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Mercy truly is the fundamental characteristic to civilized human life. Mercy in other words is compassion shown by one person to another or a request from one person to another to be shown, such as unwarranted compassion for a crime or wrongdoing. Without mercy, people who make mistakes would suffer or worse, die. If I had the choice to pick between Mercy and Justice it would be mercy. Mercy is the leniency, compassion, kindness and forgiveness given to a person by a higher authority. Mercy is more of a basic essential to civilized human life. I will show how mercy, not justice, is the highest value we have as a society.

Mercy brings about proper resolution for everyone to benefit, whereas justice is just a solo person or majority that would benefit without having to sacrifice anyone’s’ life. Firstly, other factors such as the amount of resources at personal disposal and personal characteristics have a significant and bias impact on the course of justice. Mercy can not only be obtained by single privileged individuals but rather anybody can obtain it. In order for society to advance we need to treat other equally and give everyone fair opportunities. Mercy rather than Justice allows for that. In King Lear Cordelia said, “How does my royal lord?

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How fares your Majesty? ” (IV vii 44) Cordelia’s opening line shows that she is trying to re-establish her bond with her father by being a loving daughter. She treats King Lear with respect, concern, and love. Instead of seeking revenge for the terrible wrong she offers mercy and hope. Mercy gives a person a second chance to develop, change, and make up for their past. Mercy is required to properly give a person a chance to be forgiven. Once the person is forgiven they get an opportunity to change oneself. Without Cordelia’s outstanding quality Lear would have not grown as a person.

King Lear’s growth as a person involves his ability to see a kinder, more harmonious way of resolving past injuries and hurts. Near the end of the Act, when his mind has become more settled, Lear sees the need for mercy: “You must bear with me. Pray you now, forget and forgive. I am old and foolish. ” Mistakes are very common in society and people often don’t get second chances to fix their mistakes. Society would function more efficiently and would advance much quicker if mercy was given to those who make mistakes. Lastly, mercy can save other peoples’ lives.

Justice would kill someone’s life without any second thoughts. A society where no one ever showed or experienced mercy would be one which is stifling, restrictive, and would appear to be lacking in the basic principle of kindness. If a convicted criminal asks for mercy, he is asking that he receive a punishment that is less than what he is really due. Even during King Lear Gloucester Edgar could have simply leaded his father to cliffs for the sake of revenge but he decided to have mercy. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruit than strict justice. In conclusion, mercy brings about proper resolution for everyone to benefit, whereas justice is just a single person or majority would benefit without having to sacrifice anyone’s’ life. Firstly, Mercy unlike justice can be obtained by anyone in society, secondly, it gives people a second chance to develop and grow and lastly it can save people’s lives. Someone once said, “Cowards are cruel, but the brave love mercy and delight to save. ” It is fair to say that in order for society to advance and function efficiently mercy reign over justice.