The play was very entertaining. Among its characters, the ones that I found who were most interesting were Molina, Aurora, and Valentin. Molina is a homosexual who was caught corrupting a minor and sent to prison. He is very fond of theater plays. Aurora is a diva who Molina adores.

In the play, her appearances are only figments of Molina’s imagination. Aurora also assumes the role of the Spider Woman, a creature whose kiss is deadly. Molina loves Aurora in all of her roles except for her role as the Spider Woman who he deeply fears.

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Valentin is a Marxist revolutionary who became Molina’s cellmate. He is very masculine and rough despite having a girlfriend named Marta.The play starts with Molina in his cell entertaining himself with his fantasies about Aurora’s plays.

Afterwards, he gets introduced to a recently tortured Valentin who shares his cell. Molina takes care of Valentin who is initially repulsed by Molina’s theatrical fantasies. Eventually, the two share a reluctant friendship. Towards the middle of the play, the two characters begin to trust one another with their personal stories. Valentin tells Molina about his girlfriend while Molina shares his passion with a man named Gabriel with Valentin as well as his love for theater and Aurora. The climax occurs when Molina receives word that he is to be freed, and Valentin convinces him to make some phone calls for him. Molina gets caught and is sent back to prison where he is tortured to reveal who it was that he called.

Instead of giving in, Molina confesses his love for Valentin and gets shot dead. Aurora enters the scene to give Molina the kiss of death.I enjoyed the play because of the many entertaining numbers involving Aurora. I was also deeply interested in the story and was anticipative of the ending. In conclusion, I believe that the play was successful in sharing its artistry with its viewers.