooding on how good of a public presentation that Imanaged to draw off with God & # 8217 ; s aid.

The greatest thing about God is that he is all cognizing but besides thathe forgives infinitely. There is nil I can make to refund my debt to God,and there is no manner that I can forgive myself for my wickedness, but God can makeall these things. And the best portion is that he does so freely. It is soamazing that through Bible God reveals that non everyone is perfecteven if they are in the Bible.

The lone perfect individual to of all time walk theface of the Earth is Jesus.God used King Darius & # 8217 ; pride to organize a stronger relationship with him.The male monarch evidently did non see the God of Daniel as the greatest, until heproverb that one a retainer spared by God & # 8217 ; s grace. Darius was looking forsome manner to undo the incorrect that he had created when he wrote thejurisprudence, but he found out that the job was in God & # 8217 ; s custodies. After theincident was over, the male monarch realized that there is no 1 better than Godto work out jobs.

He besides realized that his pride was an issue that heneeded to put in the custodies of God and in the terminal that & # 8217 ; s merely where heset it.