Knowledge is constantly being changed and altered, also allowing us to build off of and to create complete knowledge such as scientific laws and theories.

An example for my claim is Isaac’s Theory of Gravitation, In 1666 Isaac Newton proposed his theory of gravitation. This was one of the greatest intellectual feats of all time. The theory explained all the observed facts, and made predictions that were later tested and found to be correct within the accuracy of the instruments being used. As far as anyone could see, Newton’s theory was “the Truth”. During the nineteenth century, more accurate instruments were used to test Newton’s theory, these observations uncovered some slight discrepancies. Albert Einstein proposed his theories of Relativity, which explained the newly observed facts and made more predictions. Those predictions have now been tested and found to be correct within the accuracy of the instruments being used.

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As far as anyone can determine, Einstein’s theory is “the Truth”.So how can the Truth change? Well the answer is that it hasn’t. The world is still the same as it always was. When a theory is said to be “true” it is approved by all know scientific methods and is agreed by multiple expert.

But even the best of theories have, time and time again, been shown to be incomplete: and although scientists may try explaining the occurrence with some fundamental principles eventually newer more precise experiments show a discrepancy between the workings of laws and nature in the theory created. In a stricter sense this would conclude that the theory was not true and was completely incorrect; but the fact is that it is still a very good and close interpretation of the truth at least where a specific type of phenomena is concerned. Although when an accepted theory cannot prove to new data researchers that have strive in that field will build a better theory. But this becomes more and more difficult as our knowledge increases, this theory must not only work with the old data but also with the new data: a new theory has, as its first duty, to devour and assimilate all of the current knowledge known to affect that theoryOne other note about truth: science does not make moral judgments. Anyone who tries to draw moral lessons from the laws of nature is on very dangerous ground. Evolution in specifically seems to ache from this.

At some point in history is has been made to justify Nazism, and Communism. The way these justifications are made all complete bogus. Similarly, anyone who says “evolution theory is evil because it is used to support Communism” has also strayed from the path of Logic.