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Service request kf-013 was submitted to make a demands papers for the proposed Frequent shopper plan. The frequent shopper plan is a new enterprise by Kudler Fine Foods to increase gross. The plan is to track purchases of clients and accumulate points for gift points. This plan will track purchase forms to offer individualized nest eggs to their client. non merely from them but besides from their trading spouses. There could be ethical. legal. and informational security issues. “Ethics refers to the rules of right and incorrect that persons. moving as free moral agents. usage to do picks to steer their behaviors” ( Laudon 2012. P 124 ) . It applies to concern behaviour every bit good. An ethical issues that could originate from the frequent shopper plan. trades with privateness. What information do persons see private? What rights do they hold to maintain that their information private? What duty do companies hold to maintain client information private? These are merely a few inquiries that surround the frequent shopper plan from Kudler Fine Foods.

Shoppers need to hold the option to take part or non to take part in the plan. The information collected will be used to “benefit” the client but at what hazard? The clients information will be sent to partnering companies that the client knows nil about. Kudler nutrient has the legal duty to guarantee that the partnering companies do non misapply their clients information for malicious additions. To run into the ethical concerns that arise with this plan Kudler Fine Foods must supply the client with the facts of the plan. They besides must supply who are the partnering companies and what information they will have. or full revelation of the plan. This is the lone manner the client can do an informed desicion on the plan. There are legal guidelines for privateness Torahs “based on a government called Fair Information Pracitces ( FIP ) ” ( Laudon 2012. P 132 ) .

There are many federal privateness Torahs that affect personal informations. but most of those Torahs do non take into consideration the engineering we have today. Companies can be held apt for a rear of barrel of privateness for its clients. if the company did non take the proper stairss to procure their private information. Data security is a large investing for most companies. Everyday companies store transactional informations from people. Some informations is simple. like name. gender. and reference ; other informations is alone like a societal security figure or bank history figure. If a company is hive awaying sensitive informations. encoding will cut down the ability for the informations to be stolen.

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“Encryption is the transition of informations into a signifier. called. ciphertext. that can non be easy understood by unauthorised people” ( University of Minnesota. 2011 ) . Kudler Fine Foods must reexamine their current security and guarantee that it is unafraid plenty to keep the informations privateness of its client. Kudler Fine Foods frequent shopper plan can supply their client many benefits through its spouses without storinng to much personal informations. They will haven a ethical and legal duties to their clients about personal informations being shared. Security of the information will play a critical function in the sucess of the plan. if a rear of barrel of the information accures. so does a rear of barrel of trust. The frequent shopper plan will increase grosss for Kudler Fine Foods with minimum costs and proper informational security.


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