In 2002 The Networking Attitude was launched as a new way of communication to enable and encourage staffs in different work sites to share knowledge and good practices in the enterprise. MAKE IT YOURS As employee’s commitment is very important, several social tools were designed to make people enjoy the activity and see how knowledge exchange can benefit them. Such social tools include Marketplace – Marketplace is a two-hour activity held during other meetings scheduled by the target group. Event’s theme is set up to build loosened-up environment with costumes, role-playing and lively music.

Message-in-a-bottle – In this activity encouraged bottom-up approach by bringing takers to a small group of givers who were willing to give them solutions and good practices and they would take their turns to be takers. As it is important that people should feel free to ask for helps, there was no observation. T-shirts – T-shirts session is held when the team doesn’t have enough time for longer activity. Participants write good suggestions on the front of their T-shirts and write down their problems on the back.And then they all gather in a group in a learning session. FOLLOW-UP Follow-up measures are organized after marketplaces and message-in-a-bottle sessions to help employees adopt good practices to improve their performance. Danone had many tools used to enhance good outcomes. • WHO’S WHO – All the employees have their own profile page, they can take part in sharing information of their interesting topics.

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And when having problems, they can search for some good solutions and people in the area where they need help. COMMUNITIES (NETWORKS) – These networks were established to make sure that employees still keep sharing their knowledge even without marketplaces. Within a network, there were 10-15 members with a leader. Members posted questions and useful information to keep the network alive and they met up once in 6-18 months. Assessing Networking Activities • The takers will give checks (1 – 7) to buy the idea, reflecting the performance objective of the givers • Sending an e-mail to ask employees participating in the program • It can be measured by financial statement and KPI • Many workforces require IT to manage the global knowledge especially in R&D • Some demand rewards because NA may not be the objectives for someone • Workload is the main obstacle to find more burden like NA Extending the Networking Attitude After setting up Networking Attitude and assessing it for a while, Mougin and Benenati wanted to improve it to be deeper, wider and richer. Deeper: more employees – Focusing on marketing and sales.But manufacturing, supply chain and purchasing left with senior manager attention Wider: outside the company – Mougin and Benenati considered using marketplace as a bridge to partnerships, suppliers, customers and consumers.

The marketplace was renamed to Innovation Challenge, the suppliers who supplied the best solution to DANONE would get contract with company. Richer: for innovation – Networking Attitude normally is the network where people share best practices and solution. For richer networking, Co-building session was implemented to invent entirely new knowledge.Inviting employees from various division to come up with new processes or products Analysis part 1. What is the Knowledge Management? Knowledge Management or KM is a range of strategies and practices used within an organization in order to identify, create, distribute and adapt the insight and experience. People in the organization can share information to the individual or organizational process.

2. How can IT Support Knowledge Management? IT has played an important role in sharing, categorizing, indexing and storing the information throughout the network no matter sizable of network is.This can reduce the distance between groups or persons that far from each other to share information. 3. What would be the competitive advantages of DANONE’s knowledge management? • TIME TO MARKET – The company has the global knowledge management. The time to market of DANONE is only less than three months which is as one-fourth or –sixth times as that of Nestle the main competitor.

• DELIVER VALUE TO EMERGING MARKET – The company has expanded to emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, India and China etc. to penetrate the new market by acquisition and the knowledge sharing strategies like Networking Attitude.Successful expansion into the less wealthy area is not only about setting low prices. “Knowledge of the consumer is a real battle, especially in an emerging country” • EMPOWERING PEOPLE – Networking Attitude and the people using the network as a rule not only empower givers and takers to share the soluble and innovative ideas but also offers some incentives to givers to bring the best practices for the organization.

• COMPLIANCE WITH EU REGULATIONS – European Food Safety Authority or EFSA requires accurate nutritional profiles for every single product to be able to claim.The company needs to conduct research and share the information among market research, R&D sections and scientific experts around the world to meet the criteria of EFSA or any standard worldwide. 4. How Networking Attitude affects the company’s strategy? • Continuously improving R&D Because Healthier trend and regulation + baby nutrition and medical nutrition businesses Require scientific information and knowledge that become more and more complex so the company need Keep developing in R&D and sharing knowledge.This will be encounter the aging population and healthier concern. • Growing emerging market, no start from scratch – The company should have IT in order to be the translator and storage of data for people who need the information and insight and when they need most. Growing emerging market, no start from scratch. Taking advantage of acquisitions of small and medium size companies.

Advocating the acquired company with advertising budget.Adopt best practice through NA: avoid wasting time and money and taking higher risks • Working with Local – The company has come up with the initiative to advocate local people and society rather than financial benefit. The company focuses on sustainable competitive advantages. DANONE concerns with the local problems and needs. Mostly DANONE develops characteristics of product that can address local hardships and creates contracts with suppliers as well as acquires the distribution centers. 5. How Danone go further in “networking attitude” without losing it’s informal spirit?